Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lord Justice Ward pisses in the faces of husbands in favour of mothers who always get custody

'I cannot be Solomon and order the children to be cut in half', says judge in custody battle

The judge told the court the paternal grandmother took in the mother and her children in 2010, because the mother was 'in a mess' and was clearly unable to cope with bringing them up.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2181408/I-Solomon-order-cut-half-says-judge-child-custody-battle.html#ixzz22DQaAXUu

What a cop-out. It just means if you are the father or the mother of the father of the child, you are basically FUCKED in an English court.

I do wish Lord Justice Ward had done a King Solomon. Who would have crumbled first?

No mention of the father, of course.  It is like he didn't exist, that stupid cunt who married the useless mother who was "in a mess" or why he and his wife divorced.

Why not?

Would it not go towards deciding whether the mother deserved to have custody of the children of the marriage?

Nah, liberal judges don't think that, cos they are fucking shitting liberal cunts who don't want to be "judgemental".

(And does anyone else think it is odd that there no mention of the father in this report at all?  Perhaps he died.)

Liberalism - has it been taking the piss out of us for long enough?

Is it time for it to be given a smack in it its stupid smug face?

Lord Justice Ward outside court (2000-09-22).

By the way, Lord Justice Ward was the one who set aside a marriage contract willingly entered into by a Muslim couple, in favour of the wife.   Is he a pissy shitty fucking liberal feminist cunt, or what?


Monday, 30 July 2012

Divorced women who literally turn their sons into women


Would YOU back your 16-year-old if he wanted to change sex? How Miranda Parram is fighting for her son's human right to wear make-up

‘But Ashlyn’s father and step-father have coped well and my parents are very accepting, though her paternal grandparents have found it harder.

Would YOU let your ex-wife turn your son into a woman?

Big decision: Teenager Ashlyn Parram - who lived as a boy called Lewis - wants to wear make up and women's clothes and has begun hormone treatment  United: Miranda Parram fully supports her daughter Ashlyn and is outraged at people's treatment of the teenager

Note how the Mail reporter Kathryn Knight,

This is the reality of divorce though.  This is what your ex-wife might do - turn your son into a woman to spite you.  There have been other cases too.  


Too many women have the vote, and the solution is OBVIOUS

Women more likely to vote Democrat regardless of age


"Labour support jumped dramatically in 1994," says Prof Whiteley. "Why? Because Labour got a new leader, Tony Blair, who was very popular at the time, and women in particular liked him."

The nature of other countries' gender gaps supports this argument. American women are significantly less hostile to a "big state" than American men and much more likely to vote Democrat. In Sweden, women are particularly anxious to preserve the welfare state and vote accordingly.

Why More Women Vote Democrat

What a sensible female Facebook friend of mine said:

"Women are more empathetic by nature, in the main, they tend to look for the good in people and situations and find condemning people for their actions difficult. They make more excuses for people making bad choices in life. As examples, they tend to think teenage mums just needed more sex education and counselling, when really most know exactly what they are doing and the reasons why. They are swayed by the argument that crime is caused by disadvantage and poverty, when the truth is, that two generations ago extreme poverty and disadvantage did not turn out bad, dishonest people, because those people were reared with discipline and to have integrity. Maybe this over-empathetic nature is why so many women voters see throwing money at helpful 'government programs' as the answer. It isn't and it never will be. Obviously this is a bit of a generalisation of women, but I think it has some truth."

The Reds are not under your bed, they are on your bed.

"O you who believe! surely from among your wives and your children there is an enemy to you; therefore beware of them; and if you pardon and forbear and forgive, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."

What is the solution?  Destroy feminism once and for all.

How do you destroy feminism as a moral or sustainable ideology?

  1. Demonstrate the connection between feminism and female promiscuity.
  2. Demonstrate the connection between female promiscuity and widespread illegitimacy.
  3. Demonstrate the connection between widespread illegitimacy and degeneracy.
  4. Demonstrate the connection between degeneracy and crime and ever lowering standards of education and morality.
  5. Demonstrate the inability of women to conduct a rational and civil debate without resorting to lies, smears, ad hominem attacks and censorship.   
  6. Demonstrate that most women are in such denial that even those who call themselves intellectual and Conservative refuses to discuss feminism honestly.  Ruth Lea comes to mind.    http://thebattlefieldoflove.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/why-is-ruth-lea-so-afraid-of-discussing.html   l
  7. Demonstrate how many women are actually in positions of great influence and work behind the scenes to consolidate their position.                              http://thebattlefieldoflove.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/why-is-alison-saunders-of-gender.html     http://thebattlefieldoflove.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/two-women-breaching-rules-of-natural.html     http://thebattlefieldoflove.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/madness-and-silliness-at-nice.html     http://thebattlefieldoflove.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/10-women-in-failed-conspiracy-to-make.html
  8. Demonstrate how many of them are over-promoted mediocrities apparently beyond criticism.  
  9. Demonstrate the existence of thoughtcrime legislation.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EA_2010
  10. Demonstrate that how many women find it difficult to grapple with abstract concepts such as principles, and what The Principle of Free Speech actually means.  
  11. Demonstrate how a female-dominated teaching profession has dumbed down education in the West, stopped clever white women from passing on their genes through seducing them with the false promises of a career while encouraging the feckless and stupid to breed illegitimately like vermin..
  12. Demonstrate that we live in a pornocracy.   
  13. Demonstrate that women suffer from the same vice as the poor - of being generous with other people's money.
  14. Demonstrate that women are always using the excuses that Nature endows them with.
  15. Demonstrate that feminism is the dangerous notion that it is moral and sensible to treat women as men without taking away their privileges.
  16. Demonstrate that one of the most important feminine privileges is what they call the Woman's Prerogative, which is the prerogative of never making up one's mind.
  17. Demonstrate that most women have the Prerogative of the Whore - that of exercising power without responsibility.
  18. Demonstrate that most women conform to the social expectations of other women and want to be loved more than they want to be right (which makes them vote Democrat), while men do not fear hatred and prefer to be right.   
  19. Demonstrate that feminism has corrupted the morals of women who have in turn corrupted the morals of men.   
  20. Demonstrate that living in a matriarchy is analogous to being told that your society is suffering from an advanced form of civilisational cancer and dementia.
  21. Demonstrate that indiscriminate universal suffrage was a very bad idea indeed and that the franchise should be narrowed to taxpayers only, in effect disenfranchising most parasitical women and their equally parasitical spawn.   
  22. Demonstrate that it is possible to overthrow the matriarchy without violence if men started talking about what I talk about amongst themselves NOW.
  23. Demonstrate how afraid men are of their wives because they will not be discussing what I say with their wives for fear of what their wives could do them by invoking the rules of no-fault divorce.
Shirley Conran was awarded the OBE  in 2004 and is a leading light of the British Pornocracy

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Five forceful steps towards remoralising Britain

  1. Abolish the CSA and require men to maintain only the children of the women they are married to.
  2. Allow a man to reject a child, especially if it is disabled and unviable and if he can prove it is not his.  
  3. Abolish child benefit and the welfare state. 
  4. Stigmatise the mothers of illegitimate children.
  5. Propose that SSMs be lashed 100 times.  (The Koran prescribes the lashing of adulterers/adulteresses, fornicators and fornicatresses.  I am not even going this far, but what is a Slut Single Mum but a fornicatress?   No further evidence is needed, surely, unless she is claiming it was an Immaculate Conception?  Anyway, Mary managed to get Joseph to marry her so Jesus was in fact legitimate.)

Why do most of us have an instinctive repugnance about cross-dressing?


Probably because societies in which men and women do not fulfil their allotted roles soon decline, fall and become extinct.  This instinctive repugnance in the way of self-preservation is no more than our visceral disgust when we smell the smell of rotting flesh and see maggots crawling about in it.  

When you give women too much power, sexual and then moral anarchy is what happens.

Stop it now before it destroys your civilisation.  

Is it now time to tell feminism to fuck off?

You betcha.  

In defence of the beta male

A nice steady young man who works hard.  Actually, he already has a nice girlfriend.  Let us call him  IAN.  Most  British women these days - immoral and promiscuous creatures that they are - would rather shag a Bad Boy rather than think in terms of marriage, family or finding a man who would be a good husband and father to their legitimate children.

Omar - a young man who runs on ego, but who is what might be described as "fit".  I am sure many women  are happy to fellate him without Omar even having to ask, because that is what most British women are like these days.  Consequently, he thinks he is God and thinks he must be right on every pronouncement he makes.  Anyone who disagrees with him is by definition mad and bad and stupid, as far as this ignorant and arrogant young man is concerned.  

Would the British nation be better off with the children fathered by the likes of Ian or Omar?  In the case of Ian his children are most likely to be legitimate and loved with a sensible and loving wife and mother, while Omar would be the type to find women he can fuck and forget.  His children would most probably be illegitimate and the women impregnated by him stupid sexually incontinent slags and slappers who only wanted a good shag rather than a husband and a father for their legitimate children.

Which of them are more likely to lead a fulfilled and worthwhile life?

Whose children are more likely to be a credit to their parents and father and become useful citizens?

Do you think a nation most of whose women would instinctively choose Omar (because all they care about is a good shag) can possibly prosper?

Do you think it is right that a government that does not dare to speak on the morals of British women are serving the long-term national interest or even fit for purpose?

Most babies born n Britain are now illegitimate.  That is because most women in Britain are now sluts, slags and slappers, and most mothers are SSMs (Slut Single Mums).  That is what feminism does to your country: fuck it up and fuck up its future.


It is now time to tell FEMINISM TO FUCK OFF if you care about the future of your country and your descendants.   

Friday, 27 July 2012

The matriarchy wants to stick their noses into Muslim affairs to fuck up the women and marriages of Muslims too

You can't use sharia law in divorce deal: Muslim hospital consultant told to pay ex-wife maintenance despite claims he owes her nothing under Islamic rules

  • Dr Zaid Al-Saffar told he must follow 'the rule in this country' 

  • Ordered to pay £60,00to his former wife, academic Hanan Al-Saffar

  • He felt the payments were illegitimate according to Islamic culture
  • Claims: 'Family law in this country is biased against Muslim people’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2179041/You-use-sharia-law-divorce-deal-Muslim-hospital-consultant-told-pay-ex-wife-maintenance-despite-claims-owes-Islamic-rules.html#ixzz21phRZsOo

So now, you can't even convert to Islam to escape the "justice" of matriarchal family courts.

English courts are now claiming to set aside Muslim marriage contracts validly made and entered into by adults who have taken legal advice.

This is how much the matriarchy wishes to interfere in your life and this is how it demonstrates its MALICE towards men, especially Muslim men who have so far escaped the "justice" of the UK family courts..

This is how it intends to corrupt even Muslim women, so it can turn them into slags, slappers and slut single mums.  This is the extent of its fanaticism and determination.

That is why both Muslims and non-Muslims should start taking an interest in Secular Koranism explained at http://thevoiceofreason-ann.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/islam-religion-of-politics-philosphy.html

Secular Koranism would treat marriage as a contract and reintroduce the concept of fault into divorce.

But it will never get anywhere without your support and interest.  So you should be discussing it with as many people as you can.  

I expect cash-rich Muslim charities to assist me in overthrowing our corrupt and demented matriarchy in this land of compulsory fornication, for I already have a PR strategy already worked out for them.  We have had  enough of rule by the pornocracy spreading illegitimacy and degeneracy until we are all reduced to sniffing each other's bottoms and copulating in the park if we want offspring.   Yes, even Muslims will turn out like this, if they don't start waking up and smelling the coffee.

Destroy the matriarchy before it destroys you, and your children's and the nation's future.   They are evil or they are stupid or they are mad, or even all three.

Too many women have the vote

Woman subjected to years of abuse by violent husband took him back after new partner died of heart attack - and weeks later savage bit off her nose

Savaged: Lynne Gough suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband of 24 years until it culminated with him biting off her nose in a jealous rage

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2179401/Woman-nose-bitten-husband-says-did-loved-her.html#ixzz21paIGCjt

Most women are hypocrites and cowards wanting to be loved. They now have too much power and this explains why our society is now SHIT. They have turned it to shit and the men are too stupid and scared to tell them to fuck off, because they have been turned into women by generations of slut single mums.

Now most men have turned into their slut single mums and this country is turning into fucking SHIT.

Why not use our reason and judgement if we have it?

Women don't want to judge because it makes them seem uncompassionate and this means that they will be regarded as unfeminine.

These women need to cling on to their femininity more than their judgement and reason, it seems.

That is why so many of them seem so stupid and neurotic and cowardly and hypocritical.

‎"Look at me! See what I put up with! I am such a martyr! How I suffer! Pity me! Love me! I am stupid so all I can do is suffer!"

Can you hear her voice dripping with oily self-satisfaction at how she suffered at the hands of her husband? Does it not make you feel nauseous too?

Of course, women cannot be expected to take any responsibility for anything they do because they are so fucking STOOPID. They are children and deserve to be treated as such, probably. Too many of them have the vote, that's the problem.

What would that stupid cow be if she did not have a husband to abuse her? A big fat ZERO.

If I were interviewing her, I would ask:

1. Do you enjoy attention?

2. Do you enjoy attention so much you would suffer pain to get it, because you don't know of any other way?

3. Do you find having sex with a violent man sexually arousing?

4. What do you think you would have done if you had never met your husband?

5. Would you have married another violent brute because these are the kind of men who turn you on?

6. Why do you violent brutes turn you on?

7. Do you know what is meant by the term masochism?

8. It has been said that women are masochistic. Would you agree with this, on the whole?

Do gay people ever apologise to straight people for hurting their feelings?


Then why the hell should straight people tread on egg shells where they are concerned?

Lots of gay men drop dead mysteriously or kill themselves in their 40s. It is probably something to do with all the gay sex they have and the STIs they catch.

That, or when they hit their 40s when they realise that they can only have sex with men they want have to sex with IF THEY PAY.

Gay men are horrible to men they don't fancy.  I was with a gay friend of mine who was no spring chicken, and this was a few years back.  He was buying me a drink and then complained about the gay barman who was practically throwing his change at him because he didn't fancy him.

I also knew a gay man in middle age who said he would give it all up to have a long-term partner and a stable family life, but it was too late for him now.

If  you think women are mercenary and treacherous to men, you should see how gay men are to each other.

So there.  Tell these buggers and potential buggers what really happens to ageing homosexuals with no money.   Why, even the successful ones kill themselves when they are in their 40s.  Remember Alexander McQueen?



Why not warn young people against the error of these gay ways rather than pretend it is a bed of roses?  You are only making them waste and risk their lives in an orgy of hedonism.  When they begin to see the downside of it, when they hit middle age, it will already be too late for them.

Is George Michael well-adjusted even with his success and money?

If you had a son, would you like him to turn out like even the successful ones?

If David Starkey were straight might he have been a better historian?

If Stephen Fry were straight, might he be less irritating and smug?

Remember, the foul demented matriarchy thinks it is OK to be gay.   That is why it has to be overthrown as soon as possible.

It is not OK to be gay, but if you want to be gay, at least be discreet.  We will tolerate you buggering each other out of sight out of mind but we will not let you "marry" each other.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Kevin Myers, a white man who still says things a white man might and is still in the mainstream media. Good on you, Kev!

Henry V - directed by Thea Sharrock

" ... it is no reflection on the acting skills of Paterson Joseph to say that it was absurd to cast a black man as Duke of York. For the Duke was grandson of the Plantagenet King Edward III, and on his mother's side, great grandson of Philip III of France. In other words, blanc de blanc.

This was just the latest example of British drama producers being 'colour-blind', though there is actually an agenda here, as identified by Paterson Joseph himself: "The problem with not seeing representations of black British life before 1948 is that it makes young black people feel like newcomers. Television and film have been whitewashed, but I think theatre is well ahead."

Well, there you have it. Theatre's apparent role is now to create a politically correct and racially adjusted history of England. In this, the black population of England did not arrive largely from the 1950s on, but apparently were always present yet invisible because they had been "whitewashed" out.

But that doesn't justify making a black man a medieval noble. Moreover, we know that politico-theatrical agenda at work would never lead to a Japanese or Burmese or Eskimo actor being cast as the Duke of York. And the requisite colour-blindness is mono-directional. No white or Chinese actor may play a black man: Othello, say, or Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela.

On the other hand, a black actor would not be cast an Irishman in -- say -- an O'Casey play, because 'race' is still accepted by the liberal elite to be intrinsic to traditional Irishness. And so, if the BBC were to make a film about 15th century Ireland, it would never cast a black actor as the 15th century Earl of Cork, now would it? That would be absurd -- except, alas, the Duke of York at Agincourt was also the Earl of Cork.

So a black actor would never play Captain MacMorris, the Irish officer in Henry's army. Unfortunately, this part was written out of the BBC production -- no doubt because he was too stage-Irish for modern susceptibilities. But this is missing the point. MacMorris's person represents England's latest imperial acquisition. Who else in Shakespeare ever talks about nationality? "Of my nation?" he cries in rage. "What ish my nation? Ish a villain, and a bastard, and a knave and a rascal. What ish my nation? Who talks of my nation?"


From Ruth Dudley Edwards' Facebook wall:

Ruth Dudley Edwards Myers on political correctness in Henry V

Comments from her impeccably PC liberal male Facebook friends:

Seosamh Ó Beirgin I haven't read any of Kevin Myers's offerings since he thankfully left the Irish Times. God, but he's still a windbag!

Thomas Tallon Also, despite what he says, plenty of white actors have played Othello - e.g. Olivier. His approach would also require him to censure Shakespeare himself for (famously) using a striking clock in 'Julius Caesar'...

George William Callaghan I personally do not object to people of one ethnicity portraying another on stage. Suspension of disbelief and all that.

Fearghal O Boyle The race of the actor playing York didn't bother me at all but jaysus the speech before Agincourt was absolutely dreadful, delivered in a whimper it wouldn't rally an under 12s chess squad!

Claire Khaw I suppose this is the sort of thing that bothers men more than women.

means there is going to be more of the same.

An all-black production of Julius Caesar in African accents. 

What they are doing now is simply pretending they are white no matter how much white men gnash their teeth, rend their garments and pull their hair at this policy of deliberately favouring of black male actors against white male actors.

Most of them are too stupid or scared to say anything anyway.

Claire Khaw Maybe when they have enough of black actors and actress they can stage a play entirely using black actors and dispense with the need to have white actors at all.

Claire Khaw What is wrong with Kevin Myers? He seems to be the only white male journalist prepared to make the noises you would expect a white man to make.

Ruth Dudley Edwards Claire, please note from the debate on Down's syndrome that your determined hogging has earned you a yellow card. You have an odd loathing of women which is your prerogative. However, though I tolerate unpleasant views I won't put up with the wrecking of debates.

Claire Khaw I have contributed to the debate, Ruth. How have I "wrecked" it? I think you are just annoyed with me because I didn't go "Awwww, bless" at your status update on Down's Syndrome children in ads.

I don't hate women, Ruth, I merely despise those of them who do not understand the principle of free speech and the men who are too afraid to stand up to them.

Claire Khaw I didn't think you and your liberal friends would like me much anyway. You are all trying to keep on the right side of PC and my presence here does rather spoil things for you.

How far, if at all, did Ruth Dudley and her Facebook friends deal with the issues I raised about Down's Syndrome children? Are their attitudes symptomatic of feminine irrationality, cowardice, hypocrisy and censoriousness?


Ruth Dudley Edwards on 25 July said about Down's Syndrome children in clothes advertisements:  

"This made me feel happy...."

17 people like this.

Claire Khaw So now we will have more Down's Syndrome babies. Why is this considered a Good Thing?
23 hours ago · Like

Carolyn Gibson Are downs syndrome babies worth less then any other baby ?? And honestly Claire your statement displays no logic whatsoever
23 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 1

Jane Griffiths Claire that makes no sense. how does it follow that more Down's babies are going to be born as a result of this?
23 hours ago · Like · 2

Claire Khaw Putting them in ads will make them socially acceptable.
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw I am just saying I won't have one of those, but weaker-minded women might, and these women and their Down's Syndrome offspring will be a burden on the state, which will not be quite so generous as it is now. You are just setting people up to do things that will make them suffer in the long term.
23 hours ago · Like

Jane Griffiths They ARE socially lacceptable. No-one chooses to have a Down's baby, but do you think women who are pregnant with one will decide against an abortion because of this? Do you think all Down's pregnancies should be aborted?
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw I would not have a Down's Syndrome baby. I don't think I am alone on this.
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw I favour legalising infanticide so that parents will have the option of disposing of their unwanted disabled deformed unviable babies without getting into trouble with the law.
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw Having an abortion does rather ruin your pregnancy.
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw I would not have a Down's Syndrome baby and I would discourage any offspring of mine from having one.
23 hours ago · Like

Jane Griffiths you might make that choice, but are you saying others should not have the choice?
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw How am I being illogical, Carolyn? I don't want a Down's Syndrome baby so I don't have it. Why would I encourage others to do things that I myself regard as a Bad Thing?
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw People so often have a problem understanding what I think is a very simple idea. People who want to keep their disabled babies can do so, but they should not expect anyone else to support them in this. If they don't want to keep them they can get rid of them, without getting into trouble with the law.

By proposing the legalisation of infanticide, I am giving parents this option. I am not taking anything away from them, I am just giving them the OPTION of keeping it, or disposing of it.
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw Oh, and if one parent decides not to bring it up out of taxed income, then the other parent will just have to abide by this decision.
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw All very Roman paterfamilias, I know!
23 hours ago · Like

Fiona Pitt-kethley The level of handicap in Down´s Syndrome kids is hugely variable. They seem to be fully-integrated in Spanish State schools which I think is good. As are kids with many other types of handicap. Speech can be improved sometimes by surgery to the tongue, for instance. I did read of one Down´s Syndrome kid coming top as a cadet in Israel some years back. By acceptance and integration a lot more may be possible for these kids than those who want them put down seem to realise.
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw I wouldn't have one. Even when your children are normal there is still a danger of them turning out bad or marrying someone awful, or getting knocked up, or being chased by the CSA for knocking up some slut, or giving you illegitimate children. Ugh.
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw I know this routinely happens now even in the "best" of families in this country. The reason for this is the studied refusal to exercise parental and masculine authority.

Most women are masochists and it is their vile masochistic values and vices that are now allowed to prevail. The evidence for this: say on the radio that you would not wish to bring up a severely disabled baby and you will end being expelled from the BNP.

This demonstrates that cowardice and hypocrisy - feminine vices - rule OK in the UK.
23 hours ago · Edited · Like

Ruth Dudley Edwards Claire, I loathe many of your opinions - including this mean-spirited view of Down's Syndrome children, who are greatly loved - but I tolerate them because this is a free-speech Wall. However, I have asked you before not to hog debates.
23 hours ago · Like · 5

Claire Khaw They live quite long these days and are sexually uninhibited. I know of one anyway. Her poor mother even instructed her older half sisters to not let her watch Hollyoaks because that was where she picked up the idea of having boyfriends, being a lesbian and kissing.

This girl was in primary school too and what she said - laden with sexual references - was found to be excruciatingly embarrassing to her classmates.

You could also tell that this girl was already sexually curious.

Would I like to deal with the problem of having to sterilise my Down's Syndrome daughter to avoid unwanted pregnancy? Nope. Would you ladies?
22 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw How am I being mean-spirited?
22 hours ago · Like

Fiona Pitt-kethley Since when would any kids find anything laden with sexual references excruciatingly embarrassing
22 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw Because this child was talking about the other children in her class being her boyfriend or girlfriend.
22 hours ago · Like

Ruth Dudley Edwards A Down's Syndrome baby, or, indeed, any baby, has as much right to live as you have, Claire. Now will you please stop hogging the debate.
22 hours ago · Like · 2

Claire Khaw It is pointless to appeal to masculine reason here then, I suppose. I know you women will just shout me down even if they know in their heart of hearts that I am right. It would be unwomanly to agree with me! Well, I do hope there will be men here who will offer a contrary view rather than just meekly agreeing with the women that my views are vile. I may hope in vain, however, but if I hope in vain then it merely demonstrates the case that Ruth's friends list is gender imbalanced, or, that the men of Britain are just as infantalised as the women.
22 hours ago · Edited · Like

Shane Donaghey i normally ignore trolls, and i definitely don't throw the following suggestion around lightly, but as they used to do what you suggest to the disabled i think it's justified.... did you not catch a flight to argentina with the rest of them after the war then?
21 hours ago · Like · 3

Lizzie Hayes My cousin Eve's second child Richard has Down's Syndrome, he is 40 now and such a lovely person. My cousin knowing that she might not always be there to care for him set up a charity SPIN (Special people in Need) She raised money to build initially one house for Down's Syndrome children to live and support themselves. Richard has been living there with several others for more than 20 years. You could say that part from being a joy, as Richard is, his living has provided happiness for may others and the Trust which Eve set up continues to give benefit and happiness to many others, and not just those with Down's Syndrome.
21 hours ago · Like · 6

Charlotte Fielder Claire it's not really what you say, but the way you choose to say it. You of course (yawn) have the right to express your opinion and you are most certainly exercising that right in abundance, but the manner you choose to express yourself is both offensive and inflammatory.

And no we women aren't meekly agreeing with each other. We just don't agree with you.

Your call for 'the men here,' to join in, as if this is a gender based debate, indicates that you are more interested in provoking responses, than you are in the subject.
21 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Claire Khaw I am simply predicting that all the women will be against me even when presented with cogent and irrefutable evidence. They are only interested in hanging on to what they think is their femininity and to do this they are supposed to ignore all rational argument, to prove how feminine they are. Men, on the other hand, are not in this position. I wonder if there are any who dare agree with me when they are so vastly outnumbered.

I think it is probably the case that these days, men in Britain are similarly infantilised, even the educated ones.
21 hours ago · Edited · Like

Claire Khaw I imagine that any male FB friend of Ruth would hesitate to express his agreement with me here. He would not want to offend Ruth.
21 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw Can you imagine any man in charge of the ship of state agreeing with me? Of course not, they will be pandering to the views of you women in order to get your votes.
20 hours ago · Like

Belfast Gonzo I think post-natal abortion should be legalized for attention-seeking, wilfully stupid, inhuman, needy Facebook trolls.
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Rosemary van Hattem I think the aptly named Valentina is just adorable. I wish these photos had been around all those years ago when we were having kids. A friend gave birth to a Downs Syndrome baby, and although she's always been a happy and fulfilled child (now adult) these photos of such a happy baby would have been inspirational at the time.
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Claire Khaw Still no attempt to engage with the issues I raised. No man has joined in this discussion. Even the token male "Gonzo" who is so afraid he dare not speak his name dares not.
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Ruth Dudley Edwards Shane is a man, Claire. He thinks you are a trolll. Belfast Gonzo is a man. He wishes you didn't exist. I am a woman who is getting very fed up with your inability to respond to my simple request that you stop hogging debates on my Wall. Consider this a yellow card.
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Claire Khaw But none of these "men" addressed the issues I raised. Is this place a liberal feminist hot spot then? I am the only token social conservative (ie who is then automatically called a Nazi) allowed? But not for much longer? I think you will miss me when I am gone.

For genuine free speech visit http://www.facebook.com/groups/460025747344501/

Free speech but only if I and my friends are not offended! Well, that ain't free speech at all, but don't you tell that to a woman!

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Fiona Pitt-kethley I think the line between able and disabled is a very fine one. I often do not spot people´s handicaps because I consider them fellow human beings. On the surface I am a normal able-bodied person but compared to some super flexible ballet dancer I am not able...So many levels of physical ability out there. That´s what I am saying. I personally avoided an amniocintesis test in case I was faced with a decision to abort. I was lucky. I had a healthy child. If I hadn´t I guess I would have muddled along somehow.
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Rosemary van Hattem I agree with you re the whole amneoscentesis thing, Fiona. I think if the test had indiated that any of my babies had Down's Syndrome, and I had aborted, I would have spent the rest of my life wondering who that person would have been, what he / she would have looked like. No, I just couldn't have done it.
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Fiona Pitt-kethley Also tests are sometimes wrong. My cousin was told she had a dead baby inside her but had to leave it till full term. Week later she gave birth to perfectly healthy kid who is now old enough to have several of her own.
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  • Disability is a burden on the state and the British taxpayer
  • Many mothers of disabled children are happy to have human pets at the expense of their husbands,  the state and the British taxpayer.
  • Women have the vice of being generous with other people's money.  Their masochistic nature makes them love throwing (other people's) good money after bad.
  • These infantilised women do not care about the long-term national interest as long as they get their way.
  • Many of these mothers use their disabled children to seek attention and privileges at the expense of others.
  • Most women dislike making difficult and unpopular decisions, especially if they make them seem unfeminine, because their feminine identity is more important to them than Truth, Justice or Reason.  That is why cowardice and hypocrisy is a peculiarly feminine vice.  
  • Now that women in Britain wield so much power, they have infected their men with this vice.  
  • Male politicians will pander to these women because they have the vote.
  • Ruth's male Facebook friends would not wish to be seen to be agreeing with me because they would not wish to offend her.  (Can it really be the case that none of her male Facebook friends grasp or agree with any of my points?  If so they are either idiots or cowards.)

Free speech martyr Voula Papachristou

I cannot but help feel something approaching love for this woman - a veritable Greek Goddess.

Black people should be more like this tweeter at

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Calling the police is not what you do about Internet trolls


Looks like the Down's Syndrome child would not have even recognised herself even if she had come across a photo of herself online.


Would the retard have known about it if she hadn't been told by her parents?

Stupid attention-seeking parents. What is worse than retards are their fucking cunting attention-seeking parents.

Fucking cunting attention-seeking parents of retards want to destroy our free speech.

Don't fucking let them.

Jail me then, you fucking cunting attention-seeking parents of retards who use your children to get attention and feel important.

Call the fucking cops, go on, I dare you.  Retards.  Not your children, YOU.  

The reality of no-fault divorce

Mrs Fiore said: ‘We were together for 14 years but got married four years ago in July 2008. I decided to call it a day because we'd simply grown apart.

‘We had nothing in common anymore and I didn't enjoy his company. He didn't do anything wrong really but I just didn't want to be with him any more.’


Bitch deserved it. Well done, Kev. I would have done the same thing if I were you. Nice one.

She took his son too.

What a bunch of jerks British men are. This is the sort of shit you get, and you still want no-fault divorce, eh? Stupid fuckers who don't deserve to pass your genes on. No wonder your women would rather shag niggers.

Fiore is an Italian name, isn't it? That explains why he wouldn't take it lying down unlike the scummy locals who need a rod of iron up their arses to make them stand upright.

Not only will British men take this lying down, they will be happy to be turned over to be fucked up the arse too.

That is the reality.

No wonder their women are converting to Islam.

When enough of your women convert to Islam because they can't stand the thought of a white pink cock of a wimpy little weed being put up them, you know what you will do?

You will convert to Islam too!

That is the reality, "gentlemen".

What is the purpose of Sharia law?

To see to it that Muslim men don't get similarly fucked over by their women in a divorce.

You probably won't remember a time when English law was a bit more like Sharia law so men weren't quite so fucked over as they are now.

The reality of feminism


Husbandless career-women have no one to pay for them, and they will get older and uglier and soon they will have to pay men to have sex with them, if they still want sex.  

They will probably feel more comfortable being lesbian if they want a bit of action from time to time with another human being.  

I imagine these career-women probably started out smart, but they failed to find a husband with whom to pass on their genes, because they were fooled by the false promises of feminism.

Only the stupid and feckless in Britain breed now, and, of course, the foreigners, especially the Muslims.

By the way, feminism is anti-eugenic and I would say that eugenics is moral because it is necessary.

Otherwise, we will just be Paedo Fatso Bastard Britain Slutland with ageing old crones with no children who will have to work until they die.

Nietzsche on Truth

"All Truths that are kept silent become poisonous."

Thus Spake Zarathustra

Can you think of a poisonous Truth?

The Truth that dare not speak its name?

The Truth about how feminism spreads degeneracy through the agency of Slut Single Mums?

Why is it being kept so silent?

Because more than half the mothers in Britain now are SSMs.

This means more than half the next generation are BASTARDS brought up by SLUTS.  

What kind of shit generation is that going to produce?  A shittier one that this lot certainly.  

Shhhhhh ....  They don't want us to know just yet how shit our descendants are going to be, how slut, how bastard and how paedo.   Even if they are not slut, bastard and paedo to begin with, they will be turned into sluts, bastards and paedos by their slut, bastard paedo friends.  

Shhhh ... Don't say anything or the women will be upset with you for calling them sluts, which they are, bringing up bastards, which they are, spreading their filthy degenerate genes, which they are, while the men have had their penises cut off and stuffed into their mouths so they can no longer speak against their stupidest and most immoral women, from whom they hope to have cheap filthy slut single mum sex..

Shhhhhh .....   

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Matriarchal "Tell Mama" turns Muslims into despised crybabies and stokes even more Islamophobia


The majority of Muslims being physically attacked, harassed or intimidated because of their faith are women, according to interim results from the UK's first ever 'official' anti-Muslim violence helpline, Kevin Bocquet reports. [Towards the end of the programme.]

Mohammed Ansar at http://twitter.com/moansar who was being interviewed has blocked me from following him on Twitter.   http://thevoiceofreason-ann.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/tweeters-who-have-stopped-me-from.html

Mohammed Ansar's smug insolent expression on his Twitter profile - designed to provoke Islamophobes into paroxysms of fury?  When they give him and others like him a piece of their minds he tells Muslims to calls the cops on these so-called Islamophobes through Tell Mama which is paid for out of YOUR taxes.

I commented that he is a government-approved Muslim who makes money from his Muslim identity as he is in the pay of the government.  He is absolutely no good on doctrinal issues at all and refused to discuss them with me.  What he does is engage the Islamophobes, goad them into Islamophobic rants and then call the cops on them, which is what http://tellmamauk.org/ is all about.

Tell Mama, eh?  Talk about the matriarchy turning Muslims into crybabies and causing them to be hated even more, provoking more Islamophobia then calling for even more totalitarian measures to be taken against the restive of white indigenous.  

Disgusting and almost unbelievable, but true.  This is what your taxes is being wasted on: causing more Islamophobia and then using the Islamophobia it causes to get more money from you to combat it.  

Enough is enough!  

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Man who tricked stupid women into taking their clothes off and performing porn star acts for him jailed by vengeful matriarchy for TWO YEARS


In a rational more masculine world these women should have been humiliated for being so stupid so that any women stupid enough to have been tricked by a man in this way would think hesitate to waste the court's time.

http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/s_to_u/sentencing_manual/s4_causing_sexual_activity/ suggests that he should appeal against the conviction on the ground that the judge misdirected the jury.

If I get you to take off your clothes and persuade you to entertain me by doing things a porn star would, by the sheer force of my personality and powers of my persuasion, you should not be able to have me imprisoned for two years just because you were stupid enough to accede to my requests but later felt a bit foolish after your friends told you what a ninny you had been for believing that you would get closer to your deceased loved ones the more outrageous the sex acts you performed for my gratification.

Questions the appellant's barrister might wish he had asked the women if he had not:

1.  Are you claiming you were hypnotised by the appellant?  [It doesn't matter if the answer is Yes or No.  If she answers No, then she clearly consented.  Even if she answers Yes, we all know that no one can be hypnotised without being prepared to be hypnotised.  If anyone challenges this, call an expert witness or Derren Brown.]

2. What was going through your mind when you were doing what the appellant asked you to do?

3.  What made you turn against the appellant?

4.  Did the appellant blackmail or threaten you?

5.  Did you want to believe the appellant when he said by committing those sex acts he asked of you you would become closer to your deceased loved ones?

6.  Did you enjoy the sex acts he asked you to perform?  I must remind you that you are under oath.

7.  Would it be correct to say that you were agreeably surprised by how much you enjoyed doing the things the appellant asked you to do?  I must remind you that you are under oath.

8.  Did you at any time fantasise about the appellant?  I must remind you that you are under oath.

8.  Would you have had sex with the appellant if he had asked you?  I must remind you that you are under oath.


How do you feel about a law that privileges and rewards stupid and immoral women over a charismatic man with extraordinary powers of persuasion?

Broken Man for sale at Sainsbury's for 25p

Friday, 20 July 2012

Two women breaching the rules of natural justice

Bar Council's disciplinary procedure is judged to breach human rights laws
Monday 21 March 2005 02.47 GMT

Bar Standards Board 'in shambolic state'


If anyone should be able to organise a rigorous system of complaint and disciplinary tribunals, you would expect lawyers to. Yet, on this programme on Tuesday we heard a number of complaints about the Bar Standards Board - the body that regulates barristers in England and Wales. Today, the Board answers back. Baroness Deech is the chairman and will answer the critics.

As I thought, female Chairmen have been in charge of this shambles.

The Bar Standards Council was created in 2006.  The Chairman then was Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans - Is she doing better now?

http://www.ipcc.gov.uk/en/Pages/r_evans.aspx until 2008, and after that it was Baroness Deech.

Baroness Deech - presiding over  a shambles

More women are mediocre than men who dominate the higher and lower end of the ability spectrum.

Daryll Christopher:

"Everyone knows that the system is full of incompetent women. Only few of us have the balls to say it.Everyone knows that the system is full of incompetent women. Only few of us have the balls to say it."

Thursday, 19 July 2012

How much money should the taxpayer spend on this hopeless case?


It is interesting that no one asked the question most on any taxpayer's mind:

How much does Monty cost to keep alive at the expense of the taxpayer?

Is the matriarchy rubbing the faces of the British taxpayer into this useless exercise of liberals bleeding hearts spewing their compassion all over your nice white carpet, just because it can?

Does the matriarchy enjoy mocking, infuriating and enraging the taxpayer, just because it can?

In what way is making a programme like this - produced by a WOMAN of course - different to poking a caged and enraged animal with a stick and rattling its cage, just because you can and think you will get away with it?

Is this programme in itself not sufficient reason to overthrow the matriarchy?

Are the two men on the panel not the worst kind of  floppy limp-dickery you have ever come across?

The matriarchy wastes your money, taxpayer, and wastes it blatantly and shamelessly, and throws that fact in your face by stuffing its propaganda down your throat that you pay out of your licence fee, and glories in this exercise.

How much longer will you stand for this?

Oh, but most men in Britain these days are limp-dicked floppies hoping for sex from some slut single mum, and will not dare to say anything to offend her.

Most men are afraid of the likes of Joan Bakewell - the thinking man's crumpet.

Do you ever wonder why female intellectuals you ever heard about are of the Left?

Do you ever wonder why this country is in the state it's in and why no man will ever say anything like enough to challenge the matriarchy?

The Reds are not under your bed, mate, they are on it, and you sleep with the enemy who fucks you over, again and again and again because you are so fucking stupid and desperate for sex with any old slag who opens her legs for you, because she is smart enough not to ask you for an up-front charge, which an honest prostitute would.

Notice how feminists hate the idea of legalising brothel-keeping.  They want to make you think it is free and then get you on the hidden charges, you stupid fuck.

If you cannot subvert a society with open revolt, you do it using their most immoral and feckless of its women, counting on the loss of reason in its men when bribed with the apparently cheap sex that feminism offers.

The results can be seen everywhere, in the lowest of the low - the sluts, bastards, paedos and general degeneracy this environment produces, and in the elite left-wing chattering classes like Joan Bakewell - the insufferably smug  liberals.

That woman apparently has no shame.  I am not commenting on her sexual morality, mind, but her journalistic integrity and he professionalism.

Why did she not ask how much this exercise is costing the taxpayer?

Because it ain't her money and she doesn't give a fuck.


  1. If you want to save the life of someone whose life is worth saving then obviously you will force treatment on him if they are not in a position to consent to it eg someone who normally has legal capacity (and is likely to regain it after treatment) but is incapacitated by a coma or temporary mental illness.
  2. If they were always fucked in the head and will remain fucked in the head even after they are cured just so some woman can have a human doll to claim is hers to play with (but without the inconvenience and expense of looking after him), then it is a fucking waste of taxpayers' money.

Parasitical women don't tend to care about things like that as long as they get their way.   

Below are statements made about Monty, who lives in a care home for people with severe difficulties.  He has a foster mother though.  (His foster mother is not inconvenienced by having to look after him, please note.)

"He completes repetitive tasks and wants to see his surroundings in a certain way.  We expected him to open and close doors, turn lights on and off."

"He is not likely to understand if you tell him not to do it."

"Monty cannot understand long sentences and is non-communicative."

"There is no way of persuading him to co-operate with treatment."  

"He is not likely to understand what people say to him."

"He has no mental capacity because of his autism and severe learning disability." 

Oh, and he got better in the end so he can carry on being a waste of space and being a drain on the state so his foster mother can enjoy the sort of attention being a foster mother to this sort of creature gets her, with none of the inconvenience of looking after him, because he is in a home.  Obviously she and people like her think the taxpayers' money is there to be squandered in order to indulge their every whim while the limp-dicked floppies who call themselves men keep their peace and button their lips.

Women more than men suffer Munchausen syndrome by proxy.  What is this but a pathological form of the damsel in distress seeking attention?

93% of sufferers are women.  Are you getting it yet, you stupid limp-dicked fucked over little fuck?

Why do you let them get away with it?

Cos you are scared and stupid and no longer a man.   That is why Western civlilisation is fucked.

When the men become women, who will protect the men?  Not the women who will just mate with the invader.   

Saturday, 14 July 2012

What is necessary is therefore moral

The defence to murder is self defence and necessity, in case you didn't know. It is necessary that a society should protect itself from degeneracy or it will be invaded, conquered, exploited and abused. Child euthanasia or legalised infanticide for parents with severely deformed, disabled and unviable babies is moral and should be legal. Do you agree?

Is feminism necessary?

Is feminism anti-eugenic?

Is feminism moral?

Why is it necessary to defend the privileges of women who are evil and immoral?

They won't die if they are forced to make rational reproductive choices, will they?

Friday, 13 July 2012

Why is Alison Saunders of the *gender imbalanced* London CPS "disappointed" that John Terry was acquitted of a racially aggravated offence?

CPS London is headed by Chief Crown Prosecutor Alison Saunders.


Why females prefer immigrant males

The very revealing structure of the very matriarchal London Crown Prosecution Service

In April 2009Grace Ononiwu was appointed Legal Director for North Region, London and she is now DCCP for the London Districts.  Second in seniority to Alison Saunders.

Jenny Hopkins is Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor with responsibility for the Complex Casework Unit. This comprises of the Special Casework Team (which includes the Police Complaints Team), the Homicide Team, and the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Team.  Third in seniority to Alison Saunders.

David Robinson, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor .  FOURTH in seniority to Alison Saunders.  A pretty boy.  Is he the male equivalent of the dolly bird in the matriarchal Britain?  Does he occasionally get his bottom pinched?  Is he perhaps sexually harassed?

Jean Ashton OBE.  Fifth in seniority to Alison Saunders.

Would you stand any chance at all in London CPS if you are white and male?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Why Eugenics, anti-feminism and nationalism go hand in hand

What is moral is necessary, and what is necessary for the long term national interest must be moral.

Any self-respecting nationalist should be prepared to have a rational and civil discussion on the subject of eugenics. What is nationalism but the promotion of the LONG-TERM national interest? Eugenics are merely policies designed to prevent degeneracy. It is in the long-term national interest to prevent degeneracy.

Is it not necessary in the long term national interest to prevent degeneracy?

If it is necessary, is it not moral?

Feminists hate the idea of eugenics, but feminists are immoral women, are they not?  Immoral women are promiscuous women, and promiscuous women are the cause of widespread illegitimacy.

Widespread illegitimacy is of course the cause of degeneracy.

What is degeneracy?

Being physically, morally and intellectually inferior to your parents.  

Eugenics is necessary and moral in the long-term national interest.

A prosperous farmer is one who practices good husbandry.  A prosperous and strong nation is not afraid to tell the most evil and immoral of its women that they are evil and immoral.  A strong nation is not afraid of questioning its pornocracy and those who serve it.

The men who are nominally in charge, like Cameron and others, are really only the Head Gardener or the butler if not the coachman of the pornocracy.

Who are the pornocracy?  The slut single mums who have the vote.  

They can be defeated.  Indeed, they must be defeated, or the next generation will be even more degenerate and beyond redemption than this one.  

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil."

The Bhagavad Gita

Monday, 9 July 2012

Islam is not the threat to Western civilisation, feminism is


Daryll Christopher:

"The only way Islam will take hold in this country is if the people voted for it. Islam can never take power by force. The fact that we have these "Macho Men" roaming the streets and seeking confrontations with the police tells us all we need to know of the calibre of the men in our society. Many of these men have no jobs, they can't see their kids, some have even been cleaned out in a divorce etc, but yet they will tell you that Islam is a huge threat. Where were these people when the IRA was letting off bombs all over the country?.

If Islamists plan to take power, how exactly would they do it? The only people who benefit from men fighting against other men are women. You do not get women campaigning for men's rights, because they have the men in their pockets and do not see them as a threat. They however see Islam as a threat, so they campaign against Islam in their millions. The men who further erode the little they have to fight Islam and deliver even more power to women need to take a long. hard look at themselves."

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Birdbrains in Bournemouth


Did you MEN notice the sex of the people involved? Was it a WOMAN in Pizza Express who called the RSPCA, RSPB and then fire brigade? Was it a WOMAN at the RSPCA who called the fire brigade? Was it a WOMAN at the fire brigade who sent the MEN to rescue the flying vermin?

Are we living in a matriarchy?

Do the men of Britain have shit for brains and piss for guts?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Feminism and Eugenics

Whether or not you believe in God, it has to be acknowledged that the commandments of the Abrahamic God promote eugenics.

Eugenics is the practice of preventing degeneracy. For example, marriage and the prohibition against incest are eugenic in purpose. Therefore any practice of "sexual liberation" that desecrates the institutions of marriage and family would be ANTI-EUGENIC. Feminism is anti-eugenic. Therefore feminism is evil and eugenics is good.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Feminists will never demand ....

The plot to make it illegal for British fathers to ascertain the paternity of children they suspect of not being theirs


Below are the members of the Human Genetics Commission:

  1. Professor Jonathan Montgomery
  2. Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley
  3. Professor Timothy Aitman
  4. Professor Thomas Baldwin
  5. Dr Paul Debenham
  6. Mrs Nicola Drury
  7. Professor Frances Flinter
  8. Mrs Ros Gardner 
  9. Caroline Harrison
  10. Mr Alastair Kent
  11. Professor Anneke Lucassen
  12. Dr Duncan McHale
  13. Dr Alice Maynard
  14. Dr Lola Oni OBE
  15. Dr Bella Starling
  16. Dr Anita Thomas 
  17. Professor Angus Clarke 
  18. Dr Paul Darragh 

8 men, 10 women.

What were these women trying to do?

"The Human Genetics Commission will recommend in a report to ministers that the theft of a person's DNA, including the clandestine removal of a child's hair or saliva, should become a criminal offence.

The proposal has come out of fears that increasing numbers of fathers are exploiting the growth of internet DNA testing services to undertake paternity checks without the consent of the child or its mother, with potentially traumatic consequences for all involved."


They were trying to sneak through the idea of presumed parentage.

"A summary of who is responsible for child support:

1. Child support responsibility lies with the biological parents, except for itemised cases including gamete donation, surrogacy, adoption, and those declared to be parents by a court.

2. Although parentage can be “presumed” in certain cases (such as marriage), that is simply to avoid delay in the flow of money. It does not replace the above rule about biological parents.

3. If a man later uses the courts to demonstrate that he does not satisfy the conditions in “1” above, for example he is not the biological father, the CSA will refund payments made to date (at taxpayers’ expense)."

These women were trying to make it illegal for a man to try to prove that a child is not his.