Thursday, 20 December 2012

Westboro Baptist Church also condemns SLUTS

What is worse than a slut?

An Slut Single Mum, or a Spinster Single Mum, if you prefer.  They are a cancer of society, the agency of illegitimacy, the facilitator of national and civilisational DEGENERACY.

I am an atheist, but I would have no problem in proclaiming that God, if He exists, would hate sluts, too.

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The reason why the West is CURSED BY GOD is because Western men love and fear sluts while they mock God and despise people who believe in God.

Please, please, PLEASE help me save White People from themselves and LIFT THE CURSE OF GOD from them by denouncing Slut Single Mums.

I am not white but live in the West, but I know what is good for White People is good for me too.  I also quite like the good bits of Western civilisation.

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