Degrees of Sluttery

Technically, a slut is a woman who has sex with a man not her husband.

In that case the overwhelming number of women must be guilty, including myself.

There are however DEGREES OF SLUTTERY, and that can be measured by the number of a slut's sex partners.

1-10       Ever so slightly slutty

11-20     Slightly slutty

21-30     Quite slutty

31-40     Very slutty

41-50     Super slutty

51-60     Ultra slutty

61-70     Hyper slutty

71-80     Super Ultra slutty

81-90     Super Ultra Hyper slutty

91+         You have missed your vocation as a prostitute and should monetise your nymphomaniacal compulsions.


Anonymous said…
A straight woman who has large numbers of sexual partners is really just behaving like a gay man.
Claire Khaw said…
A gay man at least does not produce variously-fathered feral bastards who become the criminals of the future.
Anonymous said…
Thank God for sluts. Where else would a single STRAIGHT man get his leg over.
Claire Khaw said…
If I had my way I would legalise brothel-keeping. The point is to always always make men pay for sex. For them to get it for nothing corrupts their morals and indeed the very soul of the nation.
Anonymous said…
"always always make men pay for sex"

Even when in a relationship or marriage? I suppose in a way there can be 'payments' in such a relationship (at least in some cases)...
Claire Khaw said…
If you have married her the sex is pre-paid, although it may help if you have a marriage contract stipulating the minimum number of times a month you can have sex with her, if such things are important to you.
Anonymous said…
And also what about porn? The internet has loads of porn on it. Does this corrupt men's morals by allowing them to see images of naked women and sex for free?
Claire Khaw said…
Porn should not be free, but it is. Yes, of course it corrupts men's morals, and even that of children who access it. It is clearly degenerate that adults won't give up their free porn to protect children.
Anonymous said…
You say women these days are sluts. But it still is nowhere near as easy for a man to get sex (for example by talking to women in bars), than it is for him to download a porn video off the internet.
Claire Khaw said…
The fact that porn is free is another factor in the corruption of men's morals.

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