Monday, 30 April 2012

Sickly sentimental mawkish programme about dead disabled baby

Listen to this disgusting programme made by women for women and effeminate men who then all start blubbing and then go and have a good vomit.   

Feminism more dangerous than immigration and how Islam could be the solution!

" ... the  predominance of feminism in Norway creates a situation potentially more immediately  destabilising than that of  immigrants because  women, unlike immigrants, already form more than 50% of the population.   There is a majority with a vested interest in perpetuating and expanding   feminist privileges at the expense of men.

In the longer term a situation of great irony could arise in Norway, with the demands of feminism clashing with those of  other groups created by the politically correct,  especially Muslims, to crush feminist policies."

"What is the non-violent means to break the hold on power of elites  who would destroy the societies they come from through mass immigration, obsessively enforce  political correctness  and  ruthlessly suppress  dissent to what they are doing  through the criminalisation of  ideas which run counter to those  of the politically correct?"

A very good question to which I have the answer, but need the support of other nationalists prepared to take a chance on me.  

You know what you have to do, guys!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Why feminism makes men go gay

Like a revelation, I suddenly realised, waiting to pay at the supermarket watching a man looking very miserable with woman and a child he was with, why so many men are going gay.

If I were a man I would not marry without a marriage contract.  Since most lawyers in this country don't get it, or pretend they don't, I would have to convert to Islam to get myself a decent wife, rather than one who will divorce me in a few years to get my house and deprive me of my children.   I may not wish to convert to Islam and may still wish to have lots of sex.  If that is the case, then an option might be to go gay if there is no particular stigma in doing this any more and if I am not too bothered about going to my grave without producing offspring.  

Two years ago, Stephen Fry rather got into trouble with saying that women didn't really like sex and if you were a man and wanted sex the best sex you could get was from another man.

He was shouted down of course and swiftly corrected.  Liberated women loved sex just as much as men, he was told.  Stephen Fry is not a liberated woman so he doesn't know what  he is talking about, was the feminist line.

But is that really true?  If that is true why do so many many men with female partners complain about not getting enough, way way way before even Feminism was even a twinkle in her father's eyes?

This "correction" was really feminists getting it together to cover up the truth, yet again.

Most women, after a while, think of sex as "work" and then become like employees who give shoddy service, cut corners, or are sullen and insolent, when they know they are unsackable - once they have a ring on their finger, perhaps.

For gay people, at least you know that when you have sex with another person of the same sex who is of equal age and equal status, they are doing it because they want to or really fancy you.  Not so with a person of the opposite sex.

Man, known for being only after The One Thing, can only be managed by dangling before him the prospect of the only thing he is after.

If he will do anything for sex, then you control him by limiting the supply.

If sex is everywhere, then he will never get off his back to do anything worthwhile, preferring to lie on his back masturbating to porn all day, if that is what he is allowed to do.
How do you know if your civilisation has been cursed by God?  If the cap fits why don't we put it on?

When women are cheap and gay sex is not prohibited, the morals of men will be corrupted, and all will suffer: men, women, children and the elderly, in an ever-vicious circle of lower standards of education, morality and competence.

The next degenerate generation will fail to bring up a next generation of sufficient quality to be internationally competitive or to be even be hired as employees by indigenous employers.

The country will fill up with foreigners because businesses need a labour force NOW to remain competitive.

The capitulation by the government and its opposition to this constant demand for willing and affordable labour (while simultaneously refusing to fix the female-dominated teaching profession who only conspire to hide their own failure) will upset the demographic, racial, cultural and religious composition of your society, and there will be civil unrest, if not disorder sooner or later after the rot of decline properly sets in.

So, there you have it.  Sex has always been political.  Whom we are allowed to have sex with has a serious bearing on the quality of the next generation.  The quality of the next generation will mean whether our civilisation flies or falters.

It is therefore dismaying indeed that so few men in nationalism dare to discuss the vexed question of feminism, because they are afraid.

What are they afraid of?

They are afraid of not getting sex from women if they do not continue toeing the line of feminism.  Or, they are afraid that the women with whom they are already have sex will reject them, divorce them, take half their stuff and deprive them of their children, which the law currently allows them to without having to prove fault at all.

If they do nothing now, they should not imagine that the next generation will fare better than they.  Indeed, the next generation will be stupider, more weak-willed and far far far more corrupt and venal as well as ignorant and degenerate.  

Is this not indisputably TRUE?

How do we make marriage more attractive to men then?

I have a good answer to this: marriage should be so attractive that even gay men envy the status of married men.  Feminism has made marriage a mug's game, and most of the feminists have no desire to admit this because they are cowardly, dishonest and hypocritical women in denial.

Feminism is a cancer.  Gay marriage is a tumour.   Cut it out.

Feminism leads to consumerism, both BAD for your society


There is a hint of equating feminism with consumerism in this piece by Deborah Orr, do you not think?

Friday, 27 April 2012

Reviving the Cult of the Vestal Virgin

If we are to have a job creation scheme for unmarried women, we would do better to have a Cult of the Vestal Virgin than to keep these women in employment in social work at great  expense to the taxpayer, ministering to the hopeless cases and wasting precious national resources in the process.

After all, social problems are created by promiscuous women and bad mothers, and then the feminists have the cheek to expect us to believe that only they sort ouf the problems that they themselves created.

Sounds a bit like a protection racket to me.

"You better pay us to protect you from our boys who might smash up your shop."

Obviously, the more people who willingly submit to extortion the more extortioners there will be.

Social workers are the parasites of parasites, it would appear.

Time to call the cops on the feminists, then!

My proposed Cult could be a combination of a finishing school for chaste girls of good character as well as a national marriage bureau (to be married to the most eligible bachelors in the land) with the option of staying on for those who do not wish to marry and who will then eventually to go on to run the Cult.  

The intake would only be restricted to girls whose mothers are not Slut Single Mums ie those who were not born illegitimate.  

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sexist hoodie for girls

Imagine the fuss if it said: "Girls are stupid.  Throw rocks at them!"   

Gender Inequality Demonstrating the Hypocrisy of Feminism

Are any of these bloggers really better than me?

I only ask others because I already know do not have the necessary objectivity to make this judgement.  Of course I think my blogs are the best around, for they make points that are revolutionary that leave the Liberal Feminist Left spluttering with indignation yet devoid of a counter-argument.

I therefore ask YOU, dear reader, what you think of the quality of the submissions for the blog prize shortlist, compared to mine which you will find at

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Feminism is a Nationalist Issue

Thank you all for looking in, but I rather suspect you are only popping your head round the door more now because of those Nazi photos I had of myself taken with David Jones of Todmorden, formerly of the BPP at

I do have another blog which concerns gender politics and it is at  Do please subscribe to it if you find it of interest.

Feminism is a nationalist issue (though it is not treated as such by nationalists because they of all  people suffer most from the degeneracy caused by feminism). Let us hope it is not too late to now time to discuss the subject of feminism earnestly and rationally.

I, a female and foreigner, presume to speak for white men in the West because they are no longer capable of speaking for themselves.

For nationalism to succeed, nationalists need to treat each other honourably, but, being victims of a degenerate matriarchy, they no longer have any pride or feel any shame.  Brought up mostly fatherlessly by their single mothers, they do not have the first idea of how to behave like gentlemen or even the concept of  honour amongst thieves.

Sadly, in all of Britain it would appear, I, a female and a foreigner, retain most completely the theory and practice of behaving honourably, dealing justly, being magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat.

Yes, it is awful to think that one such as I should be run more swiftly and go much further than white nationalist men in questioning feminism and being a thorn in the side of the liberal political establishment by discussing subjects that make them gasp and stretch their eyes.

That I have to do it because white men are cowering in a corner at the PC Liberal Feminist whip goes to show that the rottenness has gone right to the bone.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you to subscribe to both my blogs and to not be afraid.  For nationalism to be a force for the good of your country, I need you all not to be afraid to say what you think, to the people in your lives.

All of you can be political activists by simply sticking your neck out and discussing any of the issues I discuss, using some or all the arguments I use,  with your friends and family, and especially your female partner, if you dare, if you are not afraid of her divorcing you, taking half your stuff, the house and then depriving you of your children.

Everything that is wrong about Western society stems from feminism and the fact that men are now afraid of women.   Discuss.
Everything that is wrong about Western society stems from feminism and the fact that men are now afraid of women.   Discuss.
Everything that is wrong about Western society stems from feminism and the fact that men are now afraid of women.   Discuss.
Everything that is wrong about Western society stems from feminism and the fact that men are now afraid of women.   Discuss.

Now go and write an essay about it.  If it is good enough I will post it here so others can discuss it, and I will grade it too.

To rid your civilisation of feminism, you destroy the intellectual and moral credibility of feminism, and only I have the ability, credibility and courage to do so.

If it were a white man, even if he were not afraid of his wife doing the things she probably would, the typical response would be "He would say that, wouldn't he, because he is a man."

Men should therefore think rationally and put aside their pride and anger (both deadly sins) and think about supporting me if they agree with me that the desecration of Marriage after decades of chasing the female vote and submitting to feminism has brought them to this pretty pass of civilisational decline.

If they want something done about feminism as well as the overweening and oppressive nanny state they now live under, they can do no better than to support me with all their heart and strength, because I am the best person for the job.

I am so hated and feared by the liberal feminist establishment that the only tactic they are now employing is to ignore me, because they cannot respond adequately to any of my arguments, but do not want to give me publicity by mentioning me at all, even in unflattering terms.

Therefore, if enough of us who have the talent, courage and energy join together we can form a Counter-Revolutionary Party against the matriarchal over-lady who has been squatting over us and peeing on us since the Sex Revolution, we can get on with overthrowing the existing order.

Another example of how the matriarchy censors free speech - Big Sister is worse than Big Brother

Listen to women whingeing about how social media need to be policed more to preserve the anonymity of women who are claim to be rape victims.   

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Claire Khaw, Atheist Theocrat

In my humble opinion, the Koran, interpreted correctly, would be the middle way between

  1. tradition and innovation
  2. the patriarchy and the matriarchy
  3. communism and capitalism. 

That is why I, as an atheist, would be happy to be guided by it.

It is all in the interpretation.

I, being legally trained, am claiming that I know better than anyone else in the Western world how to interpret the Koran in accordance with the dictates of Reason, Justice and Humanity, which would be in keeping with the best of Western traditions.

"All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth." - Nietzsche

"God is a paradox - an omnipotent entity of perfection conceived in the mind of mortal and flawed Man. Such a perfect instrument of government is misused, because Man does not know his own mind and often loses his reason." Me

"It is Wisdom that allows us to distinguish between Good and Evil, predict the future and accomplish what is apparently impossible."   Me

"Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion." George Washington

"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him." Voltaire

"The average man is superior to the average woman, but the superior woman is superior to the superior man."  (I believe Confucius said this.  I am claiming to be this superior woman who can think like a man yet is not subject to the temptations of a man in his prime.  Indeed, I also claim to be the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman, and it is really high time I was given my own TV show.)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Domestic Violence – Should The Definition Change?

At least 1 in 4 women in the UK will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, but is the term ‘domestic violence’ preventing women from seeking help, since many abusive relationships do not involve physical violence. A government consultation has just ended and asks whether the definition should be widened to include the phrase “coercive control.” Jenni is joined by Sam Baker, Editor of Red Magazine, which has launched a campaign called Speak Up, Save A Life to draw attention to abusive relationships, and to Diana Barran, Chief Executive of the national charity Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse.

Could "coercive control" mean a tone in your voice or a glint in your eye?

It will mean that you, as a father and a husband, will no longer be allowed to persuade your wife or children about some important moral issue in a way that would make them feel uncomfortable or harassed.  Indeed, you will no longer be allowed to hurt their feelings to make a point.  

I think living in a police state would be more fun than living in terror of your wife and children in your own home.  But if you feel like abdicating all parental and masculine authority, then go right ahead and let Dame Jenni and her ilk piss all over you.

Bet you don't know what that is is anyway you pussywhipped limp-dicked effeminate little fuck, because you never had a dad to explain this sort of shit to you.  

Are UKIP and BNP going to be saying anything about this, the pussywhipped limp-dicked little fucks?   What do you think, you pussywhipped limp-dicked little fuck?  

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why the more cowardly nationalists are distancing themselves from me

As I have mentioned at, Nick Griffin has blocked me from following him on Twitter.

Jez Turner who organises the London Forum meetings told me on 24 March, the day of the last London Forum meeting that I was "suspended from attending the meeting pending investigations".   

He later made out that I was an informant for Hope Not Hate, but even my worst enemy, who threatened in the past to maim then kill me  - Cheryl Dunn - does not believe that of me.  (Thank you, Chez!   x x x  I hope that's all water under the bridge now that we have both been expelled from the BNP.)

I thought and thought and thunked and thunked wondering what the reason could have been.  It really could not have been racial reasons because, they must have known what race I was before I attended the the previous and only London Forum Meeting I ever attended before being banned. 

Since I also received an invitation to attend the subsequent one and was even invited to speak at another one which was to have taken place on 15 May for the British Nationalist Friends of Palestine on the subject of A Theocracy in Israel for Peace in the Middle East I think I am not being illogical if I reason that it was nothing to do with race, as Hope Not Hate were suggesting it must have been.   

I think it is because of my Battlefield of Love blog Apparently, it is so heretical and blasphemous to liberal sensibilities that even the so-called British Far Right (who are already regarded as the enemies of liberalism) have distanced itself from me!

But I always knew that the FEMINISM was the real sacred cow of the sexually liberated (or should we say "addicted"?) white male.  They are so addicted to cheap sex and now worship Slut Single Mums so fanatically and unquestioningly that they will suffer to be castrated in her defence, at the expense of the long-term national interest. explains how and why.

If you don't believe me, then go ask them.  

How to get Yang Guang to impregnate Tian Tian

Instead of fussing around with love tunnels and the like, Tian Tian should simply be restrained, so that Yang Guang can have his wicked way with her, again and again and again, perhaps.  

Sadly, I know this very practical and sensible suggestion will be ignored.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A morality tale on separating from your husband for trivial reasons?

Bartlam, a former public schoolboy, who was jailed for life yesterday, had also been fascinated by violent video games rated 18 and DVDs, including Nightmare on Elm Street and the Evil Dead series, since the age of eight.

Read more:

Their father, Adrian Bartlam, separated from Jacqueline in 2005.

His parents were separated in 2005 when he was 7. At 8 he was watching horror movies when his mum became a single mum.

Says Mr Matters:

“As soon as I found out Jacqui had been killed I knew instantly Daniel had done it… The warning signs have been there since he was 11…What he watched beggars belief. He viewed pornographic, incest and rape websites. He even looked up a site called ‘how to chloroform my little sister’. He was watching 18-rated DVDs and buying 18-rated videogames from pawn shops. How can a 13-year-old boy be allowed to buy these games? He was viewing this material from the age of 11. I saw stories he wrote at the age of 12 about killing people.

“I told Jacqui what he was doing, I told her what he was accessing, I warned her. But he is not my son so I could not discipline him.

Also, is  it quite the thing for a 47 year old woman to be sleeping in the same bed with a 6 year old boy?

Was this a regular occurrence?  Was this woman so lonely that she would sleep with her 6 year old boy every night?

Daniel Bartlam

murdered his mother in cold blood while she was sleeping with his then 6-year-old younger brother.

Now, who do you think initiated the separation and what were the reasons for the separation?

Two-Thirds of the Time
It’s the wife who files for divorce in about two-thirds of divorce cases, at least among couples who have children.

Well, we don't know if she initiated the separation or the causes of it, so let us suspend judgement. I suppose there is a possibility that he beat her, gambled away the grocery money and was persistently unfaithful.

We could always ask Adrian Bartlam, who is on Facebook.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Feminism is a Nationalist Concern

If you don't get this, you don't get anything at all.

The only reason why immigrant labour has been let in by successive Tory and Conservative governments is because every country, no matter how wealthy, needs a labour force.

Clearly, women have been too busy competing with men to do their own work properly, which is to bring up the next generation and bring it up well.

Why are there so many Slut Single Mums who have sons who are NEETs and who have daughters who are also SSMs like them?

The quality of British motherhood and the morals of British women are to blame, of course.

But this is something no one wants to acknowledge, even the INDEPENDENT PANEL tasked to discover the causes of the riots we had in England last year, presumably because they too are afraid offending Slut Single Mum PARASITES.

We know who is in power by whom we cannot criticise.

But why are we allowing the worst of people - the stupid promiscuous women who breed rioting criminal bastards to dictate social policy?

Is it because we are mad?

Of course feminism should be challenged by nationalists, but they are too emasculated, enfeebled and degenerate to do so now.

They prefer to leave such things to the Muslims when they take over.    

Judith Tebbutt - a sign of things to come for the white woman if the white man refuses to challenge feminism 

Discuss this with every woman you hope to fuck or marry

Noteworthy extracts that should be discussed at every dinner party to test the patience of the women.  I bet you will find that they will never speak to you again, let alone be invited back.  

"Females enforce conformity.  Females vary less than males. Exceptionally gifted  individuals are almost always male."

"Females have a deep desire for safety and moderation, which has its origin in her childbearing role.  The practice of derogating anyone who sticks out from the crowd is well known. If female influence is unchecked the result is a degenerating cycle of blandness, mediocrity and cultural stagnation."

"Females are immature.  The evolutionary origin is that immature females interact more successfully with children and make better mothers.  The evolutionary origin of male maturity is that they compete."

"Females know no limit.  They do not check their own behaviour but rely on others to do it for them [like children].  Females make unreasonable demands to test and extend their power.  They do not limit the excesses of other females but will exploit whatever  gains their excessive behaviour achieves.  The answer to the question 'What will women do?' is 'Whatever they can get away with.'  Females are never satisfied."

"Females have no sense of humour.  Women often define OCC (Our Cosy Circle) by deriding someone they wish to exclude from it.  They can discourage true humour because males use it to distribute information and dissipate neurosis, and it is in the female interest to maintain the male in as high a state of neurosis as possible.  By disallowing humour on particular themes taboos can be instituted.  Then the perception of a topic can be altered to suit unstated goals."

"Women are unforgiving.  Grievances are too useful to them as weapons to be discarded and forgotten."

"Females always reduce everything to the personal.  Further, females are superficial, because this is consistent with hypocrisy."

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil.  The Bhagavad Gita"

"War is, of course, a masculine activity, but the war may still be being fought for feminine objectives."

Yep - the war between the West and the Muslim world is really about the war the Matriarchal West is waging against societies that are still patriarchal.  Some people say it is about Israel, but I am beginning to wonder.  

"The race that cannot control its females becomes extinct."

The next step for nationalists

What I have noticed about nationalists (both men and women) is that while many of them tell me privately that they agree with me about feminism, they cannot actually bring themselves to say so in public because they do not want to be a pariah of pariahs, like me.

This would mean that they are even more afraid of their women (who are overwhelmingly sluts) than the Jews, Muslims, foreigners and the liberal political establishment that they are always complaining about

Who are sluts?  Technically, any woman who sleeps with a man not her husband is a slut.

A slut is different from a prostitute in that a prostitute gives the punter a price up front, while a slut pretends it is free and makes the man and society pay for the sex later.

That is why a prostitute should always be considered a degree above a slut single mother, because she plies an honest trade, unlike the Slut Single Mum.

While I know that the overwhelming majority of white British women are sluts - because they have been brought up to do it if it feels good - I am talking only about Slut Single Mums.

The difference between a slut and a Slut Single Mum is the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.

The prohibition against adultery and fornication was really meant as a preventative measure to prevent the majority of women from becoming Slut Single Mums and their society from turning into a society that resembles Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, which means the end of your civilisation.

It was also to prevent their men from becoming so degenerate that they don't mind admit that they are afraid of their women, which, let's face it, men these days are no longer afraid of doing.

These men are of course contemptible cowards.   There is actually not a single British white male who is a nationalist, apart from Simon Sheppard of the British People's Party, who has views resembling mine.
is his latest book, only available on Kindle. has a review of All About Women.

Nick Griffin has blocked me from following him on Twitter, which I thought was quite interesting.   He clearly wants to dissociate himself from my ideas.

So, only the Muslims are prepared to question and challenge feminism, while the white atheist man is cowers in fear of his women, who are mostly sluts.

Reflect upon this, especially if you call yourself a nationalist.

If you think nationalism is about complaining about Jews, Muslims and liberals while you cower in fear of SSMs from whom you hope for the favour of her easy virtue, then you are not really a nationalist who is worth his salt.

Fear can be worse than Knowledge

The fear of a husband that his wife's children may not be his is worse than the knowledge of a wife that her husband is unfaithful.   

Feminism, Degeneracy and Immigration, in that order

The reason why successive governments have conspired to let immigrants in is because the working classes are no longer fit for purpose.

There are not enough people to join the labour force and those who do aren't much cop because of their broken homes, bad upbringing, and sink schools who don't teach the 3 Rs properly.

Clever middle class women are not having enough children because of FEMINISM.

CHAV schoolgirl slags get knocked up in hordes because that is the kind of thing they do, because they are allowed to, at the expense of the taxpayer.

So what we have now is a DEGENERATE white race where the worst and stupidest of women are encouraged to breed the most bastards at taxpayer' expense while the clever educated ones - because of their careers - have fewer children.

Working mothers tend not to bring up their children very well if truth be told. They usually divorce their husbands and then become even worse mothers.

It can be seen therefore that feminism (which is anti-eugenic because it has systematically desecrated the institution of marriage) needs to be questioned, challenged, confounded and then exploded to be replaced by an ideology more eugenic (in the nicest  and most moral possible sense of the word - Libertarian Eugenics does not require the intervention of the government) as a sustainable way of ensuring the survival of the nation.

Gone, gone, gone, will be the days when the more pathetically disabled your child, the more respect you get from other mothers.  

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Why we no longer have free speech

We no longer have free speech because women hate free speech more than men.  They hate free speech more than men because they are more easily upset, their feelings more easily hurt.   When they argue with you and lose, they will treat that event as a personal insult and be vindictive in the seeking of vengeance for hurting their feelings and having upset them.  

You know this is true, for men are more forgiving than women about such things, though Mercy tends to be a Virtue that is attributed to women.  

The West is guided by the worst of feminine vices: Promiscuity, Prevarication, Hypocrisy, Cowardice and Denial because its politicians court the female vote.