Vindictive bitch of a Crown Prosecutor Louise Barron wants Liam Stacey imprisoned for longer than 56 days

Would a MALE Crown Prosecutor have asked for that?

We know who is in power by whom we cannot criticise, do we not, gentleman?   I can hear you pissing in your trousers, mate.    

If I went to prison for the white man because the white man is too shit scared to even think of doing time to  make a point, would the BNP support me?  Would it fuck.

But I wouldn't dream of claiming racial discrimination because anyone who has been in the BNP would know that the BNP regularly shits on its own white activists.

Have you looked at Nick Griffin's Facebook page?

Not a word, not a fucking word about anything political except how well the BNP are doing which you would only believe if you have shit for brains, which these days most white men do.  They have shit for brains and piss for guts and are afraid of their women, who are the worst of mothers and the worst of employees, all busily breeding their bastards, not bringing them up properly, dragging the British nation into the sewer and pissing on their men.

That is why we no longer have free speech in this country, by the way.

Nick Griffin is staying safe, people.  He knows all he needs to do is tread water and he can stay leader of the BNP until he retires in favour of his daughter.

He ain't sticking his neck out for any of you lot.  

I will though, just because I can't stand watching white men eat any more stinky demented feminist shit.   If I go to jail, I go to jail.



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