Femocalypse NOW already!


Feminism is a cause of prosperity or a consequence of prosperity?

Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Marriage is an ECONOMIC partnership.

Feminists are only capable of speaking in half truths.

While it is true that females had their sexuality "owned" by their husbands and their fathers, it is also true that men were beasts of burden who had their labour "owned" by their females.

Monkeys took to prostitution very quickly, apparently, when the concept of money was introduced.

The duty of women is to bear healthy children to maintain the labour force.

Men would want to earn more when their wives produced offspring.

Men who don't have offspring are just happy to SUBSIST.

Listen to what she says about the Neanderthals having an egalitarian distribution of labour while homo sapiens adopted specialisation and division of labour. Neanderthals were FEMINISTS. This is at the 12th minute.

The few matriarchies that existed were small, poor, isolated and pretty much disappeared when they came into contact with their neighbours.

Forced marriage of men to sluts mentioned.

Women are mostly PARASITICAL.

If he defaults on his obligations to the SSM he will be imprisoned, which costs the US taxpayer $60k. This means the taxpayer is paying money to make a man a burden on the state and to make him less likely to get a job afterwards. That's the matriarchy for you.

The cost of divorce: running two households rather than one. Spending instead of saving.

Women control 80% of consumer spending.

This means that that goes on retail therapy which goes to the bonuses of CEOs.

It looks great on paper because a divorce actually *boosts* GDP because money changing hands does so. A multiple collision would boost GDP by the money going to and from insurance companies, hospitals, accident investigators, funeral directors etc.

Wages have gone down since easy divorce because there are more men and women desperately competitive because they want to earn more.

People are even more desperate for consumer goods to comfort themselves after family breakup.

0% of men in the UK now are considered unemployable. The UK riots were blamed on fatherlessness AKA slut single mums. Women FORCE fatherhood on men.

 This discourages rewarding long term partnerships and generates misogyny.

"What about the children?" is the war cry of the feminists that dismisses people's objections to the policies of feminism.

No fault divorce now a legal norm. 70% of divorces initiated by women. The cause is .... "DISSATISFACTION". Not abuse, not adultery, not even irreconcilable differences, just ... "I am not 100% content."

How come 60% of mothers are now SSMs when they now should by rights have total control of their fertility?

Even when women are 100% in control of their fertility, ie having an abortion in demand, no feminist is suggesting that these women take 100% responsibility for their reproductive decisions.

Abortions should be free and child support automatic demand the feminists, so the taxpayer (who are mostly men) pays.

Feminists have skewed education in favour of girls to the disadvantage of both ultimately.

Men now minority of high school graduates and university degrees, and women earn more through affirmative action.

Male doctors work harder and earn more. Female doctors take maternity leave and then leave the profession altogether. Their training paid for by the taxpayer whose money is wasted at this highly inefficient way of using up the nation's resources.

Marriage has become a risk for men that even a compulsive gambler would avoid.

This has affected Japanese men too, apparently. Such a society runs on huge and unsustainable budget deficits.

Government now 100 times bigger than it was before female suffrage.

But don't take my word for it, view the video yourself.  


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