Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The difference between being punched once or twice and being a battered wife


Of course there is a world of difference between punched once or twice and being a battered wife.  Why is saying this considered controversial?

There is indeed a world of difference between being punched and being beaten up.  Ask any boxer or street brawler.

I suppose women being women will pretend not to know the difference.   I suppose it also depends on where he hit her.  Did she get a black eye or lose any teeth?  Did he punch her in the arm?   Or was it a slap across the face?  In response to what?

OK for a woman to hit a man, not OK for man to hit a woman. Whither gender equality? Give up feminism and  a man may feel worse about hitting a woman?

A real man would never slap the face of another man in anger, would he? Slapping is a form of physical chastisement specially reserved for women because that is usually enough to shut her up.

Let's hear all the gory details now, Rula and Den!  

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