Tuesday, 31 May 2011

SHOCK HORROR! BNP men wearing pink shirts

Nick Griffin in Lampedusa wearing a pink shirt

I was talking to this very pleasant and charming man in a pink shirt at a BNP meeting the other day, and was later told that it was he who ejected Dominic Kennedy the Times reporter.


A Facebook friend wrote:

"The pink shirt thing was a fascination to me too. Apparently its to show that you're in touch with your emotions, happy to be a feminised, and that you are gay friendly.... Claire, there is nothing more PC than a pink shirt !!!!"

Perhaps if I tell EVERYONE that BNP men are now wearing pink shirts, British men will stop wearing pink shirts like a bunch of fucking fairies.


SHOCK HORROR: Britons getting 5% more learning disabled every year


" ... people with a learning disability, whose numbers are growing by up to 5% a year and who can require care and support costing a typical £1,500 a week."

WHY are their numbers growing by 5% a year?

Are we getting 5% stupider every year?


Is this anything to do with single mums?

Are women getting stupider and stupider the more promiscuous they get and having stupider and stupider babies?

Does the definition of "slut" logically include stupidity?

If we condone and tolerate stupidity and promiscuity should we be surprised to get more promiscuity and stupidity?

Why does the government not do anything about this?

Is it because the government is afraid of stupid sluts?

What is the point of having a government afraid of stupid sluts?

It is curious that David Brindle who wrote the piece


omitted to say why we are getting stupider and have sent him an email in the hope that I will receive an answer.

I would have thought the alarming fact that the British are getting 5% stupider every year is more alarming than climate change, but nobody seems to be asking the most obvious question.   

If the British are getting 5% stupider every year, how long will it be before they become COMPLETELY stupid?

I am afraid even I am now too stupid to work that out.  

Should stupidity be compounded?

I think, for what it is worth, that the British are getting stupider because their government dares not discourage sluts from breeding bastards because it is afraid of alienating the female vote.

We have too many stupid people breeding because there are too many sluts who will shag anyone and get themselves knocked up and then have the baby on the taxpayer.

As it is mostly the poor and stupid breeding with each other it is no surprise that we are getting progressively stupider.

Liberals are also very stupid people because they are afraid of single mums and are too ignorant and arrogant to mend their ways.   They are also worship the idea of Free Love and are addicted to the idea of having access to a wide range of stupid sluts who will let anyone knock them up.

So now we know why we are getting stupider: because too many stupid sluts are breeding the next generation of stupid sluts and our stupid, scared and skint government is too afraid to say boo to them.


Monday, 30 May 2011

Tracey Emin's Running Naked to be claimed by the BNP?

Tracey Emin Running Naked

I have now finally warmed to Tracey Emin.  Isn't there something so iconic about Running Naked?  It would go down so very well at BNP meetings too.

The BNP should claim Tracey Emin and of course offer to make good the damage done to British womanhood after so many decades of unchecked feminism and female promiscuity with their very sensible policies of marriage and family, kirk und kinder (or perhaps marriage and mosque). She even lives in the East End, which is of course the home of British Nationalism.

What I like about Tracey is that she perfectly exemplifies sexually damaged British womanhood. Raped at 13, put on the pill by her mother at 14, who even now doesn't want her daughter to get pregnant because she doesn't want to have to look after Tracey's child, because Tracey is bound to be a single mum, isn't she?

Understandably, Tracey's mum has spent most of her life looking after other people and no longer wants to do so.  When she had to have Tracey's cats they ruined her curtains.  She even had to have her home fumigated because of a flea infestation, so no more looking after any of Tracey's cats or babies, says Tracey's mum.

If you had a daughter would you like her to be like Tracey Emin?

And if you had Tracey Emin as a daughter would you want her to have children?  Or not have any children at all or to preserve her artistic integrity of post-feminist angst and self-sexual abuse?

I recommend that all mothers concerned for their daughters' sexual future drag their adolescent daughters along to explain what could happen to them if they follow the path of promiscuity and casual shagging.

They won't all end up rich and famous with a nice house in Spitalfields though, but as workaholic independent childless despised slags with a drink and drug problem, or perhaps welfare-dependent single mothers with variously-fathered feral children with a drink and drug problem ....

These are the fascinating questions one must ask oneself, because they are moral and artistic dilemmas.

As Tracey's mum said so profoundly and fatefully, "We only ever do the things we are meant to do."





Friday, 27 May 2011

Disabled People Against Claire Khaw

Disabled person in wheelchair giving the able-bodied the one-finger salute - used on Riven Vincent's Facebook profile.  Is she biting the hand that feeds her?


For some reason Phillip Blond - the theologian and think tanker http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phillip_Blond  @Phillip_Blond   http://twitter.com/#!/Phillip_Blond - is a member of "Disabled People Against Claire Khaw", which I find rather bemusing.   I had no idea that he was suffering from a disability.

Claire Khaw is a Malaysian member of the BNP and a very dangerous woman, in 2009, when David Cameron lost his son, Ivan, Clair Blogged that it was a positive thing because keeping him alive was a waste of public money. She has a bizarre blog where she expresses her insane views, including "reintroduce slavery, make bastardy a disgrace, reintroduce public executions and reintroduce public floggings" ( see interview Here: http://alexlibertarian.blogspot.com/2010/12/claire-khaw-uncovered.html) . Claire has built up a reputation online, Counting politician and journalists among her ‘friends” on face book. She has received a lot of hostility on-line from the public, but it is her views on disability which are the focus of this group on the 5th of March, 2011, 5live interviewed withy Rivern Vincent the mother of a disabled child, Ms Khaw rang up and wanted to ask a question , she then proceeded to argue that the it was fundamentally wrong for the state to0 support Mrs Vincent’s daughter, because it was not economically viable. When challenge about this by everyone including the presente Victoria Derbyshire , Mrs Vincent, another parent, and the MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke, Jack Lopresti (Con), she defended her posistion and went on to state openly that if she gave birth to a disabled child she would reject it and instruct the midwife to ‘get rid of it’. Now I have challenged her about her views and found her response immoral and upsetting,. Some of her replies were as follows: “Art has utility because it gives pleasure. A severely disabled baby cannot possibly give me any pleasure, though it may be very useful to you if you use it for begging money from the government and your friends and family or getting sympathy from everyone you meet.” Or “No one has said they agree with me, but there are others who do agree with me if you read my wall on that day, though they are not in the BNP. Disabled people are really getting above themselves these days.” 

According to blogs and forums, Claire is being touted as the BNP’s candidate for 2012 London Mayoral Elections. This means she will be NO. 1 on the Top-up list for the GLA for the BNP. This woman needs to be challenge. I don’t care what your politics are who you vote for, this is not a political cause, it is about what ideas are acceptable in public lif., Iin calling for a united front against the evil bigotry of this ‘woman’ let’s challenge Claire rout her ‘views’ at every single opportunity . Invite everyone you know, because we will win.

http://thevoiceofreason-ann.blogspot.com/2011/03/claire-khaw-on-victoria-derbyshire-show.html displays my reasoning in some detail, which I do not need to go into here.

It is tiresome to have to keep repeating that I have not advocated a policy of general extermination of the disabled by the government.

I do not believe that anyone has a right to demand that anyone else pick up the tab for their children, whether able-bodied or disabled.

Having been described as "a very dangerous woman" (as if I were really capable of breaking and entering your home and exterminating your severely disabled baby), I wish to reassure those who are easily frightened to please believe that I do not have the superhuman abilities sometimes attributed to me nor the athleticism of a cat burglar to break into your home to exterminate your disabled baby.

I am Libertarian, not Terminator.

"I don’t care what your politics are who you vote for, this is not a political cause, it is about what ideas are acceptable in public life."

This is of course an issue of CENSORSHIP, which is of course extremely political.   

I have blasphemed and now must be punished.  I have been repeatedly called a Nazi when infanticide is in fact common to many cultures and was around for a long time before Hitler had been heard of.

Predictably, it has been suggested that the BNP (who may or may not make me the 2012 London mayoral candidate) have members and policies that endorse what I have said.  Actually, many of them wished I had not said it because they have quite enough bad press already.  For the record I should make it clear that the BNP manifesto has no policy at all on the disabled as any search at http://communications.bnp.org.uk/ge2010manifesto.pdf would reveal.  This is probably because, like all parties, the BNP do not regard the disabled to constitute a significantly large section of the electorate to come under the BNP radar.

There are many mothers who use their disabled children as an instrument of attention- and sympathy-seeking that makes them somehow beyond criticism.   It is also a way of sorting out the pecking order amongst mothers who do not work.  The more a martyr you are to your children (disabled or not), the higher you are in the pecking order at your coffee mornings.

"You have a disabled child?  Well, I have two!"   

Their disabled children are used as weapon to bully Prime Ministers like Cameron (who used his late son Ivan to show the voting public that the NHS was safe with him).

This mania to have more disabled children and therefore be more worthy of sympathy and respect is just what Mumsnet culture consists of  ie demanding yet more handouts from the government who are so pathetically eager to pander to the female voter.

Riven Vincent is of course Queen of Mumsnet.   http://www.mumsnet.com/special-needs/riven-vincent-statement-on-respite-care

Witness how willingly our so-called alpha males - David Davis and David Cameron - humiliated themselves on Woman's Hour (which is the radio version of Mumsnet) when they suffered Martha Kearney to ask them what kind of underwear they wore.  http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/story.asp?storyCode=34195&sectioncode=1

Can you imagine a female politician being asked this question??

So this is how low we have sunk, that our politicians are too afraid of telling the most demanding clients of the welfare state and the most rapacious consumers of welfare - mothers of disabled children - that they too will have to suffer their fair share of the cuts.  

Pandering to the Mothers of the Disabled vote is pretty idiotic anyway, since they are so electorally insignificant.

What a shame the government will not do the obvious and rational thing and pander to the over-burdened taxpayer.   

Monday, 23 May 2011

My criticism of single mums may lead to my not being selected as 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate

It would appear that I may not become the 2012 London mayoral candidate because of ideological reasons (my views on single mums) rather than my ethnicity.  I got the impression from meetings that quite a few people liked the idea of my being candidate. They were certainly not hostile. Some were even warm and encouraging, so I will not have it said that, if I were to be rejected as candidate, that it was because of my ethnicity.

In these matters one wonders if one should have been more circumspect about uttering such heresies as criticising single mums in the land where single mums rule with a fist of iron, but I have no regrets.

It is my considered view that widespread illegitimacy and family breakdown has been very very bad for white people, who are the people most affected by the destructive policies of liberalism and feminism.

Singly-parented children tend not to do well educationally and socially, and this makes them less desirable as employees, which means that the jobs go to foreigners who are on the whole not singly-parented and better employees.

One of the main reasons why Muslims won't integrate is because they don't want their children to become singly-parenting, divorced and don't want their children to give them illegitimate and probably feral grandchildren.

I know how distasteful Muslims find female promiscuity and understand completely why they would wish to prevent their own children from suffering the same fate as the white working classes and turning into welfare-dependent single mothers or NEETs.

It would be betrayal of my principles and even the interests of BNP supporters to keep quiet about this when about half the babies born in Britain are now born out of wedlock.

If the BNP is too afraid of telling the truth because it is afraid of single mums and feminists, then it is just as bad and in thrall to the feminazis as all the other parties.

If I have demonstrated this ugly truth by failing to be selected as mayoral candidate because of my views on single mums, then at least I will have made my point.

I suppose there is is no harm however in asking people who think I am right to make this stand on family values supported by marriage - whether they are BNP supporters or not - to email the Chairman


It has been suggested that there may not even be a 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate at all, because of funding issues. I do not know how true this is, however, and I am sure the funding will come if my stand on the institutions of marriage and family strikes a chord with British people of all races and faiths.

It is not as if anyone else is saying the things I am saying about feckless never-married single mums who are a burden on the state and causing the quality of the national gene pool to decline, together with our educational standards and our moral standing in the world.  And so I find myself stepping dutifully into the breach, even as I know will get shot as the bearer of bad news.  

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The horror, the horror of the liberal establishment and rape

After a week of discussing this subject, I have come to the conclusion that there are more mad and silly people in the liberal establishment who are keener to cause women to be raped and prosecute men than they are to prevent it.  (It was after all a Canadian policeman's well-meaning suggestion to rape victims and potential rape victims not to dress like sluts if they don't want to be raped that provoked an outbreak of Slutwalks all over the Western world.)

It just goes to show how intellectually and morally bankrupt the liberal establishment is.

These people are the Agent Provocateurs of Rape.

1.  They want women to provoke men into raping them.

2.  They then want women to first become victims and then prosecute men for the rape they provoke.  This is presumably because liberalism - which is essentially feminine and irrational - loves victimhood.  The greater one's victimhood the higher up the pecking order we are.

Question 1:  Why do these people want to destroy Western civilisation?  What's in it for them?

Question 2:  Can they even explain themselves?

Question 3:  Does feminism cause dementia?  

Friday, 20 May 2011

The incorrigible stupidity, treachery and incompetence of British politicians on the subject of RAPE


Derbyshire: Rape is rape, with respect.

Clarke: No it's not, and if an 18-year-old has sex with a 15-year-old and she's perfectly willing, that is rape. That's 'cause she's underage, can't consent. Anybody has sex with a 15-year-old, it's rape. So what you and I are talking about, we're talking about a man forcibly having sex with a woman and she doesn't want to. That is rape. Serious crime, of course it's a serious crime. And I'm very glad that people do now got to the police and report it. There used to be a taboo against it, in a crazy way.

Clarke should have known not to confuse a tabloid radio show hostess http://twitter.com/#!/vicderbyshire and her baying listeners, consisting mainly of the incorrigibly self-righteous and the incorrigibly ignorant, with too many facts.

Statutory Rape and Jailbait 

Being a lawyer, he wanted to show off his knowledge about statutory rape by explaining it to a lay audience. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statutory_rape.


Some of you may be familiar with the term "jailbait" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jailbait - an Americanism.  I still remember how an American acquintance once thought it was a great compliment to repeatedly tell a very pretty and posh English girl that she was jailbait, to the distaste and horror of those around him.

This means, boys and girls, that even if it was the under-aged girl who offered to have sex with you and it was all her idea, and it was she who jumped your bones, you're gonna get done for statutory rape when she decides she doesn't love you any more and is feeling a bit vindictive.  Understand?

Is Ed Miliband a complete shit for asking him to resign over something like this?


Does the Labour Party believe in responsible Opposition?

We all know the answer to that, don't we?  

A role-playing game on the subject of rape (especially for lawyers, politicians and tabloid journalists)


Victoria Derbyshire:  "Rape is rape."

Kenneth Clarke:  "No, it is not."

Readers, pretend you are one of these characters above and try to extricate yourself if you are the male character and impale the male character if you are the female character.

Hours of fun!

I shall make all my guests play this game at my next dinner party.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Truth about rape offends FemiNazis AKA The Feminist Agenda

If rape is a about violating a woman, then arguably violating a prostitute or a promiscuous woman is not as bad as violating a virgin. We all know how promiscuous the modern British woman is these days. Even Jack Straw pointed out that white women these days are regarded as easy meat by Pakistani-origin British men. Andrew Gilligan asked if they were but dared not answer the question in his piece.


So what is this manufactured outrage seething and boiling in our age of Slutwalk London 11 June 2011 at 1pm in Trafalgar Square?


I think it is part of the living a demented matriarchy. Whatever you think of Dominique Straus-Kahn, he should be given a swift trial but for some reason these things take months. Surely the simplest thing is to have a trial ASAP, get all the evidence and jury in? But no, he has to be presumed guilty because it was a crime against women ...


A Facebook friend comments:

Feminists want women to be victims. The higher the number of victims, the more they can push the feminist agenda. So they lobby to create laws and rules which tilt the favor towards the victimization of women. Then after changing laws that help to artificially inflate statistics for the purpose of passing tougher laws and lower evidentiary standards to further inflate statistics in the favor of victimization. They tell women not to protect themselves. The "law" will handle it. They are not looking to prevent rape, just prosecute it.  

The intention to subjugate men and make them mind their Ps and Qs and be properly afraid of them, and make Western men the sad emasculated limp-dicked effeminate cowards they now are.

He adds:

It is also subjugating women to the role of victim. So they are not true feminists but power mongers using feminism as a guise to subjugate everyone. 

Usually they select the survivors of the most brutal attacks to help push the agenda. The ones most hurt by the crime do not realize that in most cases, the changes they are making in the laws help put innocent people behind bars. It has altered in a negative way the way men and women interact.

So now you know why men and women distrust and dislike each other so much that they cannot bring themselves to marry each other or have legitimate children or stay married when they do have children.   This of course has implications for the future of the country because it concerns the quality of the next generation, which has of course been destroyed by feminism.  

Monday, 16 May 2011

Slutwalk London UK on Saturday 11 June


Perhaps the stupid sluts will go and buy lingerie from an expensive lingerie shop just for this occasion?  You never know how stupid sluts can be these days.

Let us hope none of them get raped after the demo or accept drinks from strange men at the pub they will no doubt be gathering at after the demo.   Perhaps they can be persuaded to put on their burkhas that will be handed to them, by kindly Muslim sisters attending the slutwalk more in sorrow than in anger, for extra protection.


Perhaps men and women should turn up in niqabs for a counter-demonstration?  (You can all get your niqabs in Shepherd's Bush Market. Buy two so you can chat up a slut and offer to sell one or give her one.  If you are especially silver-tongued you could persuade a slut to buy a burkha, or just give her one if you are feeling charitable.)

Suggested chant by Muslims, BNP and anti-feminists:

"Stupid sluts, stupid sluts, what are you doing?

Stupid sluts, stupid sluts, fancy a shag?" 

I think it would be nice day out if the weather's fine.  

Stupid white sluts think going on a slutwalk shows how clever and free they are

A slut walk in Boston last Saturday, one of dozens staged around the world (AP) 


Stupid white sluts turn themselves into a circus for men to ogle, denigrate and exploit. All because a policeman said women should be careful how they dress or they might end up getting raped. Well, it's true, isn't it?

Let us hope they decide to march through a Muslim neighbourhood!


What these FemiNazis do is accuse you for saying it is not a crime to rape a slut, which is not what you are saying at all. It is just a crime to rape a woman who is a slut as it is to burgle a house that is not secured properly. The question is always that of culpability or of contributory negligence. FemiNazis and shit for brains liberals don't understand the concept of personal responsibility at all and are perversely proud of this lack of understanding.

Clearly, the pornocrats who have spent a lot of money on themselves eg spray tans, boob jobs etc, want to show off their bodies and see men salivate and stand to attention at the sight of them.  That's all it is really.

Sensible women would want men to love them for their other attributes that is nothing to do with sex.  Imagine if you are a woman and are really really boring.  The man, after finding the limitations of your company and conversation will just want to say something like "Right, bitch, let's fuck as we have exhausted all the other possibilities of entertaining each other. You can start by giving me a blow-job as I have just bought you a drink."

It seems that this is how these stupid sluts like things to be.   Sad but true.    

Saturday, 14 May 2011

SINGLE WOMAN in her late forties and is trying for a baby using a website to match her with a donor.


Leila Knox is a SINGLE WOMAN in her late forties and is trying for a baby using a website to match her with a donor.

http://stealingstarsfromthesky.blogspot.com/ is her blog.

Fuck the BBC for giving this sort of shit airtime.

Notice she has no comments on her blog.  I have left one reasonably polite one, but I think she makes a policy of not displaying them unless they are favourable.  I guess none of them has been favourable.

I am reminded of Bloody Mary's phantom pregnancy.  Let us hope no misbegotten wretch will come to be born to a women clearly so unfit and lacking in judgment that she is unfit to be a mother and of a man so reckless of life and careless of his morals that he will impregnate, either artificially or naturally, such a woman.