Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tweeters who have stopped me from following their tweets

List of twits who have blocked me from following their tweets.

  1. @davidyelland!/davidyelland
  2. @MASieghart!/masieghart
  3. @TimMontgomerie!/timmontgomerie
  4. @IainDale!/iaindale
  5. @jennyeclair!/jennyeclair
  6. @domjoly!/domjoly
  7. @RealRobertWebb!/realrobertwebb
  8. @JohnRentoul!/johnrentoul
  9. @RuthieGledhill!/ruthiegledhill
  10. @Marthakearney!/marthakearney
  11. @laurenlaverne!/laurenlaverne
  12. @whjm!/whjm
  13. @isaby!/isaby
  14. @krishgm!/krishgm
  15. @paulmasonnews!/paulmasonnews
  16. @GuidoFawkes!/GuidoFawkes
  17. @JamesDelingpole!/jamesdelingpole
  18. @His_Grace!/His_Grace
  19. @tfa4freedom!/tfa4freedom
  20. @simplysimontfa!/simplysimontfa
  21. @alaindebotton!/alaindebotton
  22. @frasernelson!/frasernelson
  23. @scots_subrosa!/scots_subrosa
  24. @suzanne_moore!/suzanne_moore
  25. @hugorifkind!/hugorifkind
  26. @jameskirkup!/jameskirkup
  27. @SamiraAhmedUK!/SamiraAhmedUK
  28. @johannhari101!/johannhari101
  29. @indiaknight!/indiaknight
  30. @bindelj!/bindelj
  31. @DAaronovitch!/DAaronovitch
  32. @TomHarrisMP!/TomHarrisMP
  33. @DouglasCarswell!/douglascarswell
  34. @paulwaugh!/paulwaugh
  35. @juliahobsbawm!/juliahobsbawm
  36. @commentisfree!/commentisfree
  37. @toadmeister!/toadmeister 
  38. @GoodwinMJ!/GoodwinMJ 
  39. @TimHarford!/timharford 
  40. @graemearcher!/graemearcher 
  41. @williamcrawley!/williamcrawley 
  42. @vicderbyshire!/vicderbyshire 
  43. @sunny_hundal!/sunny_hundal 
  44. @Phillip_Blond!/Phillip_Blond 
  45. @Miss_Snuffy!/Miss_Snuffy 
  46. @susanhillwriter!/susanhillwriter 
  47. @mrspouncer!/mrspouncer 
  48. @bbcrobinlustig!/bbcrobinlustig 
  49. @holysmoke!/holysmoke
  50. @Pippyz!/Pippyz
  51. @polblonde!/@polblonde 
  52. @RebeccaJBradley!/RebeccaJBradley 
  53. @ClareKirkp!/ClareKirkp  
  54. @andrewcopson!/andrewcopson 
  55. @DavidAllenGreen!/DavidAllenGreen
  56. @JackofKent!/JackofKent  
  57. @PPeterthompson!/PPeterthompson   
  58. @riveninside!/riveninside 
  59. @rossaverde!/rossaverde 
  60. @pangallion!/pangallion 
  61. @indigojo_uk!/indigojo_uk 
  62. @pperrin!/pperrin 
  63. @VirtualResistan!/VirtualResistan 
  64. @ianbirrell!/ianbirrell 
  65. @Lefty_Lisa!/Lefty_Lisa 
  66. @margotjamesmp!/margotjamesmp
  67. @vivizaraz!/vivizaraz 
  68. @_millymoo!/_millymoo 
  69. @Tim_Aker!/Tim_Aker 
  70. @southwestbriton!/southwestbriton 
  71. @HarryAldridge!/HarryAldridge 
  72. @ArnieEtc!/ArnieEtc 
  73. @renarde!/renarde
  74. @BethanyBlack!/BethanyBlack
  75. @OwenJones84!/owenjones84
  76. @LDNCalling!/LDNCalling
  77. @legalaware!/legalaware
  78. @cherrigilham!/CherriGilham
  79. @tom_watson!/tom_watson
  80. @BHAnews!/BHAnews
  81. @LouiseMensch!/LouiseMensch
  82. @KevinBrennanMP!/KevinBrennanMP
  83. @iainmartin1!/iainmartin1
  84. @DoctorCuriosity!/DoctorCuriosity
  85. @clairefrilly!/clairefrilly
  86. @edwestonline!/edwestonline
  87. @TomChivers!/TomChivers
  88. @langtry_girl!/langtry_girl
  89. @enternoon!/enternoon
  90. @DamoclesBDA!/DamoclesBDA
  91. @dlknowles!/dlknowles
  92. @greebstreebling!/greebstreebling
  93. @the3rdgirl!/the3rdgirl
  94. @bloggers4ukip!/bloggers4ukip
  95. @HelenW71!/HelenW71
  96. @nthenry!/nthenry
  97. @richardcalhoun!/richardcalhoun
  98. @SAHDandproud!/SAHDandproud
  99. @JessieMiller1!/JessieMiller1
  100. @corrie_corfield!/corrie_corfield
  101. @janegarvey1!/janegarvey1
  102. @SteveBakerMP!/SteveBakerMP
  103. @MsAlliance!/MsAlliance
  104. @PaulLewis!/paullewis
  105. @daisynewman!/daisynewman
  106. @GuardianJoanna!/GuardianJoanna
  107. @BBCWomansHour!/BBCWomansHour
  108. @A_C_McGregor!/A_C_McGregor
  109. @edward_quigley!/edward_quigley
  110. @HackneyAbbott!/HackneyAbbott
  111. @PennyRed!/PennyRed
  112. @Ellwynnnnn!/Ellwynnnnn
  113. @Baddiel!/Baddiel
  114. @JamesSmartIII!/JamesSmartIII
  115. @AngusDuncan!/angus_duncan
  116. @davideyre!/davideyre
  117. @EVAWhd!/EVAWhd
  118. @russ_e_jones!/russ_e_jones
  119. @Future_of_West!/@Future_of_West
  120. @ciderdave!/ciderdave
  121. @mrsnickyclark!/mrsnickyclark
  122. @moewytchdog!/moewytchdog
  123. @GrantTucker!/GrantTucker
  124. @emmaboon!/emmaboon
  125. @ajcdeane!/ajcdeane
  126. @GavinFreeguard!/GavinFreeguard
  127. @TheOrwellPrize!/TheOrwellPrize
  128. @SlutwalkLondon!/SlutwalkLondon
  129. @DPJHodges!/DPJHodges
  130. @nickgriffinmep!/nickgriffinmep
  131. @MattHopeNotHate!/MattHopeNotHate
  132. @slaurencecowley!/slaurencecowley
  133. @cuffsl!/cuffsl
  134. @lucyann_7!/lucyann_7
  135. @SplinterSunrise!/SplinterSunrise
  136. @ascotsmanabroad!/ascotsmanabroad
  137. @MissLButtercup!/MissLButtercup
  138. @poochalot!/poochalot
  139. @saminus!/saminus
  140. @Glinner!/Glinner
  141. @MPACUK!/mpacuk
  142. @CatHam75!/CatHam75
  143. @AsifMalik1977!/AsifMalik1977
  144. @Siobhan4Mayor!/Siobhan4Mayor
  145. @sianwilliams100!/sianwilliams100
  146. @sadesarla!/sadesarla
  147. @obreption!/obreption
  148. @lindasgrant!/lindasgrant
  149. @MoAnsar!/MoAnsar
  150. @lisaansell3!/lisaansell3
  151. @MirrorJames!/MirrorJames
  152. @tobyharnden!/tobyharnden
  153. @happy_slimer!/happy_slimer
  154. @rangerstaxcase!/rangerstaxcase
  155. @BrianCathcart!/BrianCathcart
  156. @iamamro!/iamamro
  157. @Jezzebela!/Jezzebela
  158. @LordOtter!/LordOtter
  159. @specialdelia!/specialdelia
  160. @Rubovia!/Rubovia
  161. @NadineDorriesMP!/NadineDorriesMP
  162. @MerrynSW!/MerrynSW
  163. @clogmuso!/clogmuso
  164. @maleghast!/maleghast
  165. @AnneBillson!/AnneBillson
  166. @fleetstreetfox!/fleetstreetfox
  167. @Lunarteddy!/Lunarteddy
  168. @UKIPNorthEast!/UKIPNorthEast
  169. @caelainnbarr!/caelainnbarr
  170. @britishchambers!/britishchambers
  171. @CBItweets!/cbitweets
  172. @mockduck!/mockduck
  173. @Mr_Chas!/Mr_Chas
  174. @jwscullis11985!/jwscullis11985
  175. @HarrietSergeant!/HarrietSergeant
  176. @edwardlucas!/edwardlucas
  177. @londonistar!/londonistar
  178. @byameliahill!/byameliahill
  179. @NUTonline!/NUTonline
  180. @The_IoD
  181. @ProfBrianCox
  182. @HenriBest1995
  183. @BillWongOT
  184. @deborahbowman
  185. @Ermintrude2
  186. @EverydaySexism
  187. @anjinanhut
  188. @faineg
  189. @DawnHFoster
  190. @marcusjdl
  191. @pierrenovellie
  192. @lisagoodchild
  193. @Robertsthegreat
  194. @billymclean87
  195. @Adrian_Hilton
  196. @travellingcoral
  197. @chrissiemanby
  198. @LeeJohnBarnes
  199. @StillersFanInFL
  200. @Miss_Tyeshia
  201. @ChristianJonas
  202. @akajesseb
  203. @mike1101011
  204. @Vote_UKIP
  205. @Cherrym_1982
  206. @TShortley
  207. @Bigchris_BRFC
  208. @hprw
  209. @JaxMay1972
  210. @SegaSky
  211. @stephenleather
  212. @Donna_Gallers
  213. @WeekWoman
  214. @sazza_jay
  215. @NadiaKamil
  216. @madeby_millie
  217. @UKIPNorthEast
  218. @ukiptandw
  219. @CaptainUKIP
  220. @FionaLister
  221. @star_pumpkin
  222. @RedHotSquirrel
  223. @HeanorPatriot
  224. @VixxyLix
  225. @johnjoeoregan
  226. @thomdyke
  227. @cake_not_hate
  228. @PopeBXVI
  229. @OfficialF4J
  230. @NadineOC
  231. @MattGOConnor
  232. @TradBritGroup
  233. @Paulflynnmp
  234. @ShirlWhiteside 
  235. @paul rogers002
  236. @londonmuslim
  237. @JacintaOC
  238. @Fraloob
  239. @mhd_bass
  240. @sarramanning
  241. @AWOT_UK
  242. @Boopetta
  243. @scroeser
  244. @missaleksia
  245. @RedHeadFashion
  246. @TheRealRoseanne
  247. @corrie_corfield
  248. @RevDavidOldham
  249. @AndrewGraystone
  250. @frsimon
  251. @thechurchmouse
  252. @FaithinConflict
  253. @suepritch
  254. @thetobymichaels
  255. @disorganic
  256. @racybaldhero
  257. @freiahill
  258. @KJX33
  259. @JoshuaRozenberg
  260. @WelshDalaiLama
  261. @BethEleri
  262. @JonathanHaynes
  263. @SallyHitchiner
  264. @ZASaunders
  265. @WinstonMcK
  266. @marcusbrig
  267. @peterburrows101
  268. @AbiHaworth
  269. @TheMrGrumpy
  270. @TheCommentator
  271. @stegan
  272. @sapienist
  273. @AbiWBC
  274. @BenCPike
  275. @AllyFogg
  276. @jimalkhalili
  277. @planetcath
  278. @CathElliott
  279. @Mancman10
  280. @billymclean87
  281. @fuelled_by_pies
  282. @benlovell
  283. @timstidham
  284. @brian_kelly67
  285. @NF_activist
  286. @RichardLoweUK
  287. @iaincollins
  288. @blondygirl1
  289. @Hossylass
  290. @georgegalloway
  291. @mrburlesk
  292. @BaronessDeech
  293. @ManicGG
  294. @rebeccakesby1
  295. @bananarahmana
(If you feel you should be on the list and have not been included it is because I have forgotten all about you.)

What do they all have in common?  Fear of discussing feminism perhaps?  The women are clearly reluctant to discuss any reduction of their legal privileges.  The men are perhaps too frightened of offending women because they don't want to lose their jobs, be divorced by their wives, lose half their property, be unjustly deprived of their children, have their wives bring unsuitable lovers into the former matrimonial home to perhaps corrupt their children and even to sexually abuse them ...

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Is Joan Smith part of the new pornocracy?

Are we a pornocracy or a matriarchy? Is a matriarchy just another word for pornocracy?

It would appear that Joan Smith thinks she is several degrees above the Queen judging from her comments described at

Who the fuck does she think she is?

Would it be accurate to call her a pornocrat?

If we had a pornograph could we play her?

Sluts, slags and slappers are a degree above male Tory politicians in our demented matriarchy AKA pornocracy

To call sluts, slags and slappers sluts, slags and slappers is now lese majeste, it would appear. Does this mean we now live in a pornocracy or, to put it more politely, a matriarchy? 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

OFFICIAL: women CANNOT be criticised in the Demented Matriarchy that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland

Simon Murray cannot speak the truth about women in Totalitarian Matriarchy that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland

Glencore chairman Simon Murray criticised for sexism

Glencore’s new chairman has been widely condemned for making “unacceptable” and “deplorable” sexist remarks, raising further corporate governance concerns ahead of the commodity trader’s planned $60bn (£37bn) stock market debut.

Who would now deny that we live in a Demented Matriarchy?   Only the emasculated effeminate shits like Sir Roger Carr, Lord Davies and Vince "Eeyore" Cable.

It has now got so bad that men need the women to speak up for them.

I have now undertaken this task though my political ambitions - there is a theoretical possibility that I may be chosen as the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate - may soon run into the buffers as I have been told that my pro-AV stance is at odds with the BNP's anti-AV stance, and that my regular denunciations of single motherhood will alienate potential female supporters, which the BNP now wish to attract with their new heart logo amongst other things.

Since I have entered politics to speak out about the things I believe in, I shall certainly not be shutting up about the main reason - feminism - why white people are now in their current degraded and degenerate state. (Feminism encourages paedophilia as well as female promiscuity and single parenthood.

I see that all white men who dare to challenge feminism end up apologising profusely or denying what they had in fact said.

I shall not be doing any of that.

In fact, I think I would be the best BNP London mayoral candidate because I am saying things that many BNP men think but dare not say for fear of alienating their women.  So yes, lots of BNP men are just as pussy-whipped as their LibLabCon counterparts.  In fact, because they are more shunned by women than their LibLabCon counterparts, they are probably even more desperate to gain their approval.

I am the only BNP candidate that understands what has happened to the British and feels it her duty to keep saying it until everyone understands the point I am making.  I want good things for white people of all classes because I wish to continue living here, and it would sadden me that this country cannot be saved from feminism because white people are now so infested with all the feminine vices of irrationality, hypocrisy and cowardice that they cannot now save themselves from feminism.  It is for this reason that I feel I must now step into the breach.

I imagine that a male BNP candidate would fear his wife leaving him for saying anti-feminist things, or his girlfriend shunning him and potential female partners also shunning him.  The thought of never having sex with a woman ever again would force him into submitting to the shrieks of the demented matriarchy that has turned white working class people into a degenerate race of illegitimate, singly-parenting welfare-dependent scum whom British employers shun and avoid like the plague in favour of foreign labour.

I however am not that bothered if I don't have sex with a woman ever again.  Indeed, it is possible that my saying what I say will excite much interest in men and women wishing to have sex with me.  For all I know, they will be throwing themselves at my feet when I am Mayor of London .... or even if I am not.

But if I never have sex with a man or a woman again that is a noble sacrifice I am prepared to make for the benefit of sex-addicted white people whom I wish to save from themselves.

The greater prize of becoming Mayor of London which I may have to sacrifice because of my anti-feminist stance I suppose I must also come to terms with.

The BNP selection panel should also know that no UKIP mayoral candidate will be saying anything against feminism (though I believe they have plans to say they want to legalise brothel-keeping).

The BNP selection panel should also know that no London mayoral candidate who does not have the Muslim bloc vote ever gets elected mayor and that is why our Red Ken so skillfully cultivated them.

The BNP selection panel should know that I would probably the only BNP London mayoral candidate that would attract any significant Muslim votes, because I have taken the trouble to understand their religion and their concerns and have visited their mosques and spoken to their scholars both radical and moderate.

Muslims will already know that I am the BNP peacenik opposed the invasions of Muslim lands, who deplores the war in "Afraqbya" and have been regular denouncing Liberal Western interventionism for many years now in my blogs at and here at

Muslims will know how often I have told them that they are fools for supporting the very parties that make war on Muslim nations while being in needless fear and hatred of a party that - though unashamed about their dislike of Muslims - has quite categorically stated that they would never have  invaded "Afrabya" because it is not in the British National Interest to say they wish to save Muslims from each other by bombing and invading their countries, unquestioningly supporting Israel, and then complaining about Muslim terrorism.

Even if I do not attract enough Muslim voters to make me Mayor of London, I believe I have a pretty good chance of doing better than the previous BNP London mayoral candidates and of showing that Muslims and the BNP have quite a number of things in common chief of which is promoting family values supported by marriage.

So there.  

Monday, 25 April 2011

Teachers warned: Do not become Facebook friends with your pupils

Slut, Slag and Slapper UK headteacher Belinda Langley-Bliss who posted about her breasts on Facebook

What a shame so many  British teachers are so stupid and so depraved.  

Are the particularly stupid and depraved ones mostly FEMALE?

They appear to be from the sound of this Mail article.  No wonder most British girls these days are sluts, slags and slappers having under-aged sex and schoolgirl mothers.   This is the kind of SHIT we have teaching the SHIT of the future.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

UK now OFFICIALLY a matriarchy

OAA Apologise for "Career Women Make Bad Mothers" Campaign

The ones who wield true power are the ones that cannot be criticised.

The bad mothers and bad employees are now officially in charge.

A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity.

A matriarchy is a society that condones female promiscuity.

If a man is promiscuous and has a baby out of wedlock he has to pay the CSA.

If a woman is promiscuous and has a baby out of wedlock she is paid by the CSA.

Does it not sound to you that we live in a society that condones female promiscuity ie a matriarchy?

res ipsa loquitur.

In Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, women are actually paid to breed their bastards with universal child benefit!

When a stupid slut, slag and slapper gets herself knocked up through having casual sex, the man who just wanted to fuck her (not pay for babies he never wanted to make) is made to pay up by the Child Support Agency.

The slut, slags, slappers, single mothers and working mothers are therefore are in charge and the men are too afraid, having themselves been feminised and emasculated after decades of feminist matriarchy.

But who will look after the men when they become women?  Not the women, who need to be protected from themselves.  Meanwhile the men and children need to be protected from these parasitical, irresponsible and rapacious women.  

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

How to make a woman perfectly happy

Give her EVERYTHING she wants AND something to complain about.  

Feminism a failure - adolescent females unhappier than they ever were

Adolescent angst

Girls are twice as likely to suffer teenage angst than boys and are less happy than they were a year ago according to new research done by the think tank Demos. But why is this and what can be done to make girls happier? Jane talks to co-author of the report, Beatrice Karol Burks, and Francis Gilbert, a secondary school teacher and author of 'I'm A Teacher, Get Me Out of Here'.

A confused mish-mash of whingeing.  It is either a terrible indictment of feminism and bad parenting or it isn't. They try to have it both ways and want to simultaneously frighten and reassure us.

The long and short of this is that adolescent females still unhappy. In fact, females in general generally unhappy even after so many decades of feminism and getting what they think they want.

What they were persuaded they wanted was not what they needed.

What they need are boundaries, single sex schools, more homework and a clear prohibition against dressing like teen sluts and having sex with any Tom, Dick and Harry who asks them.

Oh, and a mother who is married to and living with her biological father and who works mainly in the home.   

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Why British men are the even weaker sex

"Almost half of Ukip's core support is female, unlike the male-dominated BNP, suggesting it is attracting women sensitive to "party reputations for racism and intolerance".

Most women be seen dead with the BNP - they think BNP men are bunch of lower class lowlife scum.

They don't want to have anything to do with men who can't compete with foreigners. Being seen with anyone from the BNP would lower their status. It would be like having a retard for your boyfriend or a stammerer. Women are very status-conscious, don't you know, and very insecure.

You know the way women really want you to kill a bug that is bothering them and then tell you what a beast you are for doing what they asked you to do?

Well, lots of *men* think like these women too nowadays.  They have been feminised and infantilised after so many decades of feminism, which started with the Sex Revolution after the pill, and the Sex Discrimination Act 1975.

These men and women who join UKIP and denigrate the BNP are cowards and hypocrites. Men of the BNP: your enemy is not the Muslims but the Red and Green that is sharing your bed or the one who will not share your bed because of your political affiliations.  These women don't know they are doing it, because they haven't got the powers of self-analysis to work it out, but that is what they do to themselves and do to YOU, if you let them get away with it.

The truth is that the BNP and UKIP need to merge to effectively challenge the LibLabCon, but there are all those pussies in UKIP and elsewhere frightened by the taint of racism, and like to think there is enough time for UKIP to faff around for a few more decades while hoping and praying for the BNP to destroy itself.

They should know by now that UKIP is for middle class old men and women afraid of being called racists and that the BNP is mostly working class young men not afraid of being called racists.   Unity is required to fight the LibLabCon but instead they continue to preach separation and division.

I am not racist, of course, but I am old and ugly enough to know that politics is a dirty business.  Indeed, I believe politicians ought to be the sewage treatment workers of ideas, but they are these days only too afraid of getting their hands dirty and pretending that the mess is not either not theirs or doesn't need cleaning up.

Men of the BNP: your enemy is not the Muslims but the Red and Green that is sharing your bed. They don't know they are doing it, because they haven't got the powers of self-analysis to work it out, but that is what they do to themselves and do to YOU, if you let them get away with it.

Men can't work that out because they are powered by the promptings and twitches of the contents of their trousers. It shouldn't be their thinking organ, but it is, for most of them.

Lots of men in the BNP would happily give up their political beliefs if they could find a woman seductive enough to make them give it all up.

Therein lies the truth of why lust is one of the seven deadly sins. Men, because they are attracted to women, are afraid of women, or, more precisely, afraid of being shunned by women. More women shun you for being BNP than men, is that not true, Men of the BNP?

So, how does it feel to have your Prime Minister say he is afraid of the harpies on Mumsnet? You know, those middle class single mothers and working mothers, who are bad employees, bad mothers and bad wives who will divorce you the moment they get bored and irritated by you?

Can such a society survive for long?  Of course we are going to be taken over by the Muslims the way we are carrying on.

But hey, keep blaming the Muslims who question feminism, rather than blame your own patterns of behaviour.

Men, when you see a woman you fancy, do you ask yourself about her morals or do you only think about whether she will let you fuck her?

The morals of a woman is discerned mainly by the quality and number of her sex partners.  The morals of a man is chiefly judged by his courage, and these days, because of feminism and gender equality, the morals of British men are not too far apart from the morals of the typical promiscuous British female.

That is why the country is just a largish turd floating around waiting to go when the cistern fills up again.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Feminism leads to widespread illegitimacy, family breakdown, working mums who are crap mums and crap employees, male unemployment, parasitic welfare dependency, paedophilia as well as the decline and fall of Western Civilisation

Challenge the demented matriarchy (which is depriving working class men of jobs that are now hogged by middle class women as explained at and defeat it by

1.  repealing the Sex Discrimination Act 1975
2.  repealing the Equal Pay Act
3.  abolishing child benefit
4.  making marriage contracts compulsory for anyone who wants to get married or stay married

Remember,  feminism has destroyed the quality of British men.  If you have daughters they will end up being single mums (because the quality of modern British men now is so abysmal) or marrying a Muslim or a foreigner.

Stop feminism from fucking you up even more before it flips you over and fucks you up the arse too!   

Monday, 11 April 2011

Cameron promised to fill up his Cabinet with Incompetent Women

Read Michael Crick's report.  I am not making this up.  

Is it not time Cameron is stopped dead in his tracks to prevent this deliberate policy of irrational sex discrimination that is trashing what is still good in this country?

We don't want to hug his hoodies or have his team of incompetent yes-women in charge of the ship of state, do we?

We don't want him to bomb Libya in our name while British schoolboys are stabbed to death in public places in broad daylight while his female Home Secretary wrings her hands and fusses with her hair and tells us we mustn't be nasty to single mums who breed these bastards who stab other people's sons.

We all know that female ministers are, with very few noble exceptions, usually crap.

Is David "Cunt" Cameron really a woman disguised as a man?    Do you think he could perhaps be a woman in drag hell-bent on destroying the Conservative Party and this country with his toxic cocktail of being nice to never married single mums, his Big Bullshit Society and his brand of "Compassionate Conservatism" (that is really Socialism but which the dumbed-down British are now too imbecilic to notice after stupidity, promiscuity and fecklessness has been bred into them for so many generations of universal child benefit)?

I think we should be told, and that perhaps he should be debagged on live TV (perhaps on Prime Minister's Question Time) and his genitalia examined for signs of matriarchal dementia.  He does after all have a very effeminate and androgynous face ... and other posts here contain reasons why women have messed up this country quite badly enough and have delighted us with their politics for quite long enough now, thank you very much.

Disenfranchise women and/or non-taxpayers for the greater good?

I believe that more women have unfriended me over my Colonel Gaddafi Support Group than men.  This suggests to me that women tend not to have a sense of humour, can't take jokes and are easily frightened.

They also get pregnant, and these days, they often get pregnant out of wedlock, mess up their lives, demand more support from the state and are generally slowing everything down and making things worse with their illegitimate, disabled, autistic, obese, neurotic, delinquent, sexually active or eating disordered children.

If that is how they are generally, should they really be given the vote and so much power over our politicians and taxpayers?

Poor Cameron actually admitted the other day that he is afraid of Mumsnet, who are of course a gang of thuggish but educated harridans, mostly single middle class mothers who work and deprive white working class men of jobs they would otherwise have had, who frequently complain about sex discrimination and sexual harassment to unfairly advantage themselves in the workplace and use liberal feminist totalitarian THOUGHTCRIME legislation to bully others and protect their privileged positions.

Is it not time that these promiscuous women who are also bad mothers and bad employees are named and shamed for the good of the nation and its future?   Do we really want to be continue to be known as citizens of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland ruled by a demented matriarchy whose butlers and gardeners and chauffeurs are Clegg, Cameron and Miliband in strict rotation?

They are after all causing the quality of the next generation to deteriorate alarmingly, they take jobs away from men, make men useless, they make men hate women, make women hate men and are now making increasingly parasitical demands on the beleaguered taxpayer and an increasingly emasculated and enervated political establishment.

It is certainly true that the morals of women in any society are important.  The morals of women in this context is their chastity (as opposed to their wanton promiscuity and the casual breeding of bastards) and this will have a society-wide effect on men, other women, children and of course the next generation and the general health of the society and civilisation in question.

The teaching establishment is female-dominated and infested with all the feminine vices of denial, cowardice and hypocrisy the worst of which is female promiscuity which sex education in schools unashamedly promotes. The problems of British education will never be fixed unless there is a proper anti-feminist revolution.

Is not time these women were stopped and shooed back into their kitchens and homes to tend their households, husbands and children that they have neglected for far too long, for the good of the nation?

Could we please have a debate on this?

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Why white people are now an inferior race

We are what we are. We are what we believe and what we do - and that is infinitely changeable. This is a more constructive view of humanity than being what our skin says we are, according to the views of other people.

White people are now an inferior race.

Why are they an inferior race?

Not because they are inherently inferior but they have allowed the feckless, promiscuous and unproductive of their number to breed in alarming numbers at the expense of white people who are productive and taxpaying. Five generations of white people have now been sexually reproduced in this way.  Five generations of the promiscuous, stupid, feckless and impecunious breeding and multiplying at taxpayers' expense with no politician in Parliament daring to criticise them.

Family Allowances Act 1945 (when Child Benefit started)

2011 - 1945 = 66

One generation = 16 years

66 divided by 16 = 4.125

Say five generations of feckless fuckers.

White people now have stupidity, promiscuity and fecklessness bred into them.

And still some white people are saying that there is something inherently superior about being white.

And still the government of white people are too afraid to implement policies that stop white people from breeding yet more inferior singly-parented bastards.

Yes, it is something to do with breeding and reproductive choices, but not in the way white nationalists think.

Why do you think white women are converting to Islam?

Because they don't want to marry white trash, want to have husbands and want to be wives and mothers of legitimate children.

Remember: if you are a woman, getting a man to fuck you is much much easier than getting a man to marry you.

If you are a better quality of woman you would not think getting a man to fuck you is a great achievement since no man would say no unless you are actually diseased, smelly, ugly and old.

If you are a better quality of man you would want a woman who does not think it is clever to get lots of men to fuck her and wouldn't be fool enough to marry her and expect to live happily ever after with that slut and slapper who is going to divorce you the moment she gets bored and irritated with you, take the children with her and let them watch a queue of unsuitable lovers waiting outside her bedroom door who may or may not  paedophiliacally abuse them.

White people are now white trash because of their shit liberal law that unfairly favour women which they of course misuse and abuse because they either don't know any better or are just naturally malicious and vindictive.

Are any white nationalists saying anything about feminism?

No, because white men are mostly stupid and scared and skint, and prefer to blame the Muslims who don't want to integrate and have their daughters become sluts, slags and slappers with variously-fathered feral children at the expense of the taxpayer, nor their sons becoming stupid, skint and scared, just like white people.

It's about sex, stupid.  Whom we are allowed to have sex with has always been a very political issue, because it affects the quality of the next generation, and the health and survival of the society we live in.

This is why everything is going down the toilet now, because we now have politicians who think it is clever to bomb Libya, because they think bombing Libya will turn Libya into a better country and make Libyans happier citizens.  If that is not mistaken and demented, I don't know what is.  British politicians are now just a bunch of masturbating adolescent males who cannot resist using the weapons they find themselves in control of, with only one honourable exception in the Conservative Party - John Baron MP.  

The Old Testament requires the stoning of those found to be guilty of extra-marital sex.  That does sound a bit harsh, but it was precisely to avoid becoming a nation of sluts, slags, slappers and single mums, as well as paedos and bastards.

However, our demented liberal establishment and their unthinking acolytes, in their ignorance and arrogance, think they know better than the Bible and the Koran, because they prefer to worship Free Love, Female Promiscuity and the Single Mother.

Did you know that Cameron actually admitted that he was afraid of the bad mothers, bad employees and the single mums at Mumsnet?

Of course he is afraid of them.  There are so many of these bad mothers, bad employees and single mothers with the vote now, aren't there?

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, but only if she is good and clever.  In Britain the hand that rocks the cradle is parasitical, ignorant, illiterate, innumerate, illegitimate, irresponsible and a Bad Mother in receipt of Universal Child Benefit.   

Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough!
It isn't fit for humans now,
There isn't grass to graze a cow.
Swarm over, Death!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Feminism fucks up your mind and makes it full of shit ideas like the ethical pill

Another shit idea reported by a dumb female journalist as serious news.

Instead of getting people to subject themselves to morality treatments and ethical pills (which would be very expensive, complicated and ineffective), we could:

1.  repeal the Sex Discrimination, Equal Pay and Equality Acts

2.  abolish child benefit

3.  stigmatise never-married mothers

4.  stigmatise the illegitimate

5.  expect mothers to be wives who stay at home to bring up their children

In short, if we destroyed feminism, then we wouldn't be dreaming up these imbecilic ideas to deal with our social problems.

Fuck Feminism Good and Hard ...

... the way it fucked up your society.  

Could this all go on a T-shirt?

For some reason I am just not shocked at Irish policemen threatening in jest to rape female protesters

Sunny Hundal on the other hand is having a fit of the vapours, apparently, just like a great great great Victorian maiden aunt ....

But it seems he is being pussywhipped into having a fit of the vapours.  Sirena Bergman informed him that he ought to be shocked, and he duly was.!/sirenabergman

sirenabergman Sirena Bergman @
@sunny_hundal This is utterly shocking. I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep... how did you get hold of it?

sirenabergman Sirena Bergman
Hideous and shocking: Irish policemen recorded joking about rape after arresting two women protesters!/sunny_hundal

Irish policemen recorded joking about rape after arresting two women protesters. Press conference planned tomorrow 

  1. Why are the "Left" more shocked about these things than the "Right"?  
  2. Are they really shocked or are they just pretending?  
  3. Are the women of the Left more shocked at the thought of these pesky Yankie women being raped by Irish policemen more than the men of the Left are shocked at the thought of these Irish policemen raping these pesky Yankie women?   
  4. Are the men of the Left who say they are shocked really shocked?  
  5. If not, why are they pretending to be shocked? 
  6. Are they pretending to be shocked because they think pretending to be shocked will help them bed these women of the Left?  
  7. Does Sunny Hundal fancy Sirena Bergman and want to bed her?
  8. Does Sirena Bergman want Sunny Hundal to fancy her enough to pretend to be shocked to initiate this courtship ritual of the Left?  
  9. What do these pesky Yankie women look like?
  10. What do these Irish policemen in uniform look like?  
  11. Does this sound like a good "plot" for a porn flick?    

Monday, 4 April 2011

Is Western civilisation being run like The Beach?

In that book a ruthless, vicious, sexually rapacious woman called Sal is unofficially in charge.  

Substitute Sal for Mumsnet and you should get the idea.

Notice how vociferously warmongering is Anne McElvoy.   There are many women like her.

An Irish American woman, Iman El-Maghribi is posting her warmongering propaganda with great energy and conviction from the American Midwest at the internationally infamous Colonel Gaddafi Support Group mentioned at

She is also single and looking for a nice Libyan man to replace her late Libyan  husband.

Remember the ones who handed out white feathers to frightened young men to make them go to the Western Front?  Plenty like her in the world.  

I hate to say this, but it may be something to do with not getting enough sex and having too much time on one's hands. 

Friday, 1 April 2011

Wealthy woman seeks tall fit man with personality

TALL SUCCESSFUL, SKIING, SCUBA DIVING cultured charismatic MALE 55-65 required for my stunning, successful, sporty female client with London and country homes.  A brunette with adventurous fun spirit, warmth and femininity seeks life-long partner.  AGENCY/NO FEE required.  


with details for FULL profile

Ad in Eye to Eye, 1-14 April 2011   Issue No 1285  Page 36, Column 2

Does this sound good to you men?   If not, why not?  Do you think this advertiser needs to be told a few home truths?

A hint of moral courage from a Tory politician who says "feminism bad for working class men"

Yvette Cooper has a hissy fit:

Shadow equalities minister Yvette Cooper reacted angrily to the comments. She said: ‘The idea that working women are responsible for persistent child poverty or youth unemployment in disadvantaged areas is just shocking.

‘David Willetts should quickly withdraw this rubbish and face up to the real problems his policies are causing for young people and women who want to get on.’

Too bad David Willetts didn't say anything about the sluts, slag and slapper single mums (who are bad mothers and bad employees and therefore the worst of human parasites) who are busily breeding an inferior next generation of Britons.

Mumsnet will be screaming like banshees to have his balls ripped off for this capital crime of  lèse majesté.

'Minister in Conservative Party says something Conservative shocker!' 

Expect frantic backtracking from Willetts and/or grovelling apology from Cunt Cameron.

Feminism is so stupid that it makes women do what they shouldn't do (and don't really want to do) to stop men from doing what they want to do and should be doing.   That's how crazy and evil it is.   

More Welsh women are sluts and slappers than English and Scots women, apparently

and in need of more help from the taxpayer to discourage the birth of more unwanted and illegitimate Welsh children.