SHOCK HORROR: Britons getting 5% more learning disabled every year

" ... people with a learning disability, whose numbers are growing by up to 5% a year and who can require care and support costing a typical £1,500 a week."

WHY are their numbers growing by 5% a year?

Are we getting 5% stupider every year?


Is this anything to do with single mums?

Are women getting stupider and stupider the more promiscuous they get and having stupider and stupider babies?

Does the definition of "slut" logically include stupidity?

If we condone and tolerate stupidity and promiscuity should we be surprised to get more promiscuity and stupidity?

Why does the government not do anything about this?

Is it because the government is afraid of stupid sluts?

What is the point of having a government afraid of stupid sluts?

It is curious that David Brindle who wrote the piece

omitted to say why we are getting stupider and have sent him an email in the hope that I will receive an answer.

I would have thought the alarming fact that the British are getting 5% stupider every year is more alarming than climate change, but nobody seems to be asking the most obvious question.   

If the British are getting 5% stupider every year, how long will it be before they become COMPLETELY stupid?

I am afraid even I am now too stupid to work that out.  

Should stupidity be compounded?

I think, for what it is worth, that the British are getting stupider because their government dares not discourage sluts from breeding bastards because it is afraid of alienating the female vote.

We have too many stupid people breeding because there are too many sluts who will shag anyone and get themselves knocked up and then have the baby on the taxpayer.

As it is mostly the poor and stupid breeding with each other it is no surprise that we are getting progressively stupider.

Liberals are also very stupid people because they are afraid of single mums and are too ignorant and arrogant to mend their ways.   They are also worship the idea of Free Love and are addicted to the idea of having access to a wide range of stupid sluts who will let anyone knock them up.

So now we know why we are getting stupider: because too many stupid sluts are breeding the next generation of stupid sluts and our stupid, scared and skint government is too afraid to say boo to them.


Claire Khaw said…
On 31 May 2011 14:31

Would you happen to know why the British are getting 5% more learning disabled every year?

Claire Khaw

Wednesday, 1 June 2011, 11:06
Subject: Re: Your piece on care failing those with learning disabilities

Claire - basically, learning disabled people are living much longer, babies who would have died in the past now survive, and there are high rates of disability in certain ethnic groups. Hope that helps.


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