Thursday, 31 March 2011

Battlefield of Love did not make longlist of Orwell Prize 2011 - no surprises there

One of the judges, David Allen Green who calls himself a liberal helpfully admitted during his talk that the Orwell Prize favours the Left of Centre.

Richard Horton, the other judge, mentioned the horror of having to read blogs that he thought people had a right to write but which he thought he had a right not to read.   I asked if he had any particular blogs in mind when he said that hoping that he would mention and, but did not get the answer I hoped for.

Below are the 5 Battlefield of Love posts I submitted.

Below are the 5 Voice of Reason posts I submitted.

Below are the blogs that were entered for the Prize.

Spoke to Dan Hodges who was on the Orwell Prize longlist with (which seems to be a digest of the blog posts of Labour bloggers)  who was wearing a pretty floral shirt. He had a kind of androgynous David Bowie face (ie good bone structure) and I thought he looked like he could have been the Transgender blogger who was also on the longlist.  He took it quite well and introduced me to Juliet Jacques of who looked more the part now that I had had a closer look at shim.  I also spoke with another transgender blogger with startling red hair in the Territorial Army (now gender neutral I was told by shim) who did not make the longlist.  I suggested that men now want to become women because it is harder to be men and women are now more powerful.

Met John Chubb who did not make the longlist with his networking and giving his cards out.  "Positive Deviancy" is mentioned on it, which I rather like the sound of.

I also met Dominic Cavendish of the Telegraph, carrying a Waterstones carrier bag.  

Madam Miaow (who made the shorlist last year with came over to commiserate with my failure to make the longlist. I said I would actually be more surprised to be on the longlist than off. While she did not agree with me on most things, one thing she did agree with me about was that it was wrong to bomb Libya, and was aware of my Colonel Gaddafi Support Group mentioned at

It was probably not the time to mention to her that there is talk that I may be the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate so I said nothing, in case it all comes to naught.

I suggested to David Allen Green that there should perhaps be an Orwell Prize for Tweeting.    I have written to the very pleasant and polite Gavin Freeguard and hope they adopt my idea.   (What they should do is have Tweeters enter themselves and then vote for the best Tweeter, but it cannot be for themselves.)

An Orwell Festival in Letchworth in Hertfordshire is taking place from 9th to 18th September 2011.  Details to be announced in April.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Are you stupid enough to think that a no-fly zone is NOT an act of war?

If you are stupid enough to think that a no-fly zone is NOT an act of war, are you stupid enough to admit this?

Are you looking forward to listening to the top echelons of the UK political establishment admitting this, one by one, in radio and TV interviews.

Britain really is the Stupid Country.

Bet they haven't heard that all is fair in love and war either.  But this ain't fair and it ain't war, as far as politicians of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland are concerned.  Just a crummy no-fly zone ...

Notice, please, how excrementally stupid they are.  Is it anything to do with the infamous promiscuity of their women and the fact that most babies born in Britain these days are bastards?  I think there is a definite connection there.

The lower the morals of women, the lower the educational and moral standards of a society.  

res ipsa loquitur.  Blame it on the slut, slag and slapper women of Britain, America and France.  I do.  It is well-known that men who live in a demented matriarchy cannot think straight in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.   All they are fit to do is finding ways of fucking themselves and jerking themselves off on the international stage in front of your face, oblivious to your disgust, hatred and contempt.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Who runs Western civilisation

"You know who runs you by whom you can't criticize."

"In that case we are run by feminists, promiscuous women and single mothers who are a burden on the state, who are bad mothers and bad employees."

"Once a state degenerates to a point it becomes an inverse of the the ideal, orderly state in every way. That is why ignorance is praised, licentiousness is seen as the highest virtue, the lowest are seen as the highest in all things, etc. A true dark age."

Monday, 14 March 2011

Single mums with shit for brains

When a man has sex with a woman to whom he is not married, what do you think he wants? To (1) have sex with her or to (2) make babies with her and pay for them?

Any woman who answers (2) should be spayed.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

If Jeffrey Epstein were my friend before his conviction ...

If Jeffrey Epstein were my friend he would still be my friend unless he had annoyed me about something else. The hypocrisy of the British is something I find very hard to take.

On the one hand they teach their schoolgirls to be sluts, slags and slappers with their sex ed at schools that tells them to do it if it feels good with anyone, anytime, anywhere, while on the other, they criminalise men for enjoying the services of sluts, slags and slappers.

If you had a daughter under the age of consent 16, you will find that she is legally allowed to get her contraceptives from the doctor without your consent or knowledge.

The state is actually aiding and abetting underaged sex.

So what the fuck is the problem, unless they are just a bunch of hypocritical SHITS?

You tell me.

Alison Wolf should know that education and training will never be fixed under the current political system

No government is going to touch British education with a bargepole.  That is because it will take more than five years to fix and require more drastic action than the teaching unions, parents and pupils are prepared to stomach.

Any political party that attempts to do this will get all the flak but none of the kudos, and that is why no one is prepared to risk opening that can of worms.

So what we really need is a revolution, and after that a one-party state.

A typical British politician cannot be expected to say such things of course, so it suits successive governments to pretend there isn't a problem or that they are in the process of fixing it and in the meantime continue to sweep the dust under the carpet until the nation is nothing but dust and ashes peopled only with paedophile bastard single mother barbarians.