Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New Labour New Generation: Shacking up with the Milibore, not bothering to get married, no dad on the love child's birth cert

Too busy to marry the mother of his child, and whose name does not appear on the birth certificate of his child.  Justine Thornton is described in the Wikipedia as the Milbiore's "current partner".  A bit demeaning for any self-respecting woman, I would have thought.  Maybe Cambridge graduates are not always the brightest bulb in the box these days, especially the women.

"His current partner is Justine Thornton, a Cambridge-educated barrister."

Monday, 27 September 2010

Red Ed's Love Child

Is the Milibore displaying that he is a clueless loser so soon already?

Isn't being incompetent at condom-use not a good sign in a man? IMHO it shows a glaring inability to plan ahead, recklessness as well as a gullible and trusting nature - all qualities to be avoided if you want to get far in politics.  

If you have a girlfriend who is nearing the end of her twenties or already in her early 30s still shacked up with you whose biological alarm has already been ringing loudly years ago, you would be a fool to trust her entirely to use contraceptives effectively.  It is quite clear from the photo that Justine Thornton is no spring chicken. 

The shotgun wedding if it's going to take place ain't gonna look good, Ed.  

Maybe he should insist on a paternity test.  If it ain't his, he can start again with a clean sheet.

"His current partner is Justine Thornton, a Cambridge-educated barrister. They met in 2004, and live together in north London – where he grew up. They have one son."

"Current partner"!  Hahahahaha.  

Class action by whingeing women against Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Class Action

Three women who formerly worked for Goldman Sachs & Co. are suing the Wall Street firm for what they say is purposeful and institutional gender discrimination that unfairly favours men for pay and promotions.
The class action lawsuit alleges Goldman has engaged in a systematic "pattern and practice" of discrimination against women in mid to upper level roles in the firm.

Goldman Sachs says the suit is without merit and insists they make extraordinary efforts to recruit, develop and retain outstanding women professionals.

We find out more about this case and ask why is there such a gap in the number of women at the top in the financial services industry. Jane discusses with Suzanne Goldberg, Professor of Law at Columbia University; Jacki Zehner, former partner and managing director at Goldman Sachs.

If I were Goldman Sachs and could get away with it I wouldn't hire women AT ALL. Whinge, whinge, whinge. If you can't cope with your hurt feelings fuck off home to your mar mee or dad dee, for fuck's sake, little girl. You're clearly not fit to be working with men. 

Real men wouldn't be seen dead complaining, girls. That is the difference.

So that whingeing cow (I didn't catch her name, sorry) wants to recruit "more talented women".  Why, so there are more lawsuits like that? But the Western banking system is already having its confidence undermined, so why make it worse, bitch?

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Swiss next on the list to be fucked by feminism?

I hear they are not what they once were.  

Martha Kearney fussing over police resources being diverted from domestic violence into dealing with yobs and CHAVs

Did you hear that Martha Kearney huffing and puffing at the thought that police resources might be diverted from dealing with domestic violence???  Listen, girls, if he hits you hit him back harder.  If doing this results in bruises and a black eye, run to your neighbour, friend or family member and get them to photograph your injuries as evidence and then give it to the cop shop who will pass it on to the CPS.  Geddit, girls?  THAT.  IS.  ALL.  YOU.  HAVE.  TO. DO.  You don't need a special police team to sort out the crap choice of man you decided to shack up with.  Yer made your bed, then lie in it or go find another one. 

If you don't fancy going to all this trouble then it means you either don't mind being hit that much or can't be bothered to move out of the home you share with him, in which case, fair enough.  Each to her own.  

I have a feeling that Martha Kearney is an extremist feminist who apparently thinks women are either so privileged or so stupid that even any hypothetical diversion of police resources from women will result in the end of Western feminism as we know it.  God give me (and us all) strength! 

Enough of this domestic violence crap anyway.  I bet the people most vulnerable to domestic violence are gay men.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Are Family Values Misogynistic?

Are family values "misogynistic"? I suppose feminists would think so. But is feminism good even for women?

Family values imposes onerous financial and social burdens on men too. It would make it more difficult for men to fuck and forget women who are not actually prostitutes. It basically redistributes the burden of duty.

Feminism lightens the social and financial burdens of men, and cheapens women by making more of them willing to shamelessly engage in meaningless sex.  Is feminism really beneficial for women who think in the long term though, when it seems most of them aren't really that into sex (ask most married men) and don't like the status of being childless spinsters?

Future dementia sufferers should bear in mind that they won't even have any children to find them a good home for the old, unwanted and demented whose existence are a burden to themselves and others. 

Feminism bad for dementia sufferers too

Feminism is bad men, bad for children, bad for the nation and bad for the next generation.  It is also bad for the elderly who will consist of many many single never-married childless women.  

When I lose enough of my marbles I want to be put down, please. 

Friday, 17 September 2010

Feminism is a recipe for ...

Feminism has had a noticeable effect on the alarming deterioration in the quality of 21st century Western men.  When Gloria Steinham said "We [women] are becoming the men we wanted to marry" she was not wrong.  This will have tragic consequences for future generations if most women display a stubborn disinclination and inability to marry each other and to have children with each other. 

Why, then, are we beholden to an ideology that makes men seem inferior while making women want a superior quality of man than that commonly available? Is this not a recipe for failure, disappointment, decline and fall?

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Muslim Marriage Contract - Pt 2

A Muslim Marriage Contract

A Muslim discussing his marriage contract:

"The main sticking point was the divorce clause.  We finally agreed on £***k but only if I initiate divorce or the reason for divorce is my fault."

That is just so grown up and sensible, instead of the romantic crap we are all so addicted to.  We know it ain't true anyway! 

Religion, God and Sex

God was created mainly to reinforce family values.  All religions are obsessed by sex because we are all obsessed by sex. The fight has always between those who believe in Free Love and those who believe in Family Values. 

Free Love is for lower animals, Family Values are for civilised humans. 

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Voltaire and the Necessity of God

"If God did not exist, he would have to be invented."

Perhaps God was created just to make us keep our knickers on.

Unequal Opportunities, John Humphrys and Single Mums

I bet ole John Humphrys won't have anything at all to say about single mums and their destructive effect on standards and education in his programme though.

Single Mothers a Cancer of Society

If you think of a cancer as a failure of copying ...

If you think of  single mothers as facilitators in failures in the copying of such things as family traditions and tribal customs, because they bring up their children without the balancing influence of men ... 

Children are after all a half of both their parents, and to keep in touch with their roots they should have some knowledge of both parents as well as both sides of the family.  

Then it will be quite obvious that single mothers are indeed a cancer of society in that they fail to transmit what is good and only introduce what is societally damaging, such as more single mummery, laxer morals, lower educational standards, more drug-taking, resulting in an unfit for purpose working class and therefore the need for cheap immigrant labour resulting in the rise and rise of the BNP ... 

What feeds single mums is of course the welfare state, which the British are addicted to.

Lust is one of the seven deadly sins, by the way, that the British are all collectively gorging themselves on.  

I am not saying we should be horrible to single mums over and above recommending that they give up their babies ASAP and abolishing child benefit for all.  I suspect though that many will think these proposed measures of discouragement quite horrible enough.

Oh, and anyone who is a single mum or whose mother is a single mum who feels they and their children are OK are also part of the problem.  You already know it is not ideal.  And even if you are Superwoman or are doing well enough for yourself despite having been singly parented, you know countless others brought up like that do not.  If you want to stop me from pointing out that single motherhood is not to be recommended, then you are part of the problem.  

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Child-free women form groups to denigrate mothers

It seems the Mumsnetters are still talking about me months after they chucked me out.  Some think I am somehow involved in a website that denigrates mothers just because they are mothers.

All because I dared to say that single motherhood is not to be recommended or encouraged.

No, ladies, I don't hate mothers.  Indeed, I am in favour of women marrying, having babies and bringing them up properly with husbands who will protect and provide for their family.  I hope that is now clear. 

It is certainly news to me that extremist feminism has produced a breed of childless spinsters so bitter that they form groups to denigrate mothers.  What will happen to these poor dears when they are old and doddery with no adult son or daughter to even find them a decent old folks' home, forced to rely on the uncertain kindness of Social Services?  Perhaps by then the Soylent Green solution will have kicked in.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

At last! Proof of that matriarchies are doomed to failure and extinction!

If you regard the Bonobo as analogous to Western civilisation, then everything becomes clear about where we are going.

"The Bonobo is endangered and is found in the wild only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo."

Penis-fencing, anyone?