Thursday, 29 April 2010

White Women and Political Correctness

By Whiskey at

PC just doesn’t magically happen. PC happens because mostly, White Women want it to happen. Support it, create it, nurture it, defend it when it is under attack, and promote it at every level.

Here is a post on Alternet by a woman, who went down to Haiti, to write about “the White Man’s Oppression of Haiti” (or something), and was sadly, raped by a native. Now, who does she blame?

White men! Bingo!

The reason? “Nice” supplicating, White-Knight, romantic beta men, and nobody does that “Lloyd Dobler” stuff better than White guys, make her sick. Revolted. Far more than, I must point out, her assailant. Really, who nurtures PC? White women!

Consider your average White guy. He faces at the top end, competition from H1-Bs, from programming, to now legal and accounting work, or certainly outsourcing. Life in the cube farm is tough, and fraught with PC danger. He’s not friend to it, it is his constant environmental enemy, and immigration and all the “diversity” it brings has a bottom line negative effect on him — more labor competition on a cheaper level, and with lower status for the job, and with ethnic nepotism inevitably in hiring. Your lower end White guy ends up selling his skilled/semi-skilled labor against a huge pool of labor, with also ethnic nepotism. I.E. the Drywaller’s Union, once mostly White, was broken by Day Labor scabs more than thirty years ago, and now is a “no Anglos need apply” union in California.

Consider your average White women. Surrounded by guys who are “nice” (and not Charlie Sheen or Brad Pitt, real Alpha males). She has no competition at the top end, in marketing, or finance, or “creative” jobs where women often go. Nursing of course has competition with lots of imported labor from the Philippines. But on the lower end, such as waitressing and the like, not so much competition from day labor.

Pols would dump on PC in a heart beat if it paid off. But it does not, indeed women VOTERS punish anyone who doubts its orthodoxy. Because for them, PC is a way to exile icky Beta Males (most White men, in other words) and construct a paradise of no icky White guys in teaching, social work, marketing, corporate finance, HR, and so on.

Yes PC kills. But who defends it and why? The answer is women, and their dislike of Beta Males.

April 28, 2010 - 7:51 pm

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Feminism is killing Western civilisation but over-feminised men too stupid and scared to protest

Western civilisation is busily heaping up its own funeral pyre.

Observe Britain - bankrupt but with male politicians who are too afraid to condemn parasitical unmarried single mothers breeding the next generation of benefit scum the taxpayer is obliged to subside through universal child benefit.

Even so feminist writers such as Anne Perkins who writes for The Guardian still moan about there not being enough women in politics.

They are never happy, are they?

If it is true that in a patriarchy male promiscuity is in practice condoned, then it must be true that we now live in a matriarchy because female promiscuity is in theory and in practice condoned.

What is the point of having more women in politics when the men in charge already think and behave like women?

Men these days hope to find a woman who is prepared to give them sex yet will pay her own way - in other words, someone who is lower and stupider than a whore.

It is not surprising that the offspring of such unions - between the poor and the stupid - will become progressively more degraded and degenerate until we decline into savagery and barbarism.

Feminism, apart from wreaking the havoc it has done on the working classes, is also destroying the middle class.

Middle class women who have been educated for their careers necessarily have children at a later age or don't have children at all. This means they tend to be neurotic about any children they do have. They wrap them up in cotton wool because these 30+ women know they can't just produce more children if anything were to happen to their usually only child, because of the fertility problems that come with being past one's first flush of youth.

Their over-protected and spoilt children are unsocialised and neurotic because their mothers work and send them into the care of strangers who may abuse them emotionally, physically and sexually.

Even now, most men are in denial about the destructiveness of feminism. Those who are not in denial are afraid to say anything, because their wives could divorce them and take half their property and deprive them of their children after accusing them of paedophilia.

And so there you have it: the end of Western civilisdation. Watch and marvel at the folly of men and women who are now busily engaged in destroying themselves and their civilisation.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Feminism - the cancer of society

The ills of this country can be laid directly at the clay feet of feminism.

Sex Revolution = feminism = female promiscuity = single mums and working mums.

The fact that the teaching profession is female-dominated and dominated by the worst of feminine vices also explains why this country now has to import foreign labour to keep the idle single-mum bred benefit scum in benefits. This is because education and training has utterly failed school-leavers - failed by their slut and slapper single mothers, failed by their teachers and failed by their government.

It would have been better if women had never been enfranchised, since it has resulted in politicians being reduced to pandering to the likes of Mumsnet, ie to feminine vices and the feminine tendency to be parasitical upon either their husbands or the taxpayer if they cannot find a husband to support them.

It would be better if women had never been enfranchised.

How to correct this:

1. Repeal the Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay Acts

2. Divorce settlements should be awarded on the basis of fault.

3. The abolition of indiscriminate universal suffrage and restricting the vote to only taxpayers.

4. Abolish child benefit.

5. Make bastardy a stigma.

If the next generation is brought up properly then these mothers are to be praised.

If their offspring are the next generation of single mums and NEETs then these bad mothers are are but a cancer and should be condemned vociferously.

We all know how useless liberal policies, liberal parents and single mothers are at parenting.

46% of babies born in Britain are born out of wedlock.

70% of our prison population were singly parented.


All change, please, all change.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Patriarchy v Matriarchy

A patriarchy condones male promiscuity.

A matriarchy condones female promiscuity.

Which is the lesser evil?

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Feminism leads, eventually and inexorably, to Paedophilia

Feminism leads to female promiscuity. Female promiscuity leads, eventually and inexorably, to more widespread paedophilia. This is because female sexuality and promiscuity makes more men feel more threatened and inadequate, turning them to paedophilia.

The addiction of the British to Welfare, Cheap Labour and Cheap Women

A nation that is addicted to welfare is also addicted to cheap foreign labour while being in denial of both. Those who point this out will have their motives traduced and be called "extremist", "insane", "Fascist" and "Nazi".

The welfare state while discouraging thrift, also encourages benefit scum mums to breed the next generation of benefit scum.

Suggesting and implementing the solution would be much like what would happen when you propose to take away the bottle of an aggressive drunk. The British Nation is this aggressive drunk.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Mumsnet - a sociological study of British mothers

I am conducting a sociological study on the deleterious effects of feminism on British society. There are other women who share my distaste for Mumsnet but enjoy hearing Mumsnet stories. Just like the BNP, there are women who wouldn't be seen dead here in the same way that there are many who are fascinated by the BNP but wouldn't be seen dead at one of their meetings. I perform an intercessory service for people who are both horrified and fascinated at the thought processes of the typical Mumsnetter - a combination of vapidity, arrogance, ignorance and self-importance.

Why don't you conduct a poll and ask how many on Mumsnet are single (breaking them down into divorced and never married) and working mums?

You would be doing a great service to society were you to conduct such a survey.

I do hope those at Mumsnet will find the courage to do so.

Mumsnet - where the stupid and feeble-minded are pandered to

Is that stupid mum who is thinking of buying his son a dress one of those single mums we keep hearing so much about? I suspect this must be the case. No balancing male voice to suggest that the boy be beaten within an inch of his life for daring to make such a request or to tell that silly cow not to be such a silly cow.

A microcosm of what is wrong with society really. The demented and feeble-minded are being suffered to multiply at the expense of the rational and productive.

I think that stupid mum is one of those stupid single mums, don't you ladies? Why women like that are allowed to breed absolutely beggars belief.

It is like watching a nation busily heaping up its own funeral pyre ...

If Mumsnetters don't care about the men and the boys then they should have a care about the next generation of women.

Their daughters won't have anyone decent to marry when they grow up.

Men under the matriarchy will be effeminate, emasculated and contemptible.

Foreign men will invade, rape and pillage this country while the new men the matriarchy has created (wearing dresses) will be hiding behind the skirts of Mumsnetters.

Women who want to marry a decent man will have to share and find themselves submitting to polygamy.

Is that what you want, Mumsnetters, who must either be evil or stupid?

It is probably news to them that Sodom & Gomorrah was ruled by a queen.

Mumsnet - where the silliest questions are asked and answered.

Mumsnet - the place where you come inexorably to the conclusion that women are stupid.

Mumsnet - where the stupid are pandered to 24/7.

Mumsnet - where you reluctantly come to the conclusion that most women should be disenfranchised.

Vanity, stupidity, irrationality and the worst of all feminine vices - thy name is Mumsnet!