Real Men Can Read Women Like a Book by Corey Donaldson

I have asked him for a review copy.

  1. What are the two types of women that every man must be aware of because of the different way each woman must be handled?
  2. How do some women make a man give up all his power?
  3. What are the signs that a woman is already cheating on you?
  4. What are the signs that a woman plans on cheating on you?
  5. What are the signs that you should run as fast as you can from a woman?
  6. What are the signs that a woman is about to break-up with you?
  7. What must a man say when his woman suggests a break-up?
  8. How do you inspire a woman to want to stop flirting with other men?
  9. What is the fear that men have that overrules their need for sex? (Men will go without sex for many years to protect against this fear)
  10. What do men do that make women emboldened to walk all over them?
  11. How does a man discover his life purpose?
  12. How can a man intelligently answer the question – Who are you?
  13. What are the signs that a woman will treat her man with love and respect?
  14. What do the stories of a woman’s past really tell you?
  15. What are the two signs that say you’re done with your woman?
  16. What are angry women really angry at?
  17. How does a man make sense of the anger of a woman?
  18. How does a man handle the anger of a woman so that she stops?
  19. How can you tell if you are being used to get back at an ex?
  20. How do certain women set up married men to cheat?
  21. How do married men dishonorably seduce other women?
  22. Why do certain women insist on humiliating their man?
  23. How can you know if a woman is going to be loyal?
  24. What are the warnings on a woman’s face tell you about her character?
  25. Why does living with honor as a man determine the type of woman you choose?
  26. Why must men be able to read themselves before they can read a woman like a book?
  27. What does it mean to be a REAL MAN in today’s modern world?
  28. What is a marriage in doubt really about, if it’s not about the marriage itself?
  29. Why is the best case scenario for a man to be able to work it out with the woman in his life?
  30. How does a man show that his love for his woman is real?
  31. What is the one big sign that a man is actually very weak despite his tough exterior?
  32. What can a man’s relationships with women tell him about himself?
  33. What will a man learn within a relationship that he might otherwise not learn?
  34. What do men have such fear and dread towards loneliness?
  35. How does Karma play itself out within the context of relationships?
  36. What is the one thing a man employs within himself that he thinks is helping his relationship but is actually destroying it?
  37. What is the definition of love that also contains how to fix a broken relationship?
  38. What are angry women really angry about?
  39. What does constant defensiveness in a woman tell you?
  40. What does it say if there are friends your woman refuses to introduce you to?
  41. How do you inspire a woman to respect you?
  42. What does it mean when a woman says you are boring?
  43. How can you know if a woman is going to use sex as a weapon?
  44. What should you say to a woman who uses sex to negotiate?
  45. What does it mean when a woman says – “I’m not happy and I think we should separate”?
  46. What can your gut instinct tell you about the secrets that women keep?
  47. Why do men stay with women that are obviously wrong for them?
  48. What do women do that keeps the same man coming back to her when he knows he should run?
  49. Why are women threatened by men that can read them well?
  50. What should you do if a woman asks something from you in the middle of sex?
  51. How do powerful men use sex as a tool to establish respect?
  52. What is the sign that your manhood has completely vanished?
  53. What happens if you remove a woman’s ability to negotiate with sex?
  54. What should you do when the woman you’re dating brags about having been the mistress of a married man?
  55. What should you do when a woman tells you she has cheated on other boyfriends because it was amusing and wicked?
  56. How do you take away a woman’s permission to be angry?
  57. Who do you know that you are the type of REAL MAN that a woman really wants?
  58. How does a man take charge and show leadership without being controlling?
  59. What is the power shift going on where men are getting more power as they age and women are losing their power as they age?
  60. Why is the beauty of a woman a lethal trap for many men?
  61. What are the obvious signs of a female predator?
  62. What are some women really hiding with certain cosmetic procedures?
  63. What do women do that guarantee they will end up friendless and alone?
  64. What do women blame men for that they are innocent of?
  65. Why do some women refuse to be nice to men that love them?
  66. Why do some women refuse to be grateful to men that provide for them?
  67. What are the clear signs of the best women that all men want?
  68. What do the secrets of women really tell you?
  69. Why do some women plot to have their men afraid of them?
  70. Why does unfinished business and unresolved issues keep a man from moving forward?
  71. What is the right way to ask a woman for forgiveness?
  72. What are the trigger words you can use that allow you to read women like a book?
  73. Why are the conversations you most fear to have are the ones you most need to have?
  74. Why do women constantly test out the love that men have for them?
  75. Why is revenge counterproductive?
  76. How does bitterness betray manhood?
  77. Why are certain women comfortable with their men walking around them on eggshells?
  78. Why is it a mistake for a man to try to make an angry woman happy?
  79. Why do certain women get angrier when their men do not stand up to their bad behavior?
  80. What will satisfy a woman who is permanently angry?
  81. What are the tools that women use to get men to obey them?
  82. What is the shelf life that certain women should be afraid of?
  83. What should you know about beautiful woman that can’t keep a man in their life?
  84. What makes men come to quick resolution in arguments that ends up working against them?
  85. How can you know if other men have paid a heavy price to be with the woman you are now dating?
  86. What does it say if there is nothing about the attributes of your woman that you want to duplicate in your own life?
  87. Why does sex make men so weak?
  88. How can a man’s desire for sex be turned into strength?
  89. What does a woman’s attitude towards sex really say about her?
  90. What is the one thing a woman must do that will make men move heaven and hell for her?
  91. What is the sign for knowing how emotionally available you are to your woman?
  92. What is the real reason a woman will stop having sex?
  93. What is the thing that will stop a man from fully committing to a woman that he may never tell her?
  94. What are the predictable strategies prowling women use to get married men?
  95. What must men know about honor and character that makes women respect them?
  96. How can you tell if your behavior and character is in line with who you really are, with the values and virtues you have picked?
  97. What should you look for when your woman is around other men that tell you she will cheat on you?
  98. Why do some women pick men that will not love them?
  99. Why do some women try to break a man’s character?
  100. How and why do men betray their gut instinct?
  101. What makes men respect other men?
  102. Why do men consider it disrespectful if their woman flirts with other men?
  103. Why will some men leave their women without saying a word?
  104. What is the surefire sign that your woman will never accept accountability for her own behavior?
  105. What do women need to know about how gratitude affects men?
  106. What is the right way to respond to an angry woman?
  107. How do women define what a real man is?
  108. Why should you be alarmed when certain women ask you for advice?
  109. How do you accelerate the rate of healing for divorced men?
  110. What happens to women who reject love from every man that offers it?
  111. What are the signs of a woman that will be sacred ground, the holy grail of what a real man deserves to have in his life?
  112. What is the one thing a man can do to separate himself above all other men?
  113. Why do men sell-out to make a relationship work?
  114. What does it mean when you say that ‘men are married to their excuse’?
  115. Corey, how do you seriously diagnose bottom-line relationship issues in 60 seconds or less when you are doing media interviews?
  116. What are the unseen reasons that a man’s life is not moving forward professionally despite years of effort and education?
  117. If your wife has cheated on you, what is the final sign that it can’t be blamed on you?
  118. If divorce is not the enemy of marriage, what is?
  119. What is the one question your male clients are afraid of because it tells them the clear truth that they should divorce?
  120. What is the process you go through of knowing who you are as a real man?
  121. How can any man develop the power to see what is going to happen in his relationship before it happens?
  122. What are the clear signs of a man who does not know who he is?
  123. What must a man be more conscious of when he is not around the people that know him?
  124. What are the signs that a woman is concealing secrets she does not want you to know about?
  125. What are the two reasons men need to cry?
  126. What can men learn about relationships by knowing why most men are in jail?
  127. What is the sure sign that your happiness is real?
  128. What are most men afraid to say to their wives about the lack of sex?
  129. What must women know about men if they want to keep their man?
  130. What are the signs you have unresolved issues with your wife that must be dealt with?
  131. What is the TRUST EQUATION that reveals what real trust is and what it is not?
  132. What should do you do when your gut instinct conflicts with your taught beliefs?


In the special section written for women, they will learn how to:
* Read men like a book!
* Access the deepest feelings of men!
* Know what a woman must do before a man will open up to her!
* Know there is one thing above all others that men really want from a woman!
* Recognize the issues that make a man seriously consider a divorce or break-up!
* Use trigger words that make men want to be vulnerable.
* Know what causes men to shut down and not talk!
* Know that an angry woman will never be fully loved by ANY man!
* Create forgiveness for past hurts!
* Know why there are men who will move heaven and hell to gladly please their women and what those women are doing differently than other women.


Anonymous said…
These opinions are repulsive.
Feminism is fine, but this is stretching the limits (BACKWARDS).
I just don't get how you can justify these, despite reading your blog.
You could try being a bit more open minded...
Claire Khaw said…
Which opinion of mine do you find most repulsive?

Is the whole idea of challenging feminism "repulsive"?
I. M. Salos said…
Anonymous is probably Mz Petunia Pigg, the most vicious and ubiquitous misandrist and coulrophobic piece of work to ever hit the internet. Forget her!

Thanks very much for a trerrific resource!


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