Domestic abuse suspects 'could be banned from own homes'

"It is marvellous to increase protection for victims of domestic violence and the suggestion deserves cautious support. Contrary to BBC World Service news reports it does *not* work well in Austria. The law there is routinely abused by women to deprive innocent men of their property. Consequently many men now refuse to cohabit with their wives/girlfriends. The law there is predicated entirely on the premise that domestic violence is by men against women. Assumptions are made that men are wealthy. Police can exclude the man for up to 14 days without reference to a court and have no obligation to provide the man with temporary shelter."

"There is no need for Austrian women to contrive physical injuries. Domestic violence/abuse there includes psychological violence/abuse. A man there can be made homeless for simply arguing with his wife. I suggest we temper our new laws to engineer out such absurd outcomes."

This is what I have been informed.  

No wonder Western men are going gay and not getting married.  The smarter ones are, anyway. 


Adolfo said…
I am afraid that you the Britons are in real deep shit.

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