Battlefield of Love an Awarded Blog

Dear Claire,

Congratulations! Amber here, and your blog, The Battlefield of Love, is an
essential part of our resources!

As a website dedicated to help those consider a career in psychology, we
only provide the best information available.  Whether it's a resource that
helps reveal psychological perspectives, or provides insight on families, we
provide them for those seeking to obtain this information.  This is why
we've featured your blog, as it is one of the best to teach our readers.

You can see your blog and others at:

For recognition, we present you with an awards badge.  You can get your
badge here:

If you choose to accept or decline to be recognized, please let me know.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.  Again,
Congratulations, and keep up the awesome work!

Amber Roberts


Everyday Mommy said…
Hi Claire:

I thought I'd let you know that this "awards badge" from is merely an advertising scam. Basically, you've given them free ad space by placing the award on your blog.

Best regards,
Claire Khaw said…
They have a reasonably short list of other bloggers with that badge. Frankly, I don't mind at all advertising them for free if they are suggesting that I am a Top Blog for Feminism. It is the least I can do!

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