Monday, 31 May 2010

How Islam would arrest the qualitative and numerical decline of the white race and offer something for lesbians ...

Some BNP activists feels that single mums must not be attacked because they at least add to the numbers of white people in this country.

I refer them to Tim Winter AKA Abdal Hakim Murad's essay

It is not the numbers but the quality of the white race that is important, in my view.

Single parenthood diminishes the quality of the next generation. The ideal is two married biological parents ie family values, to pass on any kind of social and cultural identity to the next generation that is decent and productive. If not you will get ever-lowering standards of morality and education until you get to the situation where no British employer wants to hire a British school-leaver if they can possibly avoid it, which is now the case.

It is the culture that needs to be improved. The more little bastards you have the more likely you are go downhill and be taken by other cultures.

The British managed to colonise other countries while having relatively few personnel.

Quality is more important than mere numbers.

In any case if most white men became Muslim, had 4 wives each and children within wedlock, the stock of the white race could easily be replenished.

At this point, it was pointed out that "We're not in a position to be fussy, it's a numbers game."

My response was that having more little bastards will make the white race go downhill faster.

I have already made the point that it is not about numbers but about cultural and technological superiority that allowed the white man to rule the world once.

If all you are going to do is have even more illiterate, innumerate, illegitimate feral youth to overwhelm state schools and ruin it for others who want to learn, then you might as well not bother.

What some of these concerned race nationalists are prescribing, ie indiscriminate unmarried breeding by white people, is in fact "hair of the dog", because what they are prescribing is more vermin breeding vermin, which is already happening anyway.

The poor and the stupid are already breeding with each other at taxpayers' expense.

The only way to correct the situation is this:

First, you challenge feminism and liberalism.

Second, you defeat these twin ideologies.

Third, you replace it with an ideology that actually practices family values.

Say 4 wives, 4 children each who in turn have 4 wives and 4 children each.

Better than those variously-fathered little bastards by verminous sluts and slappers.

The former will have a sense of identity as well as family and clan loyalty, led by a patriarch.

The latter will be atomised, divided, with no male figure to identify themselves with, easily picked off one by one ...

But what if one husband cannot sexually satisfy 4 wives, a thoughtful and attentive woman asked?

If a single man cannot satisfy 4 women, then it may be that these 4 women will have to look to each other for their sexual needs.

There is an interesting verse in the Koran


that says that any lewd act between women requires 4 reliable witnesses before a conviction is possible.

YUSUFALI: If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, Take the evidence of four (Reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them, or Allah ordain for them some (other) way.

PICKTHAL: As for those of your women who are guilty of lewdness, call to witness four of you against them. And if they testify (to the truth of the allegation) then confine them to the houses until death take them or (until) Allah appoint for them a way (through new legislation).

SHAKIR: And as for those who are guilty of an indecency from among your women, call to witnesses against them four (witnesses) from among you; then if they bear witness confine them to the houses until death takes them away or Allah opens some way for them.

If a husband's 4 wives were to indulge in a lascivious and lewd lesbian orgy, none of them could collectively incriminate any of the others, simply because there wouldn't be enough witnesses.

It is also quite possible that a Muslim husband witnessing such a lascivious lesbian orgy held by his wives for his benefit would suddenly find the urge to satisfy both himself and all his wives.

If his spirit is willing but the flesh be flaccid, then they still have the option of satisfying each other.

And then all would be gratified and satisfied.

So it would be all right then and perhaps even halal, if kept within the family, so to speak.

I see nothing wrong with this very practical situation that allows lesbians to have children at the expense of their husband while being able to enjoy continuing opportunities to indulge their sexual preference.

The more I think about it, the more I think that an Islamic Revolution in Britain is not only possible but actually desirable and would be a Good Thing, capable of adding to the colour and, er, gaiety of the nation. ...

Anjem Choudary can be found at and I wonder if it is worth discussing such practical details with him.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Letter to the Business Secretary persuading him to legalise brothel-keeping

Dr Vince Cable
Business Secretary
Department for Business Innovation & Skills
Kingsgate House
66-74 Victoria Street

Dear Sir


Having laws that would be allow for the existence of brothels and superbrothels such as Pascha - - would be a nice little earner and assist in addressing Britain's debt problems as well as giving women a chance of earning an income while allowing them to work flexible hours in safe surroundings, unharmed by serial-killing sex fiends.

Their earnings would become taxable and this should prevent them from being a burden on the taxpayer.

I hope you will feel able to discuss this possibility with your colleagues.

Your faithfully

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Flatshares for the Properly Grown-Up

That is why my idea for the Domestic Partnership should take off. But most men don't get it and most women think it works against their interests.

It basically means you move in after agreeing on what you expect of each other. Should the relationship break up you take away what's yours.

Because it is a condition of the Domestic Partnership that Sex and Fidelity are optional, these two reasons alone cannot ever be cited as a reason for the break-up to get a better deal for yourself or a worse deal for your former partner.

For once bitten twice shy singletons who have homes and spare rooms.

Sex fiend British children

Hidden problem of children sexually abusing children

This is how low we have sunk. This is what happens in a matriarchy*, you see. All these useless social workers and psychologists are women, of course, trying to deal with the generational excrecences of benefit scum breeding more benefit scum. The least we can do is turn them into just scum breeding non-benefit claiming scum. Not much to ask, is it, you would have thought?

* Matriarchy: a society where female promiscuity is in practice condoned and state-subsidised because the political classes are too morbidly over-feminised to condemn it. A matriarchy does not have to be headed by a woman. A male leader serves the matriarchy when he subscribes to their values, ie when he condones female promiscuity and proposes nothing effective to discourage it, eg David Cameron, who only pays lip service to family values and subscribes to the toxic PC values that women like so much, all the feminine vices and more.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

How to keep a woman completely happy

How do you keep a woman completely happy? Just give her everything she wants and something to whinge about.

This is so you can be perfect and under her thumb.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Fall of Western Civilisation according to Claire Khaw

While some may think I am megalomaniac enough to think I can single-handedly prevent the fall of Western civilisation, my very modest ambition is to simply inform those around me the reasons for the decline and fall of their civilisation.

In case you hadn't noticed, even the BNP are too pussy whipped to talk about it. The working classes are, as we already know, riddled with illegitimacy, single-parenthood and family breakdown. That is why they are now unfit for purpose and being replaced by foreigners by successive governments too cowardly and hypocritical to even tell the working classes to mend their ways.

Or give them the traditional and selective education that the poor so desperately need to pull themselves up with. (Instead, we now have academy schools and schools run by middle class parents such as Toby Young who will operate only in leafy suburbs while the working classes have the likes of Peter Harvey braining their delinquent sons.)

Or condemn single mummery.

Or who care enough about them to provide them with the values, education and training they so desperately need to compete against the workers of other countries who are not yet the victims of matriarchal degeneracy.

The BNP know this but dare not say it, for fear of having their balls ripped off by FemiNazis. They too are afraid of alienating the female vote.

The BNP are bunch of pussies too. Yes, dear reader, the BNP are scared of girls.

They are scared of being ostracised by their female folk and of not getting any, just like the rest of the drones in the other parties.

The irony of course is that only the Muslims, whom the BNP hate and fear, are prepared to challenge feminism.

Meal Tickets and Sex Objects, Prostitutes and Punters

Women have to understand that all men who fuck them are punters, and men have to understand that all women who let themselves be fucked are prostitutes.

Only love can can sanctify such a transaction.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Too easy to fuck and and much too hard to love ...


Do you think that the articles in women's magazines are ruining the sweet, gentle and kind image that women are supposed to have and turning them into characters who are trying to be more dominant partner in a relationship?

THE ANSWER from my correspondent:

Absolutely- although I don't read their crappy magazines I have dealt many female writers over the years, as you know I have been interviewed by umpteen female writers over the 18 years I have been doing this.

The Western world is in an imbecilic state of denial about the true nature of men and women. A spurious rationale has disrupted the natural discourse between men and women: many of life's female fuck-ups seem to find a career in churning out diktats on "relationships" bases on their own manifold neuroses. It doesn't seem to matter that most are permutations of any of the following:

Self-obsessed, with a grotesquely bloated ego;
Rapaciously greedy;

Unattractive, or just plain ugly, and who's covert resentment with their God-given lot has made them completely unfuckable

Twice-or-thrice divorced, or shacked-up and unmarried, but would love to be married;
Man-hating Marxist lesbians (such as Julie Bindell or Beatrice Campbell) and myraid others
Permanently aggrieved and disagreeable or just plain unfuckable, unlovable, or all of these.

Not all modernity is progress. In medieval times they would have been seated comfortably in the ducking-stool and immersed in the village pond until cured. (I know, I am far too moderate.)

When encovened, these witches constantly bleat about being unable to find The One, Mr.Right. They Want To Have it All, The dream house, the big car, the holidays, the perfect man, never for a moment questioning the emptiness of spirit in having such a desire, or heaven forefend, thinking that the reason for their failure may lie within themselves. It couldn't possibly be that,could it, because feminism says everything is the fault of MEN, the bastards.

Regular women read this crap and are influenced by it. The poor boobs they are hooked up with, or end up with, have read similar shit and half-believe it(or foolishly go along with it in the mistaken believe that they are more likely to get laid.) The FemiNazis have shamed foolish or insecure women for being like women, and taught them to hate men for being like men. They have influenced male politicians who have bought into this communal shaming of men, and/or used it to get power over other men.

The following expands upon the changes that have occurred in my lifetime that were initiated by female writers, often subsequently re-enforced by legislative or political change. It is somewhat solipsistic, but I have observed the same in many many men. Most men are fools with regard to women: bear in mind that most men do not tell women the truth in these matters, as a consequence of being addicted to female approval, and/or fear the social or professional consequences. Sadly most men have been brain-washed into believing that what women say they want is what they want or what they feel they should want. Most men today are very naive about what attracts women, and, more importantly, what keeps them attracted.

Those stupid enough to believe Magazine Woman's claim that what women really want is a sensitive eager-to-please New Man who defers constantly to them rarely attract women, and invariably come to be held in contempt by those they do.

What men say to other men is markedly different to that which is for public consumption- except for a very few prepared to accept the opprobrium of unfeminine women and feminised men. Although I do not read many women's magazines, the impact of feminist ( or merely gyno-centric) writers and politicians, have turned relationships between men and women in the West into a toxic mess. That is why I, and many other men, have wives or girl-friends from the Far East. Many of these relationships are initiated primarily (on the women's part) because the man has more money than they,and/or are a ticket to The Big Easy, a UK passport. However, most honour the contract and love usually grows.

Personally, I have never been comfortable with the notion that a woman was attracted to me because of my material possessions, and when I discovered in my teens that it wasn't necessary, I didn't make the mistake of selling my soul to acquire wealth. My girl friend has more money than I have , and had right of residence long before I met her. I meet a lot of Chinese women in Ballroom and Latin American dancing, and I found their easy, natural femininity and friendliness very attractive. For years I resisted it, because I did not want to upset my still- young sons whom I looked after. I did well, until they were nearly 17 and 20- there is only so much resistance a man can offer to warm brown eyes and graceful ways.

Speaking stereotypically- which, although banned by PC, in real life works out as a reasonable indication of what, on average you get( which is why they become stereotypes) Asian women are often exquisitely feminine.

Hong Kong Chinese and Japanese women dress stylishly without looking like sluts. They have nice figures and eschew tattoos. They rarely cuss, and drink moderately, if at all. They are demure in their demeanour, bur subtly sexy (obviously not bar-girls and such like opportunists). What they do lack, compared to their Western counterparts is the constant back-beat of aggravated peevishness, the band-saw whine of complaint,and the jarring perpetual hair-trigger hypersensitivity and readiness to be offended. They are by no means the docile door-mats that feminist victimology portrays them as - they just don't see it as treason to the sisterhood to find themselves in agreement with, or to be agreeable to,the opposite sex.They like to do things for men and they like men doing things for them( kind of how it is supposed to be, the way women used to be here, before silly women and sillier men gave credence to the sour witterings of spoiled brats and bitter women.)

They like masculine men, which is the state most men are naturally comfortable with being,although my generation has signally failed to initiate our young boys and men into manhood, too many of them allowed vote-whoring pussy men who placate women get power over other men. The warrior deferred to the scribbler of lies and the bleater of platitudes. And look at the "man" that has emerged from this vileness, and what he has let his nation's women become.Of course, with Asian women, as with Western women, he has to be a man, not a doormat.

Even although Asian women here have the material ambition that is common to women bar none (or nun like Mother Theresa!) and to emigrants all over the world(especially those from poor nations) they can be easily satisfied with an un-materialistic man who protects them, provides the basics and makes them feel good about themselves. Which last bit is pretty easy. All a man needs to do tell them nice things that are easy to say, because they are true- see from " exquisitely feminine" (above) He can add on anything else that moves him about his woman, like the way looking into her eyes makes him feel he is in a room scented with incense and opium smoke. It makes him feel that way because he sees love shining in her eyes, not a cash register, not a querulous and baleful resentment.

I look to butterflies to help me understand this. A woman from the Far East is like a delicate, beautiful butterfly that enriches life. I look at a Western woman and see that the pollution of feminism has made it less likely that she will ever enter the chrysalis of marriage and motherhood and emerge in her full glory - her spiritual growth remains stunted: she remains an ugly,voracious caterpillar.

So when it comes to choosing a partner between an oriental lady and a western women, generally speaking, it's a no-brainer. Even for someone like myself, who values racial integrity, and wish very much to preserve my ( and other's ) racial identity, I would, if without children, , be more inclined to start a family with an oriental woman. Chinese and Japanese women are pretty much the way Western girls used to be, which way of being was the cause of men loving them. Tragically, feminism has caused them to mutate into the loud-mouthed, crass and opportunistic Sex-in-the-City I- want-it-all slappers that magazine culture has assisted in creating. They are ultimately repellent to men - too easy to fuck and and much too hard to love.


I would advise European men not assume oriental women are domestic goddesses and the like, and for Oriental women not to assume that European men have money and are at ease with feminism! Why, that would be a clear example of racists being hoist by their own petards!

An exchange with Jim Bailey, Kiwi men's right campaigner on proposing an Official Marriage Strike by Men


"Just a bit of well-meant advice in the face of your moribund campaign, Jim. Obviously, the alpha males have got their women under control while the losers are being trampled all over by the matriarchal Kiwi court system.

Since no self-respecting alpha male would dare be associated with your cause and the bunch of losers you all are, I guess you will just be plodding on to more defeat and disappointment.

I am afraid little old me is the closest you will get to an alpha male advising you.

Declare an official marriage strike. Get some PR guy to do it for you, Jim, because you can't do the job. Hand over the reins to someone who can."

Rookh Kshatriya

"True alpha males no longer marry Anglo women."


"They go bride-shopping in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Asian Sub-Continent or the Far East."

And the smarter female from the white urban proletariat convert to Islam to escape low-life losers.

Well, I have written to a PR company on Jim's behalf and the Oppressed Kiwi men who have been deprived of their children by malicious ex-wives.

This is what I emailed to

Well, I have written to a PR company on Jim's behalf and the Oppressed Kiwi men who have been deprived of their children by malicious ex-wives.

This is what I emailed to

"Threatening national suicide? Official Marriage Strike by Men followed by Sex Strike by Women the only way "forward"?

Jim Bailey supporting a Fathers’ Coalition
and growing the Ration Shed.
6 Lancaster Rd
Beach Haven
North Shore City, 0626
Telephones - +64-9-482-2960 -/- 027-429-0055
Fax – +64-9-482-2961

is too timorous and unimaginative to go with such an idea, and I thought it might be helpful if you were to get in touch with him, if you wish to use this issue as a means of self-promotion."

The trouble with these men's movements is of course that most alphas are too smart to get stitched up.

Only the betas and sub-betas get done and of course no one wants to help them because they behave as if they DESERVE the crap that's dished out to them.

Alphas who get stitched up have to grin and bear it rather than whinge just to remain alpha.

Well, I hope that was worth a try!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

OFFICIAL Marriage Strike by Men

An official marriage strike by marriageable men would be the only way to draw the attention of the government to the parlous state of gender relations under a matriarchy.

Men going on a marriage strike would make sensible women with an ounce or more of self-respect go on a sex strike.

When that is not resolved happens racial or national extinction will be inevitable.

This should concentrate the minds of a matriarchal government who embody all the feminine vices of irrationality, hypocrisy, cowardice and denial of the truth.

Reintroducing fault in divorce, not automatically awarding custody of the children to their mother, opening the family courts to journalistic scrutiny are just a few measures that would tempt men into marriage again.

That and the discouragement of sluts, slags and slappers who will drop their knickers for any Tom, Dick and Harry should make marriage more tempting for men again.

It is true, you know: men do ask themselves "Why buy the cow when you can get your milk in pints at your local corner shop?"

It is time for the marriage contract to be renegotiated so that its terms are fair and attractive to men.

The Muslims have a better idea of this as can be seen at

The moment you turn marriage into a contract, no fault divorce would logically and necessarily be abolished. I explained this to a female divorce solicitor once, and she pretended not to get it.  

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

We now live in a matriarchy

You don't need a woman in charge to be a matriarchy. All you need is a political class who practise the feminine vices of cowardice, hypocrisy, prevarication and indecision.

A matriarchy is a society which condones female promiscuity just as a patriarchy is a society which condones male promiscuity.

Sodom & Gomorrah was a matriarchy.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Why white non-Muslims are reproductively challenged

Whites are reproductionally disadvantaged because their culture promotes:

1. promiscuity (which leads to)
2. abortion (and)
3. single motherhood
4. feminism (which leads to)
5. late motherhood (which leads to)
6. fewer children
7. more mollycoddled children
8. divorce laws biased in favour of women (leading to)
9. an unofficial marriage strike by men (leading to difficulties finding a husband leading to single motherhood leading to poor quality offspring and badly-brought up unteachable children who result in a downward spiral of)
10. an ever lowering standard of education
11. a feminised teaching profession conspiring to hide the failure of feminised British "education"
12. feminised men (feminised by feminism leading to)
13. male and female homosexuality
14. sterility (as a result of STIs contracted through unchecked promiscuity)

It won't be long in the future before being white and non-Muslim will become a distinct disadvantage in the marriage stakes.

Islam filling the moral vacuum of Christo-liberal claptrap

Hypocritical hand-wringing Christo-liberal claptrap predictably blames Islam for its own weaknesses. Nature abhors a vacuum and Christo-liberal claptrap is a moral and political vacuum that will be replaced, sooner rather than later. Any ideology that condones female promiscuity will eventually self-destruct. It is a cancerous ideology that has already been multiplying and growing, out of control, for at least three generations now in the Western world.

People who are illegitimate, singly parented, or singly-parenting who refuses to acknowledge the folly of their lifestyle choice or the lifestyle choice of their parents is an individual cancer cell.

Those who are too afraid to condemn it - ie politicians in the Liberal Left and in the Conservative Party of David Cameron - are aiding and abetting this cancerous growth while supposedly in the role of doctors in a position to cure society's ills.

It is not too late for the illegitimate and singly parenting to say "Do as I do, not as I say, but many of them will join in condemning me for being intolerant, uncompassionate, puritanical and "fascist" - all cardinal sins in liberal ideology.

When people talk about Christianity they mean church spires and familiar landscapes rather than family values. The Church most certainly does not support family values in its mania to be inclusive in order to get bums on pews. If it did we would not now be having this "problem" with Islam.

Since the Church of England has now seen fit to explicitly condemn the BNP and forbidden its clergymen to join that party, things are becoming increasingly clear that the Church is a creature of the state, as it always was.

It used to be the case that the Church of England was said to be the Tory Party at prayer.

It is of course now the Labour Party (who are mostly Lefties who despise and can barely hide their contempt for those who follow any religion) not at prayer and vociferously rejecting anything that could be considered as promoting family values - values that proponents of Free Love sneer and smear.

Family values are of course what all organised religions were created to promote. Family values are boring, you see, and that is why the fear of God is always required to instill such values.

But family values are antithetical to the Single Mother Goddess of Free Love which the Liberals worship.

To blaspheme against her is to invite social death.

Anyone have any idea why this country is being governed by a demented ideology that actively promotes sexual incontinence and single motherhood while compelling taxpayers to pay for this lifestyle choice of the unproductive and parasitical?

No wonder Western civilisation is going down the f*cking plughole.

Feminism and National Suicide

All societies who embrace feminism are at the mercy of societies who do not.

Can you imagine the quality of the offspring these women will have? These older mothers will have their Down's syndrome children and expect the taxpayer to give them a hand-outs and make schools cater to their Special Educational Needs at the expense of your normal child. Their daughters will become the single mothers of tomorrow. They won't be able to control or provide for their fatherless sons who will turn into the NEETs and feral youth of the future.

Remember, you are paying for this CRAP so these dim husbandless feminist women who can't find men to live off live off the earnings of the taxpayer so they and their ilk can breed at your expense and bring down your civilisation at your expense, so they can have a pet to keep themselves happy.

Don't think they don't have any power either. When you see our degenerate and degraded politicians grovelling to them on you will know they wield tremendous power since they represent half the electorate - yes, the feckless, irresponsible, and promiscuous and multiplying out of control half of it who want to be bailed out from their own folly at your expense ...

The solution is to indirectly discriminate against women under a political system of taxpayer-only franchise, ie no representation without taxation.

Most women want to be mothers.

Mothers want someone to provide and protect for them and their children.

Take away their child benefit and they will be forced to find husbands before becoming mothers.

Even if they got their husbands to give them the minimum amount of voluntary tax they could pay in order to vote under my proposed system of £1000 per annum, they would mostly want to spend the money on something nice to wear.

Remember, a matriarchy is a society that condones female promiscuity just as a patriarchy condones male promiscuity.

Why do we never hear of matriarchies? Because they all descend into barbarism and savagery (as we are now doing) after destroying themselves, having forgotten how to read or write.

F*ck feminism and choose the lesser evil.