Thursday, 30 December 2010

Why feminism fucks up your civilisation

It is quite clear that feminism leads ineluctably to female promiscuity, and female promiscuity (which *facilitates* male promiscuity) has a deleterious effect on the quality of the next generation. 

There you have it, all the ills of British society (and indeed Western civilisation), cited and explained in one short sentence.

The Enemy is Within, and inside our knickers ...

Friday, 17 December 2010

"Special" Britain: almost one in four primary school boys 'have special educational needs'

Government figures obtained by this programme show that thousands of eleven-year-old boys start secondary school only able to read at the standard expected of seven-year-olds or lower. Mike Welsh, of the National Association of Headteachers, examines the literacy problem.
Government figures show thousands of boys start secondary school only able to reach the reading standard of seven-year-olds or below. Reporter Sanchia Berg explains the findings. Education Secretary Michael Gove discusses the literacy skills of secondary school boys.

This means that the land of bastards and sluts is producing substandard children the result of substandard parenting who go on to suffer substandard teaching by the female-dominated teaching profession who refuse to condemn female promiscuity.

And British men are too frightened to say anything about this.  Indeed, even the alpha male of Britain - Prime Minister David Cameron no less - is now too stupid and scared to say or do anything about the  phenomenon of the nation's subjection to the Single Mother Slut who cannot find a Decent Man (because most British men are now mostly jobless and illiterate welfare-claiming drunkards and paedos who sit around at home jerking themselves off to porn). They are now going forth and multiplying at the expense of the taxpayer. 

Soon, we will be actually looking forward to the coming Islamic Revolution.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The contemptibility of alpha males in Britain (such as Cameron) who fear the wrath of promiscuous women

Why do so many cultures have an instinctive visceral disgust for promiscuous women and the illegitimate?

This is because they are the cancer that is ultimately responsible for the decline and fall of their civilisation.

We wouldn't know because we have literally had that moral instinct bred out of us by generations of single mothers, so much so that about 50% of babies born in Britain these days are born out of wedlock and about 50% of the female friends of the average Briton of child-bearing age is a single mother. 

Instead, our alpha males such as Cameron, Clegg, Miliband make a virtue of being afraid of telling off the sluts and slapper mothers of this land, who produce substandard children with substandard morals who will receive a substandard education to damn the future of this country to oblivion.   Indeed, Ed Miliband is a father of bastards and remains too contemptuous of the opinion of right-minded members of this society to make an honest woman of the mother of his children.  

Sodom and Gomorrah?  You better believe it.  

Britain is now a land of bastards and sluts and the so-called Great and Good who are in charge of the ship of state fear to speak against them. 

The difference between men and women

"The difference between men and women can be summed us thusly:

A woman will fake an orgasm for the sake of the relationship. A man will fake a relationship for the sake of the orgasm."

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Theresa May - the ineffectual Home Secretary who will fail to prevent the violence of the next riots

Is it because she is stupid or because she is evil?  Or is it because she is a woman?  Women Home Secretaries tend not to be much good, if we examine the record of Jacqui Smith, who was not a good wife either to her husband who had to rely on porn because his wife did have conjugal relations with him as much as he would have liked. 

Friday, 10 December 2010

Rape is sex without consent. A woman can withdraw her consent after having previously granted it.

If she's not happy with your performance or she thought you were rich but it turns out you are poor, she can get you done for rape.  Coming to a woman near you soon?

You better believe it, boy!

So get this: either you marry her before you have sex with her or you make sure you pay the prostitute for it.  Getting it for free is really too much trouble and expense these days.

This ties in nicely with our totalitarian laws that women are SIMULTANEOUSLY

1. superior to men
2. inferior to men, ie the weaker sex in need of their financial support and indulgence when they mess up their lives by becoming single mothers
3. equal to men

and that men are wrong even when they're right

and women are right even when they're wrong.

That is why our alpha males (I am thinking of David Cameron as he is our PM after all, even though he is in fact a cunt of convictionless Conservatism) are afraid to alienate the single mother who is a burden on the state vote.  I guess he is scared because there are so fucking  many of them now, but the Tories are no longer a party that is nasty to single mothers, as Theresa May decreed in 2004.

That is the shit system we have unless we dare be the boy that points out that the Empress of Feminism has no clothes, and that she is fat, old, smelly, ugly, promiscuous and evil.

Freedom is under threat from the matriarchy and the emasculated men who serve their demented agenda.  They are going to  prosecute and extradite Julian Assange on that trumped-up charge.  

Destroy the matriarchy before it destroys your civilisation.   

[Please share this on Twitter, Facebook or anything else and with anyone else whom you think might care, before they ban me and close my accounts.  Time is running out and nobody else dares to complain about single mums.]

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Would anyone like to nominate me for the New Year's Honours List?

Possible reasons for you to nominate me:

  1. best Facebook entertainer around 
  2. thought-provoking 
  3. speaking the truth without fear or favour 
  4. standing up for people who are badly treated, eg taxpayers, BNP, UKIP, Muslims, even extremely unpopular people such as MPs in the name of free speech 
  5. my creative, practical and effective solutions to national as well as international problems 
  6. my knowledge of theology, philosophy, politics 
  7. my ambition to create a new state religion for the British that will have something for everyone even the pagans and atheist
  8. my slogan "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Eine Partei"  
  9. my coining of the phrase that Cameron is a "cunt of convictionless Conservatism"  
  10. my idea of legalising brothel-keeping and having superbrothels such as Pascha 
  11. my potential to be winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and bring about world peace 
  12. my wonderful ideas to bring about global environmental sustainability
  13. my ability to get to the heart of the matter of the problem with democracy.
In the process of building up a Cult of Personality, I need the help of my many online friends whom I will reward when I am in power, with honours, official positions, partners, perhaps even power and anything that is appropriate and pleasing to them that they might conceivably want that it is in my power to grant them ...

Sunday, 5 December 2010

My new avatar on Facebook ...

"Bring me the hearts and minds of the British public. Carve it out of them while they're still alive if you have to!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Frank Field MP suggests GCSE in parenting to help "disadvantaged children" AKA singly mothered little bastards

Frank Field is still not addressing the problem of poverty. We actually want to stop parasites who are the spawn of slut and slapper single mums from breeding while encouraging those who are productive to breed. To do this, we abolish child benefit for all, which is really very simple. We also cut taxes and go cold turkey to kick our national addiction to welfare. Somehow liberals either cannot or refuse to get it.

Children should be taught parenting and life skills throughout their school years? What about not getting knocked up before you have been married? That would be easier to understand, wouldn't it?

One of the drivers in a child's future is its scummy benefit-scrounging unmarried single mother who got knocked up before she even left school.

Why are male politicians afraid of criticising these parasites? Is it because they have given them the vote and that they have all been ideologically castrated? Looks like it. The scandal is that Howard Flight was sacked. That is the *real* scandal. Frank Field would mumble on dully about how to help the poor, stupid, feckless and promiscuous, but the Tories should be talking about abolishing child benefit for all. But because he is an Etonian, most dumbed-down Britons think Cameron cannot possibly be a Pinko Commie.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Looks like Muslim women also want to have virtual sex online and create a persona of themselves through the power of their imagination, just like non-Muslim women. 

The warning is the same.  It is addictive.  If you actually meet after having had virtual sex with him online over a period of time, he might think he has a right to have sex with you even if you no longer fancy him after meeting the man behind your computer screen ...

If you say no, he might think you are and have been a prick-tease, and he wouldn't be wrong, would he?

The warning is the same: do not have virtual sex with anyone online before you meet them and then expect the real thing to be better. 

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Battlefield of Love an Awarded Blog

Dear Claire,

Congratulations! Amber here, and your blog, The Battlefield of Love, is an
essential part of our resources!

As a website dedicated to help those consider a career in psychology, we
only provide the best information available.  Whether it's a resource that
helps reveal psychological perspectives, or provides insight on families, we
provide them for those seeking to obtain this information.  This is why
we've featured your blog, as it is one of the best to teach our readers.

You can see your blog and others at:

For recognition, we present you with an awards badge.  You can get your
badge here:

If you choose to accept or decline to be recognized, please let me know.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.  Again,
Congratulations, and keep up the awesome work!

Amber Roberts

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Real Men Can Read Women Like a Book by Corey Donaldson

I have asked him for a review copy.

  1. What are the two types of women that every man must be aware of because of the different way each woman must be handled?
  2. How do some women make a man give up all his power?
  3. What are the signs that a woman is already cheating on you?
  4. What are the signs that a woman plans on cheating on you?
  5. What are the signs that you should run as fast as you can from a woman?
  6. What are the signs that a woman is about to break-up with you?
  7. What must a man say when his woman suggests a break-up?
  8. How do you inspire a woman to want to stop flirting with other men?
  9. What is the fear that men have that overrules their need for sex? (Men will go without sex for many years to protect against this fear)
  10. What do men do that make women emboldened to walk all over them?
  11. How does a man discover his life purpose?
  12. How can a man intelligently answer the question – Who are you?
  13. What are the signs that a woman will treat her man with love and respect?
  14. What do the stories of a woman’s past really tell you?
  15. What are the two signs that say you’re done with your woman?
  16. What are angry women really angry at?
  17. How does a man make sense of the anger of a woman?
  18. How does a man handle the anger of a woman so that she stops?
  19. How can you tell if you are being used to get back at an ex?
  20. How do certain women set up married men to cheat?
  21. How do married men dishonorably seduce other women?
  22. Why do certain women insist on humiliating their man?
  23. How can you know if a woman is going to be loyal?
  24. What are the warnings on a woman’s face tell you about her character?
  25. Why does living with honor as a man determine the type of woman you choose?
  26. Why must men be able to read themselves before they can read a woman like a book?
  27. What does it mean to be a REAL MAN in today’s modern world?
  28. What is a marriage in doubt really about, if it’s not about the marriage itself?
  29. Why is the best case scenario for a man to be able to work it out with the woman in his life?
  30. How does a man show that his love for his woman is real?
  31. What is the one big sign that a man is actually very weak despite his tough exterior?
  32. What can a man’s relationships with women tell him about himself?
  33. What will a man learn within a relationship that he might otherwise not learn?
  34. What do men have such fear and dread towards loneliness?
  35. How does Karma play itself out within the context of relationships?
  36. What is the one thing a man employs within himself that he thinks is helping his relationship but is actually destroying it?
  37. What is the definition of love that also contains how to fix a broken relationship?
  38. What are angry women really angry about?
  39. What does constant defensiveness in a woman tell you?
  40. What does it say if there are friends your woman refuses to introduce you to?
  41. How do you inspire a woman to respect you?
  42. What does it mean when a woman says you are boring?
  43. How can you know if a woman is going to use sex as a weapon?
  44. What should you say to a woman who uses sex to negotiate?
  45. What does it mean when a woman says – “I’m not happy and I think we should separate”?
  46. What can your gut instinct tell you about the secrets that women keep?
  47. Why do men stay with women that are obviously wrong for them?
  48. What do women do that keeps the same man coming back to her when he knows he should run?
  49. Why are women threatened by men that can read them well?
  50. What should you do if a woman asks something from you in the middle of sex?
  51. How do powerful men use sex as a tool to establish respect?
  52. What is the sign that your manhood has completely vanished?
  53. What happens if you remove a woman’s ability to negotiate with sex?
  54. What should you do when the woman you’re dating brags about having been the mistress of a married man?
  55. What should you do when a woman tells you she has cheated on other boyfriends because it was amusing and wicked?
  56. How do you take away a woman’s permission to be angry?
  57. Who do you know that you are the type of REAL MAN that a woman really wants?
  58. How does a man take charge and show leadership without being controlling?
  59. What is the power shift going on where men are getting more power as they age and women are losing their power as they age?
  60. Why is the beauty of a woman a lethal trap for many men?
  61. What are the obvious signs of a female predator?
  62. What are some women really hiding with certain cosmetic procedures?
  63. What do women do that guarantee they will end up friendless and alone?
  64. What do women blame men for that they are innocent of?
  65. Why do some women refuse to be nice to men that love them?
  66. Why do some women refuse to be grateful to men that provide for them?
  67. What are the clear signs of the best women that all men want?
  68. What do the secrets of women really tell you?
  69. Why do some women plot to have their men afraid of them?
  70. Why does unfinished business and unresolved issues keep a man from moving forward?
  71. What is the right way to ask a woman for forgiveness?
  72. What are the trigger words you can use that allow you to read women like a book?
  73. Why are the conversations you most fear to have are the ones you most need to have?
  74. Why do women constantly test out the love that men have for them?
  75. Why is revenge counterproductive?
  76. How does bitterness betray manhood?
  77. Why are certain women comfortable with their men walking around them on eggshells?
  78. Why is it a mistake for a man to try to make an angry woman happy?
  79. Why do certain women get angrier when their men do not stand up to their bad behavior?
  80. What will satisfy a woman who is permanently angry?
  81. What are the tools that women use to get men to obey them?
  82. What is the shelf life that certain women should be afraid of?
  83. What should you know about beautiful woman that can’t keep a man in their life?
  84. What makes men come to quick resolution in arguments that ends up working against them?
  85. How can you know if other men have paid a heavy price to be with the woman you are now dating?
  86. What does it say if there is nothing about the attributes of your woman that you want to duplicate in your own life?
  87. Why does sex make men so weak?
  88. How can a man’s desire for sex be turned into strength?
  89. What does a woman’s attitude towards sex really say about her?
  90. What is the one thing a woman must do that will make men move heaven and hell for her?
  91. What is the sign for knowing how emotionally available you are to your woman?
  92. What is the real reason a woman will stop having sex?
  93. What is the thing that will stop a man from fully committing to a woman that he may never tell her?
  94. What are the predictable strategies prowling women use to get married men?
  95. What must men know about honor and character that makes women respect them?
  96. How can you tell if your behavior and character is in line with who you really are, with the values and virtues you have picked?
  97. What should you look for when your woman is around other men that tell you she will cheat on you?
  98. Why do some women pick men that will not love them?
  99. Why do some women try to break a man’s character?
  100. How and why do men betray their gut instinct?
  101. What makes men respect other men?
  102. Why do men consider it disrespectful if their woman flirts with other men?
  103. Why will some men leave their women without saying a word?
  104. What is the surefire sign that your woman will never accept accountability for her own behavior?
  105. What do women need to know about how gratitude affects men?
  106. What is the right way to respond to an angry woman?
  107. How do women define what a real man is?
  108. Why should you be alarmed when certain women ask you for advice?
  109. How do you accelerate the rate of healing for divorced men?
  110. What happens to women who reject love from every man that offers it?
  111. What are the signs of a woman that will be sacred ground, the holy grail of what a real man deserves to have in his life?
  112. What is the one thing a man can do to separate himself above all other men?
  113. Why do men sell-out to make a relationship work?
  114. What does it mean when you say that ‘men are married to their excuse’?
  115. Corey, how do you seriously diagnose bottom-line relationship issues in 60 seconds or less when you are doing media interviews?
  116. What are the unseen reasons that a man’s life is not moving forward professionally despite years of effort and education?
  117. If your wife has cheated on you, what is the final sign that it can’t be blamed on you?
  118. If divorce is not the enemy of marriage, what is?
  119. What is the one question your male clients are afraid of because it tells them the clear truth that they should divorce?
  120. What is the process you go through of knowing who you are as a real man?
  121. How can any man develop the power to see what is going to happen in his relationship before it happens?
  122. What are the clear signs of a man who does not know who he is?
  123. What must a man be more conscious of when he is not around the people that know him?
  124. What are the signs that a woman is concealing secrets she does not want you to know about?
  125. What are the two reasons men need to cry?
  126. What can men learn about relationships by knowing why most men are in jail?
  127. What is the sure sign that your happiness is real?
  128. What are most men afraid to say to their wives about the lack of sex?
  129. What must women know about men if they want to keep their man?
  130. What are the signs you have unresolved issues with your wife that must be dealt with?
  131. What is the TRUST EQUATION that reveals what real trust is and what it is not?
  132. What should do you do when your gut instinct conflicts with your taught beliefs?


In the special section written for women, they will learn how to:
* Read men like a book!
* Access the deepest feelings of men!
* Know what a woman must do before a man will open up to her!
* Know there is one thing above all others that men really want from a woman!
* Recognize the issues that make a man seriously consider a divorce or break-up!
* Use trigger words that make men want to be vulnerable.
* Know what causes men to shut down and not talk!
* Know that an angry woman will never be fully loved by ANY man!
* Create forgiveness for past hurts!
* Know why there are men who will move heaven and hell to gladly please their women and what those women are doing differently than other women.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Domestic abuse suspects 'could be banned from own homes'

"It is marvellous to increase protection for victims of domestic violence and the suggestion deserves cautious support. Contrary to BBC World Service news reports it does *not* work well in Austria. The law there is routinely abused by women to deprive innocent men of their property. Consequently many men now refuse to cohabit with their wives/girlfriends. The law there is predicated entirely on the premise that domestic violence is by men against women. Assumptions are made that men are wealthy. Police can exclude the man for up to 14 days without reference to a court and have no obligation to provide the man with temporary shelter."

"There is no need for Austrian women to contrive physical injuries. Domestic violence/abuse there includes psychological violence/abuse. A man there can be made homeless for simply arguing with his wife. I suggest we temper our new laws to engineer out such absurd outcomes."

This is what I have been informed.  

No wonder Western men are going gay and not getting married.  The smarter ones are, anyway. 

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

1/3 of Anglican Church female - if that ain't a reason to convert to Islam I dunno wot is  Between 6.30 - 7.00 item mentioning 1/3 of Synod female, Church getting progressively feminised and liberal, men retiring, women taking over,  letting in  gay priests and fucking everything up with feminism, infecting everything it touches, spreading like cancer or gangrene ...   

Fuck feminism before it fucks you up the arse! 

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The engagement of Prince William and Katherine Middleton and the best wedding present the Muslims could give them

Katie Middleton's consistency and determination these days is almost tragically unEnglish in our late Elizabethan age, from having a poster of Prince William in her dorm when she at boarding school in Marlborough and then growing up to marry him - truly an inspiration for those of us who see the point in patience and perseverance.

Well done, Kate, for getting your man with so much aplomb and dignity!

I bet you didn't sleep around and cheapen yourself with any Tom, Dick and Harry.  I bet the reason why you look so supremely confident is because you just know there ain't gonna be any kiss and tell stories from your scummy ex-lovers who want to sell their story to The Sun through Max Clifford.

If there were to be any worms popping out of the woodwork then I do hope you will see to it that they get beaten black and blue before being thrown out of one of Prince William's helicopters somewhere discreet like the North Sea.  It is the only language they understand. 

That, my readers who are sluts, slags and slappers, is what preserving one's virtue is all about.  Listen and learn from Waity Katie!

Already there are the Republican churls who are moaning about the cost of the Royal Wedding. It would be tragic and idiotic to be obviously scrimping and scraping while the rest of the world is watching, and they will be watching. Scrimping and saving would only mean we are down on our uppers, which we are, but appearances should and must be kept up on certain things.  Only the squabbling mean-spirited class envious Republican shits will have no care for what having a cheap wedding will look to the rest of the world.  These Liberal Leftist Republicans are of course the Enemies of England, who have no sense of national pride and  no sense of shame either.  The opinions of people like that can be ignored with impunity. 

I wonder if the best wedding present the Muslims could give them would be to draft a marriage contract for them gratis and to offer them free access to a sharia court should any problems arise in the future.  That should help cement their marriage more than anything else, because we don't want another national humiliation of another royal divorce, do we?

It takes a stupid woman to manage a clever man, but a clever woman to manage a stupid man.

Our Queen Katie to be can do more than manage a man, she can manage a prince, and probably the rest of the Firm too, because she can manage herself.  She comes from good common stock of English people I like to think would be English Yeoman in the times when the Yeomanry existed, unlike Diana - who was a product of a declining, decadent and broken aristocratic family. 

Good choice, Prince William, and good luck.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Fair Trade, Barbara Crowther and why women are mostly predisposed to be parasitical bleeding hearts

Fair Trade has helped make the world a better place if you happen to be poor and rely on the income from the food you grow to survive. That has been the appeal of the fair trade foundation since it comes into existence 18 years ago. But now the think tank, the institute for economic affairs, as cast doubt on that claim in a report it's just produced. Mark Littlewood is its director general. Barbara Crowther of the Fair Trade Foundation also comments.

Fair Trade is a manifestation of conspicuous consumption. While the Chinese do this by eating exotic animals, Westerners like paying more for their food to show they are affluent liberal bleeding hearts. It distorts the market and rewards less efficient farmers. It is totemic for those who like to wear moral superiority, white guilt and bleeding hearts on their sleeves and shopping bills.

Why are most women collectivist bleeding hearts who want to make us pay more and pass more restrictive laws?

I think some recognition should be made of this statistical fact and law of nature. 

And then some thought directed towards curbing this statistically undeniable feminine tendency.

3/4 of women are welfare-dependent, according to the BBC:

Women will be hit disproportionately by the Budget cuts already announced by the government: A new study suggests that they will shoulder nearly three quarters of the burden, because they rely more on the state for benefits and are more likely to work in the public sector than men.

The state has reduced women's dependency on men, only to install itself as the new patriarch. If the state shrinks, it will be women who will feel the difference.

Is this what generations of feminists have fought for? Where is the sisterhood now, marching on the treasury?

Please note, boys and girls, that the BBC is implicitly acknowledging that 3/4 of women are welfare-dependent by stating that women will be hurt disproportionately by the Budget cuts and when the non-jobs they are in in the public sector have to go. 

It is time surely that the franchise is narrowed to taxpayers only.

It is surely time that women were told to find men who will provide for and protect them to whom they will at least have to occasionally fuck and be nice to, instead of continuing to fuck the taxpayer up the arse and making him pay for the privilege of forced marriage and financial servitude to sluts and slappers who are only breeding the next generation of criminals, NEETs, benefit scum, under-achievers and of course more slut and slapper benefit-scum single mums.  

It is pretty damn obvious that our politicians are either too cowardly or too stupid to do or say anything about it.  

I thought liberals were against forced marriage anyway.  But apparently they don't care if men are the victims.  Bit sexist of them then, isn't it?

The prerogative of the whore - the exercise of power (ie of being a burden on the state) without responsibility (ie the obligation to make a positive contribution to society) - should be surely be radically restricted in our financially straitened times.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Single mums get bashed by their out-of-control adolescents

More of these stories, please, BBC, to discourage sluts and slappers breeding the next generation of NEETs, criminals and single mums. 

There was a report on this on the Today Programme but it was just before 7am so I am sure most people missed it. 

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Exploding the myth of the multiple orgasm through the exercise of logic

What is this multiple orgasm that some women claim to experience? They can *logically* only be experienced *consecutively* (and therefore *only singly* which negates the concept of its multiplicity) rather than *simultaneously*.

I think the multiple orgasm was thought up by sexologists wishing to drum up business from men and women made to feel inadequate because they have never been given nor ever received such a thing. 

I really think I should be given an award for my services to mankind.  Perhaps it will just be a matter of time before I will be recognised, lionised and listened to with greater attention and respect.

Why don't gay people get it that marriage is *not* for gay people?

Reverend Sharon Ferguson on Sunday R4 wants to mount a legal challenge so she can marry her lesbian lover.

Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.  Marriage is for people who can have children together, ie a man and a woman. It is not something for gay people with which to say they love each other publicly to annoy the rest of us. Why should the law be changed in response to their whims and turn marriage into something it is not? This is precisely why we should only tolerate homosexuality and never grant it equality.

This is precisely what the Koran does, by the way.   It tells states that a woman will get punished for committing lewd acts with women but sets the burden of proof so high - four witnesses would be required - that it is in practice impossible to get a conviction.  (Lesbian orgies whose participants are your four wives would also be OK.)

Professor Robert Winte­mute, of the law department at King’s College, London said that by banning gay couples from entering into civil marriage, and by banning heterosexual couples from entering civil partnerships, “the UK Govern­ment is discriminating on the grounds of sexual orientation, con­trary to the Human Rights Act.” Specifically, the bans violated Article 14 of the Act, which protects against discrimination; Article 12, which enshrines the right to marry; and Article 8, the right to respect for family life.  

What is marriage for? It is 

1.  an alliance between families
2.  a contract to bring up children of the marriage together
3.  about putting up and shutting up

This is not something for gay people surely, is it?

So why do they want to muscle in on something that is really just for husbands and wives who want to be fathers and mothers?

Why don't they just fuck off and leave marriage alone?

It is quite clear that it is now high time
for the Human Rights Act to be repealed.  Too bad Cameron and his cunts of convictionless Conservatism will never get round to doing it. 

Saturday, 30 October 2010

If someone is too good to be true, is he really too good to be true?

Just came across this ad in Private Eye No 1274, 29 October - 11 November 2010

MAN, 40s, seeks attractive woman with ticking body clock before time runs out for the both of us.  Your photo gets mine.

Am I being cynic if I think this man is too good to be true?

Just like this one in fact?

OPEN, attractive, warm, genuine, grounded, caring, no hidden agenda. Confident, yet with a hint shyness. I found David very easy to talk to,  make conversation, and he had  no problems with being open about his personal life.

Approx 6'2"+ish" masculine, solid build,attractive, lovely warm open smile, genuine eyes, he smiles with his eyes, it doesn't just come from the mouth. Very well presented, very nicely spoken, clean cut, wholesome looking in a traditional sense. Shoes, tan leather brogues, navy blue double breasted jacket, cream chinos, classic standards, traditional and values.

Born in X, to a traditional family, Father owned and ran a very successful paper-mill business. His mother remained at home until the children flew the nest, and became a magistrate. David is privately educated, university degree at Birmingham, Engineering degree. At 26 he took a position with an oil company, who he remained with, until approximately 1998, when he turned down a position to return to work in London, after a three year posting in Hong Kong, which he loved. He still has a  strong business connection with Hong Kong, an apartment, office address, yet does not intend to live there.

He has his own very successful business, in the field of jet-fuel technology systems - Shell is a client of his now. His work takes him all over the world, but he would like to reduce his business travel, and increase his personal travel experiences, with someone by his side. 

David has had a rich and interesting life, and comes across as being an interesting person, full of life, optimism, warmth and humor. I would say he would make an exceptional friend, loyal, trustworthy, with honesty and personal integrity rating highly with him. He also come across as being generous, and capable of expressing emotions, not afraid to share or give love to the right person.

Enjoy the outdoors a great deal, love walking, the countryside, peace and quiet away from the bustle of city life. But, NOT a frumpy-country bumpkin, he just adores and appreciates the style of life the country provides. He has a very beautiful large country house set in acres of grounds in Devon which he can't wait to share. He plays tennis, goes to the gym about 3 times a week, and has keen interest in most outdoor pursuits. Keen on rugby, and used to play. Going to take up shooting, clay pigeon to begin with.

  • He like animals, would like a dog, perhaps horses, and feel, that an animal, although, part of family life, should have a separate, ' sleeping area' as not in, upstairs, bedroom in the house. This is not set in stone, well, except, not allowed  in the bedroom, on the bed, if a partner wanted the pet to be more part of the domestic routine, perhaps a basket in a utility room next to a kitchen. The run of the downstairs, but kept in their own area at night.
  • He has a sound traditional belief in a supreme being, although not overtly religious. John doesn't attend church every month, but does enjoy evensong, and a nice supper afterwards on occasions. A partner would have similar ideas and values towards religion, and ideally be of C of E, but someone spiritual, would be fine. 
  • David likes female company, and has no problem with connecting, or dating women. But, does not feel sitting in a bar every night, in a hope to meet ' the one' is the way forward for him - nor would it produce the kind of lady he's looking for. 
  • David would like to see more of the USA, visit Canada, as you've not been to Canada yet. Africa, a Safari holiday, New Zealand, and France. Obviously other destinations would be welcomed with a partner. NOT package holidays though, nor a holiday based around just beach life.

  • Other interests - The opera, theatre, dining out, fine dining, the occasional film, but really prefers to interact with people, take an active part in conversation, opposed to sitting and watching.
She would be of a similar background, privately educated, or at very least grammar school, then on to university. Family background would be middle-upper middle, similar core values, traditional values, enjoy old-fashioned manners, having the door opened etc. Well spoken, intelligent, bright, warm, and easy to relate to. An attuned person emotionally, and able to sense situations where close communication is concerned within a relationship.

She would not necessarily need to be an intellectual, just bright, above average intelligence, with a sunny, open personality. Someone who sees the positive side to life opposed to the negative, looks for the good in people, is grounded no matter how accomplished she may be in her career. He is not be seeking a business woman who has spent most of her life climbing the success ladder, and THAT was all she could be, the business woman.

She would have to be able to kick off her shoes, at the same time as kicking off the days work, and enjoy being around a home environment. She would be someone would could talk in depth over a variety subjects, yet equally be a FUN person able to mix well socially at all levels. Between say 42-48 ideally - but flexibility to perhaps to 50.

Someone about 5'6" to 5''9" ish - FEMININE, slim to medium build, well presented, smart/casual, yet enjoy dressing up and socializing. He  prefers longer hair, to some of the very short hairstyles. A feminine woman, who is classy, classic, NOT frumpy though, just someone who knows how to dress, carry herself without designer labels. Happy in jeans, casuals or a little black dress and heels.

A N/Smoker a MUST, caring and open emotionally. Region is fairly open, providing NOT Scotland, ideally someone based around London, Oxfordshire/ Warwickshire/ berks/Hampshire/Wiltshire/Dorset - South of England. P
rofession is not important, as the person is far more important. It could be perhaps a female who has her own business, or is divorced with her own children, which he's open to.
David loves children, and would IF the situation was right have a family, but not just because it was the thing to do, as having children is not the goal. He wants a partner to share his life, be his soul-mate as finding someone to love is the main goal.
             Summary of David:
·         Age 47
·         Attractive and highly successful
·         Very well presented, friendly, open, able to open up and share intimacy
·         Genuine, with high standards and traditional values
·         Would like a stable relationship and fall in love
·         Confident, strong, independent, but not so independent unable to share
·         Enjoy the gym, dining out, the usual social pursuits
·         Would love travel with a partner
·         Come across, kind, loyal, trustworthy as a person, solid, dependable, reliable.
·         Out-going but in a stable quiet manner
·       Likes the finer things in life, but EQUALLY likes the simple.  Adores home life
  • Female 42- 48, but flexi on this
  • Slim/medium build
  • Feminine, sensitive and warm nature
  • Emotionally intelligent and attuned
  • Region completely open
  • A N/Smoker
  • Adventurous, confident, self motivated,
  • Kind, OPEN, ready for a relationship, genuine, honest, loving, romantic
  • Successful in her own way
  • FUN enjoys socializing
  • Lively, yet grounded, good sense of humor ( GSOH subjective ) NOT a joke teller, but more the way she views life.
  • Looking to fall in love, form a strong relationship long term, likes children/option to have children not vital though
  • Well presented, well spoken, articulate
  • Someone socially adept and interesting and INTERESTED in others
Someone who enjoys some of her own interests and hobbies, to share differences, take occasional separate holidays if she wants, but not on a regular basis. NOT separate living spaces though. She's looking to share her life as you are ultimately under the same roof.

I think he is a figment of the imagination of a romantic novelist.  What do you think?  

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lord chief justice calls for reform of family system

Lord chief justice calls for reform of family system

I sat in on a sharia court at Regent's Park Mosque once. Quick and clear, cheap and cheerful. A sharia judge never sits alone. Men and children would have their rights protected better under this system.

Children under 7 live with their mother.

Children over 7 live with their father so they don't get molested by mum's paedo boyfriends while allowing the divorced woman to find another husband without wheeling around her "baggage".

Makes sense to me.

Battlefield of Love is in Breach of Copyright, according to the "General Counsel" of Money Week

Below is a message I have dated 26/10 from Helen Hensperger, with the a very grand title viz "General Counsel". 

Dear Ms Khaw,

I act for MoneyWeek Limited, publisher of the MoneyWeek magazine and owner of copyright in the MoneyWeek magazine content.

It has come to our attention that you have posted MoneyWeek content on your blog. The content includes an extract from an article with Robin Angus and an image of Merryn Somerset Webb. This reproduction has occurred without our consent and is an infringement of our copyright.

Please confirm by return that you have removed the infringing content from your blog.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Hunsperger

General Counsel

MoneyWeek Limited

Listen, Ms Hunsperger, I don't think your boss Bill Bonner who writes from The Daily Reckoning will like the action you have taken.  Having read Finacial Reckoning Day, I have a feeling that he is a man of impeccably libertarian credentials and will understand that I am making a very important point with the purpose of alerting the powers that be that Western civilisation can only be saved if the matriarchy is destroyed.  (This is because all matriarchies descend into barbarism and then become third world countries to be exploited by others.  Feminism is pernicious because it lowers the quality of men while raising the expectations of the female to unrealistic levels.)

Also, I would wish to invoke the defence of public interest.

Public interest

Public interest does not appear in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. However, the courts have said that, just as they will not stop publication of confidential information which is in the public interest, they would not prohibit the infringement of another’s copyright where the public interest in publication outweighed the private right of property. The defence is based on the idea that the public’s need to know should sometimes override the copyright owner’s right to restrict or prevent publication (and takes into account the right to freedom of expression explained above).

Permitted Acts under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
Permitted acts include use of a work for:

  • Research or private study.
  • Criticism, review or reporting of current events provided it is fair dealing.
  • Incidental inclusion.
  • Things done for the purposes of instruction or examination.
  • Anthologies for educational use.
  • Copying by libraries and archives.
  • Anything done for the purposes of parliamentary or judicial proceedings.
  • Copying of material open to public inspection or on an official register.
Fair dealing

The fair use of another’s work for the purpose of criticism or review, or the reporting of current events, does not amount to an infringement of copyright. The originator of the work must be acknowledged in a criticism or review and in the print media’s news reporting, but not in the broadcast media.

Bill Bonner will also be speaking at The World Money Show on Friday 12 November from 9:25 am to 10 am.

A matriarchy is a society which is indulgent and tolerant of feminine vices.  The worst of feminine vices is promiscuity because it creates widespread illegitimacy and destroys the quality of future generations.

46% of babies born the UK are born out of wedlock.

70% of the UK prison population were singly-parented.

The failure of education in the West is largely due to the fact that the teaching profession is female-dominated.  Women, being infamous for their prevarication, masochism, mendacity, hypocrisy and cowardice, have seen to it that the failure of British state education is denied and constantly devise new ways of disguising the failure that is British education.

Being women, they are tolerant of the widespread illegitimacy and the consequences of unsocialised children badly parented by promiscuous and inadequate single mothers who enter state schools and spoil it for other children.

To criticise single motherhood in this day and age is to be guilty of heresy or blasphemy.  That is presumably why Ms Hensperger - who is part of the matriarchy she instinctively defends - wishes to suppress my views.

I do hope that she has gone all the way up to the top with regard to obtaining the approval of Bill Bonner with regard to the victimisation of such a longstanding reader of Money Week as yours truly.  He, being a member of the stronger sex, ought to have no problem with dealing with cold hard facts without instinctively wishing to suppress them by threatening legal action.  I am pretty certain that he would agree with my conclusions after careful consideration. 

My reference to Money Week could only have the effect of increasing its readership (and this can only be regarded as a Good Thing by the owner of this publication) by drawing the attention of others to this explosive debate.

Extremist Liberalism has now created the matriarchy - an ideological disease the equivalent of a society suffering from terminal cancer or senile dementia.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Emasculated Men's group pathetically protesting with push chairs

Read below this message to oppressed men who have been deprived of their children by the UK Family Courts and know how emasculated and enfeebled men have become.  They even look as if they deserve their abuse. 

They are advised to attend this march with empty pushchairs to make a point.  It is strange how it seems to escape them that they will be derided for the indignity of this protest, like being told to wear women's underwear in public.  

Men no longer have any idea of masculinity and even protest in the way women would. 

No, the only way to protest effectively about this state of affairs is to declare an official marriage strike and/or threaten to convert to Islam.  

There are obvious problems to this because they think so much in the short term that they won't do anything until it has happened to them and it is too late.  

And, to add insult to injury, they are being organised by woman in her 20s called Becky - their Policy and Information Officer. 

It will get nowhere of course.  The venue or time is not even mentioned in the message.  What real man would join this limp-dicked ragtag of a group who have their affairs organised by a woman with no particular distinction?  Pathetic, retarded and feeble.  

Of course, they are too scared to give me the job, because they have turned into women and, like women, who wallow in their victimhood but don't really want to do much about it, just want a good moan.  

Parents Matter 25 October at 17:59


 Dear All,

For the first time in it's 35 year history; Families Need Fathers is organising a march as above.

With the current Family Justice Review in train (in which we have played a major part and have sent in a substantial submission); for the first time in our lifetime, we have an outstanding chance to drag the Family Justice system from a 1950's model (mother stay at home- father go out and earn the bread- not much involvement with the kids) into a system fit for the 21st century where mothers and fathers play an equal role in the upbringing of their children. This is a reality in society today that the courts have so far refused to recognise; but through the efforts of FNF, F4J and the media are on the verge of having to recognise. The Family Justice System is broken...delay and unfairness is endemic as they cant cope with the workload- and this impacts very badly on the children of divorcing and separating parents.

This is our one chance to get the system changed and we are not going to let it slip by...the chance will not come again in our lifetime. This is the reason for the pull out all the stops possible to ensure that no stone is left unturned. IT IS THEREFORE VERY IMPORTANT THAT WE GET AS MANY PEOPLE ON THE GROUND AS POSSIBLE. There will be major press coverage and we need to make the maximum impression.

The idea of empty pushchairs has been pinched from the German Fathers movement who did a similar march last year. We thought it was a great idea!

It matters not a jot what your views on the Fathers movement are; we all know a friend or family member who has gone through the trauma of divorce. It will just be a fun day out with the possibility of a gig at the end from a youth Buddy Holly tribute band. So please help us to change the system!

Everyone now..the Government, the Judiciary, the Press recognise that Family Justice is broken in the UK and must change dramatically (We are 20 years behind Australia, Canada, Scandinavia and many US states particularly Florida, in how we deal with family breakdown: a sadly very familiar malaise in society today- we have to find a much better way of dealing with it: The Family Justice Review is our chance to get it right.

It matters not your age or circumstances: scroll down to see who Becky is bringing. She is our effective and very professional Policy and Information Officer. She is in her early 20's and only recently married with no children.

So PLEASE- attend with an empty pushchair (or even a full one!) if you possibly can- and please bring your friends and relatives with you for A FUN DAY OUT!

If you can't make it...or even if you can! Please pass this email on to your friends and relatives: That is the very least you can do for us!


Saturday, 23 October 2010

How chasing the female vote increased our taxes and the size of the state while reducing our liberties

Money Week, 22 October 2010 page 39
Merryn Somerset Webb's interview with Robin Angus of Personal Assets Trust

"We wonder if it is the case that you can trace inflation in the West back to universal suffrage.  Politicians promise what they think voters will want and women voters, being society's main carers, are most likely to be promised the things that most expand the state.  Historically, it has mattered more - or been perceived by politicians to  matter more - to women that they get help looking after the young, the sick and disabled, than it is has to the men who don't do so much of this work.

So what do you do to get the female vote?  You promise more schools and hospitals.  Then you  promise universal tertiary education, tax credits for everyone, free bus passes for the over-60s and subsidised nursery care.  And  the more unaffordable the state promises, the more likely it is to have to print money to pay for it - and the more likely inflation becomes.

So there is more a horrible possibility that, while it doesn't make it their fault (it remains the fault of over-promising, power-hungry politicians.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Parasitical Feminism: "Frailty, thy name is woman"

Why are women instinctively collectivist and men the opposite?

I think it is probably a lot to do with the parasitical nature of the human female.

They already know, deep down, that they are not the producers of wealth, but are, rather, the consumers of wealth, by their very nature.

Men are of course the hunter gatherers who must now compete against women - not the best of employees really because they get pregnant and are always whingeing about sex discrimination and suing their employers - in a legal system unfairly biased in favour of women.

Women and collectivists must be reminded again and again that no wealth will be produced for redistribution if we follow their insane policies.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Marriage Bureau for Alpha Males who want to protect themselves from gold diggers

I have often thought of starting a marriage bureau for men who want a wife but don't want to be ripped off. They would be alpha or alpha-ish males who would insist on a marriage contract and a wife who would agree, before courtship even began, to such a thing. I don't see why it wouldn't work, except that men these days seem a bit shy of discussing these things, because they have themselves become girls, and are either dithering about getting married or simply hoping for the best. 

I would have thought negotiating the contract would reveal much of each other's characters sooner rather than later, and all information is useful in deciding whether to go ahead with probably the most important contract of your life.

Monday, 18 October 2010

The feminisation and liberalisation of the Anglican Church and why it is Bad for Britain

The Anglican Church is a creature of the state. It was created by Henry VIII for the purpose of being a creature of the state. The state is now totalitarian feminist liberal, and so is the Anglican Church.

res ipsa loquitur.

Any self-respecting nation should have its own established official religion. The Anglican Church should be disestablished and an Anglican Islam established to fight the poison of demented feminism that is harming both men, women and the next generation.

I know this would please our future king Charles - a closet Muslim - enormously. Edward VII and Henry VIII as well as Charles were of course victims of Christian hypocrisy.

The Anglican Church attracts ambitious and strong-willed women but only feeble-willed and feeble-minded men fit for not much else, as listening to Bishop Goddard reveals.

Therein lies the problem of religion in this country. It too is a creature of the state reflecting liberal values that are antithetical to family values and which has led inevitably to the decline and the current degeneracy of the British nation.

Paul was quite right
that women should, like children, be seen but not heard in Church, or they will, in their madness and silliness, become fervent advocates of free love with the consequences that we are now suffering: widespread illegitimacy, declining standards of behaviour and education, family breakdown and national decline that are the result of over-indulgence of the feminine vices of prevarication, cowardice, hypocrisy, masochism, censoriousness, but worst of all, irrationality and denial of the truth.

We ought of course to remember the reason why Henry broke from Rome. He did so because he didn't want to be one who left a woman in charge of England. If only he had converted to Islam, then he would have managed to sire a son with one of his four wives, without worrying about whether the Pope would grant him an annulment.

It is surely time the dumping of Christianity is seriously considered, since no one, not even the clergy, really believes in family values or even the Trinity these days. All they do is wring their hands, wishing to wound but remaining afraid to strike - a typically female and dishonorable trait.

Secular Koranism would of course be perfect for this country, as it would enable the British to keep all Christian forms of worship (with the exception of the barbaric practice of the Eucharist and Communion, ie pretending to drink Christ's blood and pretending to eat his flesh) and all Christian music, provided that any reference to the Holy Trinity is excised.

Sermons could be based on the Bible with the additional option of using the Koran as supreme authority when the New Testament is too ambiguous and the Old Testament too harsh.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

'Hating the boss is a disability'
"Some police officers on sick leave hate their bosses so much it should be considered a disability, an employment tribunal heard."

Surely this is conclusive proof that this country is suffering from matriarchal dementia?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

"Sex, Porn and Teenagers" Radio 4

"Shag bands" are thin coloured rubber bracelets, indicating how far the wearer will go sexually if the band is broken.

Purple for a kiss or yellow for a hug may seem comparatively harmless but some of the other colours such as black for full intercourse or blue for oral sex ring alarm bells.

A Wakefield MP recently campaigned to stop shops selling them after complaints from parents including a mother who innocently bought some for her 6-year old's party bag. Elsewhere schools have banned "shag bands" after finding pupils wearing them.

Part of playground culture, they're often worn innocently or in a show of bravado but there is a darker side where early sexual exploration strays into the easily accessible world of internet porn. Where children once passed notes, they now use their mobile phones to share explicit images and there's peer pressure through social networking sites.

Presenter Miranda Sawyer, herself a mother, investigates whether society and parents are aware of just what their children are getting up to and asks how concerned should we be about the sexualisation of children in media, advertising and fashion such as sale of padded bras for pre-pubescent girls or sexual references on T shirts for primary-aged kids.

Even though teenage pregnancy rates are falling, Britain still has the highest rate in Western Europe. As many as 1 in 4 teenagers have underage sex with anecdotal evidence of sexual experimentation including anal sex to avoid pregnancy. However sex education is improving in schools and access to contraception and STI screening has never been better.

But there are concerns that unlike the 'dirty mags' of their parent's day, teenagers now access porn which can be addictive, desensitising and threatening to healthy relationships in the future.

Dunno about you, but I felt such a visceral sense of self-loathing to be part of a society where this sort of thing goes on, that I thought fleetingly of converting to Islam, if only as a gesture to dissociate myself from this filth, atheist though I am.  

"Whatever happened to the sisterhood?

Women will be hit disproportionately by the Budget cuts already announced by the government: A new study suggests that they will shoulder nearly three quarters of the burden, because they rely more on the state for benefits and are more likely to work in the public sector than men.

The state has reduced women's dependency on men, only to install itself as the new patriarch. If the state shrinks, it will be women who will feel the difference.

Is this what generations of feminists have fought for? Where is the sisterhood now, marching on the treasury?
In other words, 75% of women are welfare-dependent.

While many regard feminism as a complex and many splendoured thing, the facts would suggest that it is but a stinking rafflesia attracting nothing but promiscuity, confusion, misery, family breakdown, flies, decline and death.

Next time you are thinking of sticking your cock up the fanny of some slut and slapper who is giving it to you for free, perhaps visualising the rafflesia of feminism will make you think twice and hesitate, just a little. 

Maybe it is just morally less repugnant to be gay if you want lots of no-strings sex.  At least you won't get done for Child Support by that slut you knocked up.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New Labour New Generation: Shacking up with the Milibore, not bothering to get married, no dad on the love child's birth cert

Too busy to marry the mother of his child, and whose name does not appear on the birth certificate of his child.  Justine Thornton is described in the Wikipedia as the Milbiore's "current partner".  A bit demeaning for any self-respecting woman, I would have thought.  Maybe Cambridge graduates are not always the brightest bulb in the box these days, especially the women.

"His current partner is Justine Thornton, a Cambridge-educated barrister."

Monday, 27 September 2010

Red Ed's Love Child

Is the Milibore displaying that he is a clueless loser so soon already?

Isn't being incompetent at condom-use not a good sign in a man? IMHO it shows a glaring inability to plan ahead, recklessness as well as a gullible and trusting nature - all qualities to be avoided if you want to get far in politics.  

If you have a girlfriend who is nearing the end of her twenties or already in her early 30s still shacked up with you whose biological alarm has already been ringing loudly years ago, you would be a fool to trust her entirely to use contraceptives effectively.  It is quite clear from the photo that Justine Thornton is no spring chicken. 

The shotgun wedding if it's going to take place ain't gonna look good, Ed.  

Maybe he should insist on a paternity test.  If it ain't his, he can start again with a clean sheet.

"His current partner is Justine Thornton, a Cambridge-educated barrister. They met in 2004, and live together in north London – where he grew up. They have one son."

"Current partner"!  Hahahahaha.  

Class action by whingeing women against Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Class Action

Three women who formerly worked for Goldman Sachs & Co. are suing the Wall Street firm for what they say is purposeful and institutional gender discrimination that unfairly favours men for pay and promotions.
The class action lawsuit alleges Goldman has engaged in a systematic "pattern and practice" of discrimination against women in mid to upper level roles in the firm.

Goldman Sachs says the suit is without merit and insists they make extraordinary efforts to recruit, develop and retain outstanding women professionals.

We find out more about this case and ask why is there such a gap in the number of women at the top in the financial services industry. Jane discusses with Suzanne Goldberg, Professor of Law at Columbia University; Jacki Zehner, former partner and managing director at Goldman Sachs.

If I were Goldman Sachs and could get away with it I wouldn't hire women AT ALL. Whinge, whinge, whinge. If you can't cope with your hurt feelings fuck off home to your mar mee or dad dee, for fuck's sake, little girl. You're clearly not fit to be working with men. 

Real men wouldn't be seen dead complaining, girls. That is the difference.

So that whingeing cow (I didn't catch her name, sorry) wants to recruit "more talented women".  Why, so there are more lawsuits like that? But the Western banking system is already having its confidence undermined, so why make it worse, bitch?