Monday, 31 August 2009

The second most eroticised item of furniture

Just spoke to a friend who was telling me about his phobia of the dentists and his unexpectedly pleasant recent experience with a female dentist whose cleavage he was enthusiastically describing to me. I remarked that the sight of it must have been very calming and undoubtedly helped take his mind off things. He wants to go back now, more often than is in fact necessary.

I think he has been "groomed".

I think women are groomed too. A very attractive dental hygienist (who necessarily gets her work from regularly returning patients) would rest her bosom against my face as she worked on my gnashers.

Yes, guys, it was very nice indeed. My emotions were that of surprise and a certain amount of gratified pleasure.

"Do you really fancy me or do you really not know you are doing this?" I wondered .

Of course you would never dream of saying anything, because that would ruin everything. That is how they get you to come back again and again to wonder again and again ....

It is probably part of their training now.

Module 24: FOR WOMEN ONLY!
How to make even the most phobic patients want to come back to you - the dentist! - again and again.

  1. Wear a nice top that shows off your cleavage.
  2. Speak kindly to your patient and be gentle with him or her.
  3. If they appear to like you you can start leaning over them.
  4. Once they have closed their eyes, you can begin your work.
  5. If they do not flinch from contact you know you've got them!

The dentist's chair is an item of furniture associated with pain and pleasure.

No other furniture, apart from the bed, has been so eroticised.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Two Male Marriage Strike links

Should women go on sex strike?

Would this situation, ignored in the short, medium and long term, be in effect geno-suicide?

Do you think the government will do anything about this or sweep it under the carpet until we all die off like dodos? (This would mean tackling feminism, overhauling the family courts, having confrontations and controversy - all the things our political classes dread.)

Which is the more likely scenario, would you say, dear reader?

Yet another male marriage strike link tells me that things are looking very bad, even for much younger and far more attractive women than I.

Soon, we will all be forced to become Muslims to get a man to actually marry us and then be forced to share him with the others. I wouldn't mind in principle, if I got along with his other wives, but it is not everyone's cup of tea, is it? Islamic state, anyone?

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Drug-addicted slags, slappers and sluts who let their boyfriends kill their children

Another story along the lines of Baby P. No doubt there are more about to spring to into our collective consciousness.

I wonder how many more will have to come to light before society decides to ostracise slags, slappers and sluts again, especially slags, slappers and sluts who are drug-addicted and have similarly scummy lovers who kill their children.

While we are understandably angry at these people who kill children or allow their children to be killed, we must also "look on the bright side", for such a child growing up in such an environment would very likely grow up into one of those 11 year olds who tortured Jamie Bulger to death for their amusement, and who might torture your toddler to death or the toddler of someone you are fond of.

It will be uncomfortable for us to acknowledge that more will have to come to light before society and government will decide to "understand less and condemn more" and stop sponsoring with taxpayer money the reproduction of the unproductive at the expense of the productive.

Rookh Kshatriya says:

There is a dysgenic effect in operation, since unregulated female mate choice tends towards the low-IQ, shiftless male sociopath. Since British women were 'liberated', this tendency has steadily reduced a former working class into a contemporary underclass.

The partner choice of Mary Pols choice confirms this theory.

You can see a clip of her talking about it and selling her book at

What is even more interesting is that CBS is actually promoting and glamorising this sort of lifestyle choice in the form of a sitcom -

Every day in every way I get to see more and more why suicide bombers claiming to act on behalf of Muslims and Islam would want to blow us up.

Oppressed Men

Why, I asked a male correspondent who is of the view that men are oppressed by feminism, do men not protest and campaign for change?

I was given the following reasons:

  1. Men are afraid to lose face by admitting women pussywhip them.
  2. Women took over journalism, advertising, media 30 years ago, so men have no voice any more.
  3. Men fear enforced celibacy if they stand up to Feminazis. Many have women bosses and risk losing jobs too.
  4. Men have been taught by women teachers from 5-17 and can't remember a time when they or their fathers had any rights at all: even literature and history have been re-interpreted to erase or calumniate the memory of the patriarchy.

Monday, 10 August 2009

The Porn Star Aspirations of the Average It Girl

Paul Bracchi seems to be saying that the women who live fast they fast.

Amy Barnes was very fast indeed, and was, to use an old-fashioned term, sexually promiscuous and unashamed to be seen to be associated with porn.

But was she some sink-school slag and slapper and a member of the underclass? No, she was privately-educated, worked for charity and her mother, though divorced, was married to her stepfather.

She even worked for many charities.

She seems to all intents and purposes a Paris Hilton clone, and might have progressed to become a high-earning porn star if her career had not been so violently interrupted by her psychopathic ex-boyfriend, Ricardo Morrison, who could have been a footballer but didn't because he had a bad attitude.

How curious that no one who knew her thought anything to say that this a bit of a waste of a private education, especially those who might have had to pay for it.

The 'picture' shows the friends baring their cleavage at a promotion by lads' magazine Nuts. A girl called Rebecca Cadwallader is in a leopard-print lingerie. Another, Heather Stretch, wears black bra and panties and stilettos. There is also a line-up of about 20 young women in revealing outfits at a 'Playboy night'.

One of them was the subject of a Sunday newspaper story. She was said to have 'scored' with a Manchester United player in a Travelodge toilet.

More revealing perhaps than the depressing soft porn theme of Amy's 'memorial' site is the fact that these girls did not set out deliberately to shock or be provocative.

For them, it's normal behaviour - online and off-line in the bars and clubs of Manchester, which are a magnet for young women like Amy. It is also a major football city.

The two go hand in hand. Supply and demand, in other words.

So what is it that turns bright, respectable young girls into women who like to be photographed in a few scraps of clothing, and for whom some half-witted footballer is the ultimate prize?

Live fast, die young, eh?

No surprise there, but I find it odd that her parents did not see fit to discourage her from her lifestyle choice of Football Bimbo, especially after paying school fees of £5,000 a year.

If they lived in a high-rise tower block in a crime-infested low-rent neighbourhood, that would be understandable.

Perhaps I am being a bit unBritish myself in not wanting any daughter of mine to have no higher aspiration than to marry a half-witted bad lad footballer?

But would that be altogether A Bad Thing? It does seem to be a waste of a private education.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Advice to Women from an Agony Uncle

A regular correspondent drew this to my attention. I found this quite amusing, despite being female. This is because I am a Woman With A Sense of Humour.

Female Trouble and Female Solutions

Anna Pasternak asks, "Is there even one straight kind, solvent, single man in his 40s left in Britain?"

Perhaps, but not one looking for a woman in her 40s!

If I were the man she describes, I would know I could command the favours of a woman in her 20s - more body beautiful, compliant and grateful for my attentions.

I think Anna and her ilk would probably prefer a man in his 60s, with a bit of dosh, or a toyboy in his 20s, for a bit of action.

Bit of a shame that you can't get both in one bod, but there it is: that's life.

The man who drew this to my attention also remarked:

"I think all women are lesbians for 26 days of every month and whores for the other two days, whenever they come on heat."

If this is indeed true, then lesbianism might be what the 300 women Anna lectured in her recent Hope After Heartbreak would have to take up. Fortunately, that seems a practical and practicable solution these days.

The Civil Partnership Act would give these women rights against each other, should they choose to civilly partner each other.

My Domestic Partnership idea should also be useful to those contemplating a long-term lesbian business relationship. Fortunately, for single and looking lesbians, it would appear that Britain now abounds with single and solvent women in their 40s, of varying kindness.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Women to Blame for Failing Educational Policies

0751 There has been a slight fall in the proportion of 11-year-olds in England reaching the standard expected of them in English national curriculum tests. Reporter Sanchia Berg asked one 11-year-old boy to sit part of a writing paper and an experienced Sats marker, Roberta Bowen, to assess it. Former children's laureate Michael Morpurgo, who was once a primary school teacher, discusses ways to make children more enthusiastic about books.

So, stupider and more illiterate is what we are becoming, especially the male of the species, until even foreigners speak English better than the native English-speaker. Mistakes are not penalised, it seems. "We look to credit, not penalise", said the female educationalist, Roberta Bowen, prissily.

Girls are doing better than boys, probably because girls are more biddable and boys need to be engaged, which of course female teachers, who constitute the majority in the educational establishment, are clueless about. No red-blooded male would want to join the educational establishment because, apart from the very low pay, they would be accused of sexual harassment or paedophilia the moment they get on the wrong side of their female colleagues, or questioned the wisdom of not penalising children when they make basic spelling and grammatical errors.

At the rate we are going, the BNP will be asking a foreigner to write their manifesto for them next, you mark my words ...

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Trouble With Girls

Jailbirds: Britain's young women are committing nearly 40 per cent more crimes than six years ago, and they're beginning to catch up with boys in the violence and theft rates. Filmed over six months, this observational documentary tells the stories of two of the young women behind these statistics, whose lives are stuck in the criminal justice system.

20-year-old Shona from Doncaster and 17-year-old Abbie from York have both been arrested dozens of times and imprisoned three times each. We meet them as Shona is coming to the end of her probation period, and when Abbie is released from a Young Offenders' Institute
and moves into a hostel. Both girls want to go straight and sort their lives out, but it's not as easy as either hope. Abbie's drinking and partying lifestyle means that within days of her release she's breaching her electronic tag order and missing appointments with her Youth Offending Team. Shona, briefly free of the criminal justice system, is soon shoplifting again with her best friend Jodie.

Over the months, it becomes clear that binge-drinking and drug-taking, trips to court, and packing for prison have become a normal way of life for Shona and Abbie. Both are given second chances to turn their lives around and seem happier for it, but good intentions quickly unravel and the prospect of prison looms large again for these girls.

While Shona and Abbie may seem tough on the surface, between them they struggle to cope with difficult relationships with their parents, self-esteem, homelessness and the reality of job-hunting with a criminal past. Sometimes they wonder whether life in prison is a preferable option to life on the outside.

I found both girls touchingly likeable and attractive. Indeed, I actually thought: "There but for the grace of God, go I."

They had a way with words. The blonde one, Abbie, used the word "predicament" and the other, Shona, wrote quite a good poem, I thought.

What saved me was being born of parents with bourgeois values who saw the importance of a good education, and being born of a time, of a place and of a people where such things as widespread illegitimacy are not tolerated and not ameliorated by a welfare state.

The Aztecs practised human sacrifice. Our liberal establishment practices a more insidious and infinitely more toxic form of it.